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We are not just an ordinary charts provider - we are inventors, market analysts and developers. We have invented, developed and implemented unique volume, advance/decline and volatility indicators. Our patent protected proprietary technologies are available with us only.

We are the only source of the intraday volume charts for major indexes and Exchanges. We give you ability to use actual volume or apply our patented modulated volume technology which allows to eliminate fake volume spike and signals on the intraday charts.

Index charts

More than 150 technical indicators and various analytical drawings, email alerts, charts style and much more - everything you need to trade stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Our 1-minute charts are updated in real-time every 1-2 seconds and you do not need to download and install any special software.

Stock charts

We have full set of advance decline technical indicators which include proprietary Advance Decline Sentiment indicator, advance decline issues, advance/decline volume, AD momentum volume, McClellan various oscillators, TRIN and others. And it is not just for NYSE and not just on daily charts, but for all major indexes and on all intraday (starting from 1-minute bars) charts.

Stock charts

On our index and stock charts you may display price as OHLC bars, HLC bar, line, dots, Candlestick, Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks or simply hide it.

Stock charts

Compare stock to index, index to stock, stock to stock, index to index and etc. It is not a separate chart, everything is on the same chart - you can compare performance of two securities and apply technical indicators and overlays at the same time.

Stock charts

On our index and stock charts you will find full set of overlays for technical analysis - from various moving averages and different price channels to Zig-Zag, Pivot Points and Ichimoku Clouds.

Stock charts

Make analytical drawings, put notes, save them for future references - everything you need is under your hands. If you want to see the notes and drawings you made a couple of days ago or 6 months ago or couple of years ago, you do not have to browse through a website archive - everything on the same chart -just scroll charts from real-time into the history and see everything you saved before.

Stock charts

Set sound and email alerts directly on our charts to any technical indicator. It is easy and convenient: chart is running on your computer - you receive email alert triggered by your indicators - you check our charts on your smart phone to confirm - you contact your broker...

Stock charts

At the evening or night time, in a half dark room, some users may prefer having charts with black background which is easier for eyes.

Stock charts

With our Point & Figures Charts (PF Charts) you will be able to see volume profile graph for each traded price range as well as volume accumulated during each trend..

Stock charts

Index and Stock ChartsMobile MV Charts (in Google Play)Point & Figures ChartsHeatmaps

Technical Studies - Check the list of the studies available with our charts. Majority of them are unique and we are the only company that delivers them.

Analytical Drawings - Check the list of the technical drawings available with our charts - from simple trend lines to combinations of various Fibonacci lines.

On our charts you will have

  • Selling Buying Volume charts applied to indexes, stocks, ETFs and emini index futures;
  • Advance / decline technical studies including proprietary sentiment indicators;
  • Volatility adjusted technical indicators which automatically adjust itself to the changes in market;
  • Full set of traditional technical studies and analytical drawings;
  • Sound and email alerts;
  • Ability to scroll back in the history and test any technical indicator;
  • Ability to save more than 500 chart styles for future references;
  • and much more...

With our charts you will be able

  • To access stock market information from any computer anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access;
  • To monitor and analyse stock market in real time from any mobile Android based device (Smart Phones, Android tables and etc);
  • To have complete analysis of your stocks and ETFs which will cover price, volume and volatility analysis;
  •  Complete technical analysis of US indexes and markets based on price, volume, advance decline and volatility analysis.
  • and much more

There is much more to our JavaVolume® charts than we can describe here in this brief introduction. We urge you to follow the links we provided and to experiment with various settings.

Experiment with our charts and enjoy what they have to offer.

We also urge you to explore our "Volume Tutorial", where you will learn how volume affects price (index value) movements and where we teach you how to use our volume indicators in real market situations. This will improve your trading and raise your level of understanding about the market.

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