Top 100 Stocks - US Stock Market

Most Volatile Stocks on AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE Stock Market Exchanges


Below in the table you may see the list of the most volatile stocks on the US Stock Market. We selected only the liquid (most traded) stocks by omitting the stocks with average volume below 100,000 (by default) shares per day. These stocks are the most volatile on the AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE Stock Market Exchanges which mean they could potentially deliver the highest profit, yet at the same time these stocks are considered the riskiest on the AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE Stock Market Exchanges. The top 100 stocks is selected by the average daily difference between high and low price over the past month. When you analyze stocks you should remember that most of the stocks follow the general market trend and only technical analysis applied to the indexes may assist in it.

We are the only source for real-time, intraday volume and Advance Decline indicators for all the major U.S. indexes and exchanges.

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US Stock Market Most Volatile Stocks - Top 100

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US Stock Market - Most Volatile Stocks as of 10/24/2014

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Stock SymbolCompany NameAverage Daily Volume
(over the past 30 days)
Average Price
(over the past 30 days)
Average Daily
Price Range
Stock Chart
LAKELAKELAND INDUSTRIES7,576,10013.823.04 (21.97%)LAKE Chart
JDSTDirexion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X Shrs2,107,60016.982.21 (13.03%)JDST Chart
NLNKNEWLINK GENETICS1,700,80026.123.31 (12.68%)NLNK Chart
JNUGDirexion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bull 3X Shrs7,366,10011.021.38 (12.53%)JNUG Chart
GDPGOODRICH PETROLEUM2,795,90011.851.40 (11.78%)GDP Chart
ARWRArrowhead Research Corp.6,219,30010.131.04 (10.23%)ARWR Chart
TKMRTekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.6,010,80022.622.15 (9.53%)TKMR Chart
DUSTDIREXION DAILY GOLD MINERS B3,561,90027.322.58 (9.46%)DUST Chart
PEIXPacific Ethanol, Inc.1,927,10012.551.16 (9.28%)PEIX Chart
NUGTDIREXION DAILY GOLD MINERS B7,219,90022.402.04 (9.11%)NUGT Chart
EMESEmerge Energy Services LP1,076,70097.108.80 (9.06%)EMES Chart
PVAPENN VIRGINIA3,526,30010.060.89 (8.83%)PVA Chart
SHLDSEARS HOLDINGS1,692,60028.812.52 (8.74%)SHLD Chart
REXXREX ENERGY2,051,40010.840.93 (8.61%)REXX Chart
CMRXChimerix, Inc.2,225,10030.752.56 (8.34%)CMRX Chart
WTIW&T OFFSHORE1,434,10010.220.85 (8.28%)WTI Chart
AREXAPPROACH RESOURCES1,451,70012.691.04 (8.24%)AREX Chart
BCRXBIOCRYST PHARMACEUTICALS1,843,20011.260.91 (8.09%)BCRX Chart
ENPHENPHASE ENERGY1,011,70012.771.03 (8.07%)ENPH Chart
ERYDIREXION DAILY ENERGY BEAR 33,262,40018.761.50 (7.99%)ERY Chart
VXXIPATH S&P 500 VIX SHORT-TERM71,175,50033.492.59 (7.72%)VXX Chart
VIXYPROSHARES VIX SHORT-TERM FUT2,659,50022.311.72 (7.69%)VIXY Chart
KNDIKANDI TECHNOLOGIES1,891,40013.291.02 (7.64%)KNDI Chart
ERXDIREXION DAILY ENERGY BULL 31,631,20083.076.30 (7.58%)ERX Chart
BASBASIC ENERGY SERVICES2,378,90017.491.30 (7.45%)BAS Chart
SNSANCHEZ ENERGY2,177,50022.321.65 (7.40%)SN Chart
SUNESunEdison, Inc.16,905,30017.881.31 (7.32%)SUNE Chart
XIVVELOCITYSHARES DAILY INVERSE26,742,30034.762.54 (7.31%)XIV Chart
GPROGENERAL-PROBE12,164,10082.516.03 (7.30%)GPRO Chart
SVXYPROSHARES SHORT VIX SHORT-TERM3,309,70068.144.96 (7.27%)SVXY Chart
VNET21 VIANET GROUP1,352,00018.411.31 (7.11%)VNET Chart
SRPTSAREPTA THERAPEUTICS1,512,80021.451.51 (7.05%)SRPT Chart
NOGNORTHERN OIL & GAS1,401,20012.630.89 (7.03%)NOG Chart
JKSJINKOSOLAR HOLDINGS2,452,60025.211.76 (7.00%)JKS Chart
CRKCOMSTOCK RESOURCES1,923,10015.241.06 (6.94%)CRK Chart
SLCAUS SILICA HOLDINGS3,479,70052.803.63 (6.88%)SLCA Chart
EPEEP Energy Corporation1,407,80015.481.06 (6.86%)EPE Chart
GLOGGASLOG LTD1,740,60020.851.41 (6.76%)GLOG Chart
MTDRMATADOR RESOURCES1,073,70023.101.56 (6.75%)MTDR Chart
CZRCAESARS ENTERTAINMENT1,586,80011.600.78 (6.71%)CZR Chart
CLDXCELLDEX THERAPEUTICS1,984,90013.920.92 (6.61%)CLDX Chart
KNKnowles Corporation2,990,90022.881.51 (6.59%)KN Chart
BCEIBONANZA CREEK ENERGY1,396,00047.073.10 (6.59%)BCEI Chart
TSLTRINA SOLAR6,153,60011.020.73 (6.58%)TSL Chart
PESPERMA-FIX ENVIRONMENTAL SVS1,080,30012.040.79 (6.53%)PES Chart
BITABITAUTO HOLDINGS1,293,20073.124.76 (6.51%)BITA Chart
RSPPRSP Permian, Inc.1,135,40024.701.61 (6.50%)RSPP Chart
INOINOVIO PHARMACEUTICALS1,649,70010.790.70 (6.48%)INO Chart
GBXGREENBRIER COMPANIES1,229,40061.513.97 (6.46%)GBX Chart
CSIQCANADIAN SOLAR3,711,40032.042.04 (6.38%)CSIQ Chart
CSTMConstellium N.V1,728,80021.371.35 (6.34%)CSTM Chart
BBGBILL BARRETT1,643,10018.161.14 (6.29%)BBG Chart
UGAZVELOCITYSHARES 3X LONG NATURAL7,043,70013.290.83 (6.27%)UGAZ Chart
NPSPNPS PHARMACEUTICALS1,992,60025.741.61 (6.26%)NPSP Chart
AMBAAMBARELLA INC2,227,20040.692.53 (6.21%)AMBA Chart
SSESOUTHERN CONNETICUT BANC1,079,30019.441.20 (6.17%)SSE Chart
GLNGGOLAR LONG2,738,20057.783.56 (6.16%)GLNG Chart
SGYSTONE ENERGY1,147,30027.241.68 (6.15%)SGY Chart
SPLKSPLUNK INC2,411,70056.133.43 (6.11%)SPLK Chart
SCTYSOLARCITY5,236,80055.733.40 (6.10%)SCTY Chart
VNRVANGUARD NATURAL RESOURCE1,179,70025.451.53 (6.03%)VNR Chart
THRXTHERAVANCE1,050,10017.121.03 (6.00%)THRX Chart
CENXCENTURY ALUMINUM1,336,10024.361.46 (6.00%)CENX Chart
FANGDIAMONDBACK ENERGY INC1,628,90068.754.12 (5.99%)FANG Chart
LPILAREDO PETROLEUM HOLDINGS3,868,30020.011.19 (5.95%)LPI Chart
GPREGREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE1,712,90032.851.95 (5.95%)GPRE Chart
BTUPEABODY ENERGY13,255,90011.220.67 (5.94%)BTU Chart
PTENPATTERSON-UTI ENERGY5,518,90027.871.65 (5.93%)PTEN Chart
ALJALON USA ENERGY1,026,10014.470.85 (5.91%)ALJ Chart
BDBDBOULDER BRANDS1,197,60012.280.72 (5.85%)BDBD Chart
ROSEROSETTA RESOURCES1,412,90040.462.34 (5.78%)ROSE Chart
CJESC&J ENERGY SERVICES1,824,10024.441.41 (5.75%)CJES Chart
CONNCONN'S1,379,30029.701.70 (5.73%)CONN Chart
HZNPHORIZON PHARMA1,943,00011.950.68 (5.72%)HZNP Chart
TZADIREXION DAILY SM-CAP BEA24,278,60017.150.98 (5.71%)TZA Chart
BBEPBREITBURN ENERGY PARTNER2,592,20017.961.02 (5.69%)BBEP Chart
TRNTRINITY INDUSTRIES5,815,30039.202.22 (5.67%)TRN Chart
FEYEFireEye, Inc.6,964,90029.211.65 (5.66%)FEYE Chart
CRRCARBO CERAMICS1,289,40056.333.18 (5.64%)CRR Chart
LNGCHENIERE ENERGY4,675,80073.084.11 (5.62%)LNG Chart
IRWDIRONWOOD PHARMACEUTICALS1,206,00012.740.71 (5.61%)IRWD Chart
SGMSSCIENTIFIC GAMES1,423,20010.070.56 (5.56%)SGMS Chart
EXASExact Sciences Corporation2,572,50021.291.18 (5.55%)EXAS Chart
TNADIREXION DAILY SM-CAP BUL11,242,70061.923.43 (5.55%)TNA Chart
CIECOBALT INTL5,222,40012.070.67 (5.52%)CIE Chart
KERXKeryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc.1,794,00015.160.84 (5.52%)KERX Chart
RICERice Energy Inc. Common Stock1,437,90025.271.39 (5.51%)RICE Chart
ISISISIS PHARMACEUTICALS2,035,90039.442.17 (5.51%)ISIS Chart
CRZOCARRIZO OIL & GAS1,350,40048.862.67 (5.46%)CRZO Chart
CAMPCALAMP1,086,30017.730.97 (5.46%)CAMP Chart
GOGOGogo Inc.1,356,90016.500.90 (5.45%)GOGO Chart
WPXWPX ENERGY3,822,20020.811.13 (5.43%)WPX Chart
DATATableau Software, Inc.1,409,50071.043.86 (5.43%)DATA Chart
DANGE-COMMERCE CHINA DANGDANG1,591,20011.540.63 (5.42%)DANG Chart
WFTWEATHERFORD INTL9,658,20018.501.00 (5.40%)WFT Chart
ATLSATLAS ENERGY1,009,40040.052.16 (5.39%)ATLS Chart
SFUNSOUFUN HOLDINGS5,471,50010.140.54 (5.37%)SFUN Chart
KOGKODIAK OIL & GAS5,946,20011.860.63 (5.35%)KOG Chart
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