Track Surges

"Big Money" (who moves and manipulates markets) trade in volumes. Our indicators track their actions. Use them and start trading with confidence and profit

Buy & Sell Points

With our proprietary and patented technologies you will see where to sell and where to buy. Our system of alerts will help to make informative trades in time

Profit Up & Down

Our indicators and systems work in both Bull and Bears market, on daily and intraday timeframes. With us you will have everything to profit in up and down markets.

Selling/Buying Volume

We can provide with several types of selling and buying volume indicators, which can help to make a well informed decision with the market investments.

Follow the volume and see whether buyers or sellers are dominant - get signals before anyone else does.

Volatility Adjusted Indicators

Are you tired of choppy trading during side-ways volatile markets. Try using our volatility adjusted indicators which automatically adjust indicator's setting to a security's volatility.

Do not get into a situation when a couple of bad signals will eat all you previously earned.

Scanning Tools

Are you tired of browsing charts and indicators, testing different settings and systems. Use our scanning tool to find the best indicator's setting for any stock/ETF in any time-frame.

Market is in constant change and what was good a couple of month ago may not be necessary the best choice for tomorrow. Scan the market and see what is the best for you now.

ETFs and Stocks Signals

Do not have time to check charts on the daily basis?

Set up email alerts for the stocks and ETFs from our portfolio and our system will do it for you by notifying you when it is time to make a trading decision.

Patented Technologies for Technical Analysis

MarketVolume®'s technology of displaying and presenting intraday volume and volume based technical indicators is protected by copyright law and patent.

If you do not want to see fake volume signals on intraday charts caused by spikes in volume at the market open and in the last minutes before market closes, then our modulated volume is the only way to go.

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