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Top 100 of MV Oversold Stocks


Below you may see the top 100 of oversold stocks selected by the results of technical analysis of price trend for the past six month and analysis of volume action over the past two weeks. The oversold stocks in the table below are sorted in descending order by their oversold level which is measured in relativity to the neutral stocks (neither overbought or oversold).

Oversold stocks may not necessary reverse up in the near future, but, rather they are considered to be predisposed to have reversal up. Since the stock picks below are based on the 6-month technical analysis, the strength of a reversal up could be expected from a mild to a strong.

Before making a trading decision on buying any of the stocks below, it is highly recommended checking charts and news to see what pushed them down into oversold condition. It is also highly recommended checking general market trend or checking at least a sector index where the selected stocks are listed as it could be risky to buy stocks when general stock market trend is bearish - when stock market is in a recession or in a crash.

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Today's Strongest Oversold Stocks

Company NameOversold
Stocks ProfileStock Chart
PBPB (Nasdaq)Potbelly Corporation13117.57556 KPotbelly Corporation, through its subsidiary Potbe... (PBPB Profile)PBPB Chart
FRC (NYSE)FIRST REPUBLIC BANK (SAN)12952.12904 KFirst Republic Bank provides private banking, priv... (FRC Profile)FRC Chart
LL (NYSE)LUMBER LIQUIDATORS12186.75913 KLumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. operates as a sp... (LL Profile)LL Chart
HYS (PACF)PIMCO 0 5 YEAR HY CORP84106.67419 KHYS tracks the BofA Merrill Lynch 0-5 Year US High... (HYS Profile)HYS Chart
RRC (NYSE)RANGE RESOURCES7987.191,591 KRange Resources Corporation, an independent natura... (RRC Profile)RRC Chart
RDN (NYSE)RADIAN GROUP7514.763,328 KRadian Group Inc., through its subsidiaries, provi... (RDN Profile)RDN Chart
SRPT (Nasdaq)SAREPTA THERAPEUTICS7528.831,442 KSarepta Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical co... (SRPT Profile)SRPT Chart
UVXY (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA VIX SHORT7251.825,079 KThe investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses... (UVXY Profile)UVXY Chart
WWW (NYSE)WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE7026.72902 KWolverine World Wide, Inc. engages in manufacturin... (WWW Profile)WWW Chart
REXX (Nasdaq)REX ENERGY6818.50704 KRex Energy Corporation operates as an independent ... (REXX Profile)REXX Chart
EAT (NYSE)BRINKER INTL6750.14834 KBrinker International, Inc. owns, develops, operat... (EAT Profile)EAT Chart
BECN (Nasdaq)BEACON ROOFING SUPPLY6435.71373 KBeacon Roofing Supply, Inc. distributes residentia... (BECN Profile)BECN Chart
WDR (NYSE)WADDELL & REED FNANCIAL6465.83798 KWaddell & Reed Financial, Inc., through its subsid... (WDR Profile)WDR Chart
ALK (NYSE)ALASKA AIR GROUP6487.95744 KAlaska Air Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, ... (ALK Profile)ALK Chart
TMV (PACF)DIREXION DAILY 20+ YEAR T6154.71385 KTMV tracks the NYSE 20 Year Plus Treasury Bond Ind... (TMV Profile)TMV Chart
FNGN (Nasdaq)FINANCIAL ENGINES6149.10531 KFinancial Engines, Inc. and its subsidiaries provi... (FNGN Profile)FNGN Chart
MAT (Nasdaq)MATTEL5938.493,532 KMattel, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, enga... (MAT Profile)MAT Chart
ALJ (NYSE)ALON USA ENERGY5814.56567 KAlon USA Energy, Inc. operates as an independent r... (ALJ Profile)ALJ Chart
CELG (Nasdaq)CELGENE57143.573,459 KCelgene Corporation, an integrated biopharmaceutic... (CELG Profile)CELG Chart
RCII (Nasdaq)RENT-A-CENTER5627.08801 KRent-A-Center, Inc., together with its subsidiarie... (RCII Profile)RCII Chart
ROST (Nasdaq)ROSS STORES5568.871,826 KRoss Stores, Inc., together with its subsidiaries,... (ROST Profile)ROST Chart
WFM (Nasdaq)WHOLE FOODS MARKET5546.475,989 KWhole Foods Market, Inc. engages in the ownership ... (WFM Profile)WFM Chart
DUST (PACF)DIREXION DAILY GOLD MINER5422.764,062 KDUST tracks the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index (-200%... (DUST Profile)DUST Chart
DFE (PACF)WISDOMTREE EUROPE SM-CAP 5461.10386 KDFE tracks the WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend... (DFE Profile)DFE Chart
SBH (NYSE)SALLY BEAUTY HOLDINGS5426.651,664 KSally Beauty Holdings, Inc., together with its sub... (SBH Profile)SBH Chart
CAB (NYSE)CABELA'S5364.39888 KCabela's Incorporated, together with its subsi... (CAB Profile)CAB Chart
LFL (NYSE)LAN AIRLINES5314.49519 KLan Airlines S.A., together with its subsidiaries,... (LFL Profile)LFL Chart
EBIX (Nasdaq)EBIX5315.35483 KEbix, Inc. provides on-demand software and e-comme... (EBIX Profile)EBIX Chart
DRI (NYSE)DARDEN RESTAURANTS5248.971,353 KDarden Restaurants, Inc., through its subsidiaries... (DRI Profile)DRI Chart
HOG (NYSE)HARLEY-DAVIDSON5168.221,431 KHarley-Davidson, Inc. produces and sells heavyweig... (HOG Profile)HOG Chart
PHG (NYSE)KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS5133.23621 KKoninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. engages in th... (PHG Profile)PHG Chart
VIXY (PACF)PROSHARES VIX SHORT-TERM 5125.69885 KVIXY tracks the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures Ind... (VIXY Profile)VIXY Chart
GNC (NYSE)GNC ACQUISITION HOLDINGS5142.211,968 KGNC Holdings, Inc. operates as a specialty retaile... (GNC Profile)GNC Chart
RKT (NYSE)ROCK-TENNESSEE49102.56595 KRock-Tenn Company manufactures and sells packaging... (RKT Profile)RKT Chart
RYN (NYSE)RAYONIER4944.39834 KRayonier, Inc. engages in the sale and development... (RYN Profile)RYN Chart
TBF (PACF)PROSHARES SHORT 20+ YEAR 4929.95788 KTBF tracks the Barclays Capital U.S. 20+ Year Trea... (TBF Profile)TBF Chart
VXX (PACF)IPATH S&P 500 VIX SHORT-T4938.5232,090 KVXX tracks the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures Inde... (VXX Profile)VXX Chart
VXZ (PACF)IPATH S&P 500 VIX MID-TER4914.46947 KVXZ tracks the S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures Index ... (VXZ Profile)VXZ Chart
TRAK (Nasdaq)DEALERTRACK HOLDINGS4945.80528 KDealerTrack Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiari... (TRAK Profile)TRAK Chart
CPHD (Nasdaq)CEPHEID4848.01649 KCepheid, a molecular diagnostics company, develops... (CPHD Profile)CPHD Chart
HSY (NYSE)HERSHEY CO4899.811,058 KThe Hershey Company, together with its subsidiarie... (HSY Profile)HSY Chart
TBT (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA-SHORT 20+4865.743,314 KTBT tracks the Barclays Capital U.S. 20+ Year Trea... (TBT Profile)TBT Chart
KORS (AMEX)MICHAEL KORS HOLDINGS4791.903,049 KMichael Kors Holdings Limited engages in the desig... (KORS Profile)KORS Chart
DNKN (Nasdaq)DUNKIN BRANDS GROUP4747.311,080 KDunkin' Brands Group, Inc., together with its ... (DNKN Profile)DNKN Chart
CBS (NYSE)CBS4761.299,598 KCBS Corporation operates as a mass media company i... (CBS Profile)CBS Chart
TKR (NYSE)TIMKEN4759.57821 KThe Timken Company develops, manufactures, markets... (TKR Profile)TKR Chart
IMGN (Nasdaq)IMMUNOGEN4613.64865 KImmunoGen, Inc. engages in the research and develo... (IMGN Profile)IMGN Chart
RVBD (Nasdaq)RIVERBED TECH4619.851,630 KRiverbed Technology, Inc. provides solutions to th... (RVBD Profile)RVBD Chart
EDU (NYSE)NEW ORIENTAL EDU & TECH4627.091,290 KNew Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. pro... (EDU Profile)EDU Chart
TJX (NYSE)TJX COMPANIES4657.693,879 KThe TJX Companies, Inc. operates as an off-price r... (TJX Profile)TJX Chart
UNFI (Nasdaq)UNITED NATURAL FOODS4567.90362 KUnited Natural Foods, Inc., together with its subs... (UNFI Profile)UNFI Chart
MHK (NYSE)MOHAWK INDUSTRIES45137.50894 KMohawk Industries, Inc., together with its subsidi... (MHK Profile)MHK Chart
TASR (Nasdaq)TASER INTL4415.691,174 KTASER International, Inc. develops, manufactures, ... (TASR Profile)TASR Chart
TSCO (Nasdaq)TRACTOR SUPPLY4466.461,353 KTractor Supply Company operates retail farm and ra... (TSCO Profile)TSCO Chart
BCS (NYSE)BARCLAYS PLC4416.342,886 KBarclays PLC provides various financial products a... (BCS Profile)BCS Chart
SWN (NYSE)SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY4344.614,015 KSouthwestern Energy Company, an independent energy... (SWN Profile)SWN Chart
DB (NYSE)DEUTSCHE BANK AG4342.851,440 KDeutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft provides investme... (DB Profile)DB Chart
SEAS (NYSE)SeaWorld Entertainment, I4230.961,047 KSeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. operates as a theme p... (SEAS Profile)SEAS Chart
BXS (NYSE)BANCORPSOUTH4223.98512 KBancorpSouth, Inc. operates as the holding company... (BXS Profile)BXS Chart
IMAX (NYSE)IMAX4226.79506 KIMAX Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, ... (IMAX Profile)IMAX Chart
DXD (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRA-SHORT DOW4227.11874 KDXD tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index ... (DXD Profile)DXD Chart
FAST (Nasdaq)FASTENAL4248.171,995 KThe Company Is Engaged As A Wholesaler And Retaile... (FAST Profile)FAST Chart
SRTY (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 4141.23883 KSRTY tracks the Russell 2000 Index (-300%). The Ru... (SRTY Profile)SRTY Chart
FMER (Nasdaq)FIRSTMERIT4120.001,184 KFirstMerit Corporation operates as the bank holdin... (FMER Profile)FMER Chart
HXL (NYSE)HEXCEL4042.12668 KHexcel Corporation, together with its subsidiaries... (HXL Profile)HXL Chart
CLVS (Nasdaq)CLOVIS ONCOLOGY4058.72757 KClovis Oncology, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company... (CLVS Profile)CLVS Chart
TRMB (Nasdaq)TRIMBLE NAVIGATION4036.541,534 KTrimble Navigation Limited provides advanced posit... (TRMB Profile)TRMB Chart
DG (NYSE)DOLLAR GENERAL4057.234,524 KDollar General Corporation operates as a discount ... (DG Profile)DG Chart
SGEN (Nasdaq)SEATTLE GENETICS4041.911,118 KSeattle Genetics, Inc., a clinical stage biotechno... (SGEN Profile)SGEN Chart
BGG (NYSE)BRIGGS & STRATTON3921.20379 KBriggs & Stratton Corporation designs, manufacture... (BGG Profile)BGG Chart
SQQQ (Nasdaq)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 3951.334,241 KSQQQ tracks the NASDAQ-100 Index (-300%). The Inde... (SQQQ Profile)SQQQ Chart
MRVL (Nasdaq)MARVELL TECH3915.265,019 KMarvell Technology Group Ltd. designs, develops, a... (MRVL Profile)MRVL Chart
SH (PACF)PROSHARES SHORT S&P 5003924.493,371 KSH tracks the S&P 500 Index (-100%). ProShares Sho... (SH Profile)SH Chart
SPXU (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 3855.053,609 KSPXU tracks the S&P 500 Index (-300%). The index m... (SPXU Profile)SPXU Chart
CLD (NYSE)CLOUD PEAK ENERGY3819.14926 KCloud Peak Energy Inc., through its subsidiaries, ... (CLD Profile)CLD Chart
AEGR (Nasdaq)AEGERION PHARMACEUTICALS3843.501,021 KAegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a development stag... (AEGR Profile)AEGR Chart
FBHS (AMEX)FORTUNE BRANDS HOME3841.631,526 KFortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. provides home... (FBHS Profile)FBHS Chart
BTU (NYSE)PEABODY ENERGY3816.887,045 KPeabody Energy Corporation, through its subsidiari... (BTU Profile)BTU Chart
ARCC (Nasdaq)ARES CAPITAL3817.442,393 KAres Capital Corporation is a private equity firm ... (ARCC Profile)ARCC Chart
DSX (NYSE)DIANA SHIPPING3811.67650 KDiana Shipping Inc. provides shipping transportati... (DSX Profile)DSX Chart
INFA (Nasdaq)INFORMATICA3837.65914 KInformatica Corporation provides enterprise data i... (INFA Profile)INFA Chart
PNRA (Nasdaq)PANERA BREAD CO38164.41560 KPanera Bread Company, together with its subsidiari... (PNRA Profile)PNRA Chart
SDOW (PACF)PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT 3728.88882 KSDOW tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average (-300... (SDOW Profile)SDOW Chart
PIR (NYSE)PIER 1 IMPORTS3717.891,827 KPier 1 Imports, Inc. operates as an importer and s... (PIR Profile)PIR Chart
CCL (NYSE)CARNIVAL3738.743,295 KCarnival Corporation operates as a cruise and vaca... (CCL Profile)CCL Chart
GNRC (NYSE)GENERAC HOLDINGS3752.54953 KGenerac Holdings Inc. designs, manufactures, and m... (GNRC Profile)GNRC Chart
MPC (NYSE)MARATHON PETROLEUM3786.863,075 KMarathon Petroleum Corporation, together with its ... (MPC Profile)MPC Chart
GHL (NYSE)GREENHILL & CO3750.15415 KGreenhill & Co., Inc. operates as an independent i... (GHL Profile)GHL Chart
ESRX (Nasdaq)EXPRESS SCRIPTS3772.035,192 KExpress Scripts, Inc. provides a range of pharmacy... (ESRX Profile)ESRX Chart
COH (NYSE)COACH3743.965,221 KCoach, Inc. engages in the design and marketing of... (COH Profile)COH Chart
PVH (NYSE)PVH36121.911,075 KPVH Corp. designs and markets branded dress shirts... (PVH Profile)PVH Chart
OIS (NYSE)OIL STATES INTL3687.51648 KOil States International, Inc., through its subsid... (OIS Profile)OIS Chart
AWF (NYSE)ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN GLOBAL 3614.58257 KAllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund, Inc. is... (AWF Profile)AWF Chart
FMC (NYSE)FMC3674.60987 KFMC Corporation, a chemical company, provides solu... (FMC Profile)FMC Chart
ACXM (Nasdaq)ACXIOM3629.02608 KAcxiom Corporation provides marketing technology a... (ACXM Profile)ACXM Chart
FITB (Nasdaq)FIFTH THIRD BANCORP3621.458,356 KFifth Third Bancorp operates as a diversified fina... (FITB Profile)FITB Chart
ERY (PACF)DIREXION DAILY ENERGY BEA3617.37486 KERY tracks the Russell 1000 Energy Index (-300%). ... (ERY Profile)ERY Chart
PNR (NYSE)PENTAIR3576.121,251 KPentair, Inc. operates as a diversified industrial... (PNR Profile)PNR Chart
USG (NYSE)USG3531.281,788 KUSG Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages... (USG Profile)USG Chart
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