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Top 100 of MV Oversold Stocks


Below you may see the top 100 of oversold stocks selected by the results of technical analysis of price trend for the past six month and analysis of volume action over the past two weeks. The oversold stocks in the table below are sorted in descending order by their oversold level which is measured in relativity to the neutral stocks (neither overbought or oversold).

Oversold stocks may not necessary reverse up in the near future, but, rather they are considered to be predisposed to have reversal up. Since the stock picks below are based on the 6-month technical analysis, the strength of a reversal up could be expected from a mild to a strong.

Before making a trading decision on buying any of the stocks below, it is highly recommended checking charts and news to see what pushed them down into oversold condition. It is also highly recommended checking general market trend or checking at least a sector index where the selected stocks are listed as it could be risky to buy stocks when general stock market trend is bearish - when stock market is in a recession or in a crash.

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Strongest Oversold Stocks on 10/24/2014

Company NameOversold
Stocks ProfileStock Chart
PSQ (PACF)PROSHARES SHORT QQQ13816.57973 KPSQ tracks the NASDAQ-100 Index (-100%). ProShares... (PSQ Profile)PSQ Chart
IBM (NYSE)INTL BUSINESS MACHINE118187.413,607 KInternational Business Machines Corporation (IBM) ... (IBM Profile)IBM Chart
OCN (NYSE)OCWEN FINANCIAL11431.092,331 KOcwen Financial Corporation, through its subsidiar... (OCN Profile)OCN Chart
SWN (NYSE)SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY11341.254,364 KSouthwestern Energy Company, an independent energy... (SWN Profile)SWN Chart
HLSS (Nasdaq)HOME LOAN SERVICING10621.94631 KHome Loan Servicing Solutions, Ltd., through its s... (HLSS Profile)HLSS Chart
USO (PACF)UNITED STATES OIL FUND LP10636.103,788 KUSO tracks the Light, sweet crude oil. Tracks chan... (USO Profile)USO Chart
CJES (AMEX)C&J ENERGY SERVICES10429.43933 KC&J Energy Services, Inc., through its subsidiarie... (CJES Profile)CJES Chart
UCO (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA DJ-UBS CR10233.77776 KUCO tracks the Dow Jones-UBS Crude Oil Sub-Index (... (UCO Profile)UCO Chart
CRK (NYSE)COMSTOCK RESOURCES10023.481,255 KComstock Resources, Inc. engages in the acquisitio... (CRK Profile)CRK Chart
BBCN (Nasdaq)BBCN BANCORP9715.14421 KBBCN Bancorp, Inc. operates as the bank holding co... (BBCN Profile)BBCN Chart
BAS (NYSE)BASIC ENERGY SERVICES9524.111,341 KBasic Energy Services, Inc. provides a range of we... (BAS Profile)BAS Chart
SN (AMEX)SANCHEZ ENERGY9430.401,435 KSanchez Energy Corporation, an independent explora... (SN Profile)SN Chart
OAS (NYSE)OASIS PETROLEUM9347.551,841 KOasis Petroleum Inc., through its subsidiary, Oasi... (OAS Profile)OAS Chart
UN (NYSE)UNILEVER NV9241.761,303 KUnilever N.V. and its subsidiaries produce and sup... (UN Profile)UN Chart
UL (NYSE)UNILEVER9043.761,019 KUnilever PLC provides fast-moving consumer goods i... (UL Profile)UL Chart
BIS (Nasdaq)PROSHARES ULTRA-SHORT NAS8914.35490 KBIS tracks the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (-200%).... (BIS Profile)BIS Chart
XOP (PACF)SPDR S&P OIL & GAS EXPLOR8974.526,492 KXOP tracks the S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Product... (XOP Profile)XOP Chart
KN (NYSE)Knowles Corporation8829.061,264 KKnowles Corporation designs, manufactures, and sel... (KN Profile)KN Chart
SAFM (Nasdaq)SANDERSON FARMS8791.24423 KSanderson Farms, Inc., an integrated poultry proce... (SAFM Profile)SAFM Chart
CRR (NYSE)CARBO CERAMICS86114.26664 KCARBO Ceramics Inc. manufactures and supplies cera... (CRR Profile)CRR Chart
LPLA (Nasdaq)LPL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS8647.44731 KLPL Investment Holdings Inc. provides technology, ... (LPLA Profile)LPLA Chart
BBL (NYSE)BHP BILLITON8563.21578 KBHP Billiton Plc, together with its subsidiaries, ... (BBL Profile)BBL Chart
SQQQ (Nasdaq)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 8542.364,144 KSQQQ tracks the NASDAQ-100 Index (-300%). The Inde... (SQQQ Profile)SQQQ Chart
CVE (NYSE)CENOVUS ENERGY8529.501,103 KCenovus Energy Inc., an integrated oil company, to... (CVE Profile)CVE Chart
CAB (NYSE)CABELA'S8260.34842 KCabela's Incorporated, together with its subsi... (CAB Profile)CAB Chart
QID (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA-SHORT QQQ8249.323,476 KQID tracks the NASDAQ-100 Index (-200%). ProShares... (QID Profile)QID Chart
CREE (Nasdaq)CREE8244.692,124 KCree, Inc. develops and manufactures light emittin... (CREE Profile)CREE Chart
TDW (NYSE)TIDEWATER8048.23532 KTidewater Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides... (TDW Profile)TDW Chart
CFX (NYSE)COLFAX7966.69676 KColfax Corporation designs, manufactures, and dist... (CFX Profile)CFX Chart
BTU (NYSE)PEABODY ENERGY7915.358,425 KPeabody Energy Corporation, through its subsidiari... (BTU Profile)BTU Chart
UTEK (Nasdaq)ULTRATECH7724.06395 KUltratech, Inc. develops, manufactures, and market... (UTEK Profile)UTEK Chart
PBR (NYSE)PETROLEO BRASILEIRO7715.7929,367 KPetroleo Brasileiro S.A. primarily engages in oil ... (PBR Profile)PBR Chart
NUGT (PACF)DIREXION DAILY GOLD MINER7636.214,451 KNUGT tracks the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index (200%)... (NUGT Profile)NUGT Chart
SH (PACF)PROSHARES SHORT S&P 5007623.473,823 KSH tracks the S&P 500 Index (-100%). ProShares Sho... (SH Profile)SH Chart
PTEN (Nasdaq)PATTERSON-UTI ENERGY7632.622,909 KPatterson-UTI Energy, Inc., through it subsidiarie... (PTEN Profile)PTEN Chart
LL (NYSE)LUMBER LIQUIDATORS7665.851,047 KLumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. operates as a sp... (LL Profile)LL Chart
SAP (NYSE)SAP AG7576.05932 KSAP AG provides business software primarily in Eur... (SAP Profile)SAP Chart
TS (NYSE)TENARIS7544.311,152 KTenaris S.A., through its subsidiaries, engages in... (TS Profile)TS Chart
CLB (NYSE)CORE LABORATORIES74157.12474 KCore Laboratories N.V. provides reservoir descript... (CLB Profile)CLB Chart
EWZ (PACF)iShares MSCI BRAZIL INDEX7448.2821,006 KEWZ tracks the MSCI Brazil Index. The index measur... (EWZ Profile)EWZ Chart
TUP (NYSE)TUPPERWARE BRANDS7477.69476 KTupperware Brands Corporation operates as a direct... (TUP Profile)TUP Chart
DEM (PACF)WISDOMTREE EMERGING MARKE7350.99383 KDEM tracks the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity ... (DEM Profile)DEM Chart
URBN (Nasdaq)URBAN OUTFITTERS7335.502,253 KUrban Outfitters, Inc. operates lifestyle specialt... (URBN Profile)URBN Chart
EC (NYSE)ECOPETROL SA7334.53442 KEcopetrol S.A. operates as an integrated oil compa... (EC Profile)EC Chart
OIS (NYSE)OIL STATES INTL7269.54715 KOil States International, Inc., through its subsid... (OIS Profile)OIS Chart
QEP (NYSE)QEP RESOURCES7231.732,233 KQEP Resources, Inc., through its subsidiaries, ope... (QEP Profile)QEP Chart
STO (NYSE)STATOIL ASA7128.931,532 KStatoil ASA engages in the exploration, production... (STO Profile)STO Chart
ALV (NYSE)AUTOLIV71101.46508 KAutoliv, Inc., through its subsidiaries, develops,... (ALV Profile)ALV Chart
DNR (NYSE)DENBURY RESOURCES7116.424,197 KDenbury Resources Inc. engages in the acquisition,... (DNR Profile)DNR Chart
FAZ (PACF)DIREXION DAILY FINANCIAL 7017.823,843 KFAZ tracks the Russell 1000 Financial Services Ind... (FAZ Profile)FAZ Chart
MAT (Nasdaq)MATTEL7035.973,078 KMattel, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, enga... (MAT Profile)MAT Chart
NBR (NYSE)NABORS INDUSTRIES6925.484,558 KNabors Industries Ltd. operates as a land drilling... (NBR Profile)NBR Chart
VMW (NYSE)VMWARE6995.321,530 KVMware, Inc. provides virtualization infrastructur... (VMW Profile)VMW Chart
DXD (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA-SHORT DOW6925.48941 KDXD tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index ... (DXD Profile)DXD Chart
SPXU (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 6948.263,644 KSPXU tracks the S&P 500 Index (-300%). The index m... (SPXU Profile)SPXU Chart
SDS (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA-SHORT S&P6825.688,387 KSDS tracks the S&P 500 Index (-200%). ProShares Ul... (SDS Profile)SDS Chart
BKU (NYSE)BANKUNITED6831.92514 KBankUnited, Inc. operates as the holding company f... (BKU Profile)BKU Chart
TCK (NYSE)TECK RESOURCES6821.742,361 KTeck Resources Limited operates as a diversified m... (TCK Profile)TCK Chart
AMZN (Nasdaq)AMAZON.COM67322.503,891, Inc. operates as an online retailer in... (AMZN Profile)AMZN Chart
ASNA (Nasdaq)ASCENA RETAIL GROUP6716.061,247 Kascena retail group inc. operates as a specialty r... (ASNA Profile)ASNA Chart
SDRL (NYSE)SEADRILL6734.435,527 KSeadrill Limited, an offshore drilling contractor,... (SDRL Profile)SDRL Chart
BBG (NYSE)BILL BARRETT6723.311,158 KBill Barrett Corporation, an independent oil and g... (BBG Profile)BBG Chart
RES (NYSE)RPC6621.82813 KRPC, Inc., an oil and gas services company, provid... (RES Profile)RES Chart
GOLD (Nasdaq)RANDGOLD RESOURCES6678.29589 KRandgold Resources Limited, together with its subs... (GOLD Profile)GOLD Chart
RIG (NYSE)TRANSOCEAN6639.256,572 KTransocean Ltd. provides offshore contract drillin... (RIG Profile)RIG Chart
LXK (NYSE)LEXMARK INTL6645.75828 KLexmark International, Inc. develops, manufactures... (LXK Profile)LXK Chart
ECA (NYSE)ENCANA6622.184,673 KEncana Corporation engages in the exploration for,... (ECA Profile)ECA Chart
HUBG (Nasdaq)HUB GROUP6645.02362 KHub Group, Inc., an asset-light freight transporta... (HUBG Profile)HUBG Chart
GG (NYSE)GOLDCORP6625.664,637 KGoldcorp Inc. engages in the acquisition, explorat... (GG Profile)GG Chart
NE (NYSE)NOBLE6628.384,644 KNoble Corporation operates as an offshore drilling... (NE Profile)NE Chart
UVXY (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA VIX SHORT6532.338,559 KThe investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses... (UVXY Profile)UVXY Chart
BHI (NYSE)BAKER HUGHES6468.263,680 KBaker Hughes Incorporated supplies wellbore relate... (BHI Profile)BHI Chart
FCG (PACF)FIRST TRUST ISE-REVERE NA6320.63481 KFCG tracks the ISE-Revere Natural Gas Index. The I... (FCG Profile)FCG Chart
CNQ (NYSE)CANADIAN NATURAL6341.322,662 KCanadian Natural Resources Limited engages in the ... (CNQ Profile)CNQ Chart
VOLC (Nasdaq)VOLCANO6314.85753 KVolcano Corporation designs, develops, manufacture... (VOLC Profile)VOLC Chart
SDOW (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 6326.24910 KSDOW tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average (-300... (SDOW Profile)SDOW Chart
RSX (PACF)MARKET VECTORS RUSSIA ETF6224.427,152 KRSX tracks the DAXglobal Russia+ Index. The Index ... (RSX Profile)RSX Chart
WLL (NYSE)WHITING PETROLEUM6178.261,834 KWhiting Petroleum Corporation engages in the acqui... (WLL Profile)WLL Chart
DISCK (Nasdaq)DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS6159.501,363 KDiscovery Communications, Inc., through its subsid... (DISCK Profile)DISCK Chart
MAN (NYSE)MANPOWERGROUP6177.81679 KManpowerGroup provides employment services in the ... (MAN Profile)MAN Chart
ITUB (NYSE)ITAU UNIBANCO HOLDINGS6115.6711,005 KItaú Unibanco Holding S.A., together with its subs... (ITUB Profile)ITUB Chart
RESI (AMEX)ALTISOURCE RESIDENTIAL CO6125.52514 KAltisource Residential Corporation, through its wh... (RESI Profile)RESI Chart
BBD (NYSE)BANCO BRADESCO6015.468,200 KBanco Bradesco S.A. provides a range of banking an... (BBD Profile)BBD Chart
JNPR (NYSE)JUNIPER NETWORKS5923.426,103 KJuniper Networks, Inc. designs, develops, and sell... (JNPR Profile)JNPR Chart
ANF (NYSE)ABERCROMBIE & FITCH5939.221,985 KAbercrombie & Fitch Co., through its subsidiaries,... (ANF Profile)ANF Chart
NFX (NYSE)NEWFIELD EXPLORATION5938.392,557 KNewfield Exploration Company, an independent oil a... (NFX Profile)NFX Chart
SGY (NYSE)STONE ENERGY5937.71902 KStone Energy Corporation, an independent oil and n... (SGY Profile)SGY Chart
RMBS (Nasdaq)RAMBUS5812.38790 KRambus Inc. engages in the creation, design, devel... (RMBS Profile)RMBS Chart
GPS (NYSE)GAP5841.233,770 KThe Gap, Inc. operates as a specialty retailing co... (GPS Profile)GPS Chart
ELP (NYSE)ENERGY CO of PARANA5815.45557 KCompanhia Paranaense de Energia ? Copel engages in... (ELP Profile)ELP Chart
MUR (NYSE)MURPHY OIL5861.001,221 KMurphy Oil Corporation engages in the exploration ... (MUR Profile)MUR Chart
PHG (NYSE)KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS5830.90694 KKoninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. engages in th... (PHG Profile)PHG Chart
ERF (NYSE)ENERPLUS5721.39659 KEnerplus Corporation operates as an independent oi... (ERF Profile)ERF Chart
PRLB (AMEX)PROTO LABS5773.29348 KProto Labs, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, ... (PRLB Profile)PRLB Chart
CSTM (NYSE)Constellium N.V5728.18824 KConstellium Holdco B.V. engages in the design, man... (CSTM Profile)CSTM Chart
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