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Technical Analysis from A to Z

Technical Analysis from A to ZThis book provides an overview, analysis and mathematical calculations for over 70 different technical indicators. Each entry features an example that shows precisely how the indicator performs in real markets.


Mastering Elliott Wave

Mastering Elliott WaveThis book is actually for those who want to "master" the Elliott wave theory. Though Mr Neeley explains his method from the scratch, you have to spend a great amount of time to understand how to identify the waves and how you should apply the rules and guidelines even if you know the theory. After long hours of studying the book and applying the techniques on the price charts, you will surprisingly find out that your view on the technical analysis and Elliott wave theory changed. I have to warn those who want to learn some trading techniques using the Elliott Theory or Neeley Method, since there's nothing in this book about trading, but do not forget that this book is mastering the the Elliott Wave. Do you think you still need a pre-made trading technique after mastering the theory? I don't think so.
Float Analysis: Volume & Price

Float Analysis: Volume and PriceAs an avid reader of financial publications and a student of the financial markets, I read "The Precision Profit Float Indicator" by Steve Woods with great excitement and utter disbelief. Excitement that this new (to me) indicator may be the "missing link" for me being able to achieve an above average rate of return in trading the markets. And, disbelief in the fact that the basic concept is so simple and is based upon so much common sense that it has been overlooked by all the brilliant financial minds for so many years. It appears that Mark Twain's statement that "the only thing not so common is common sense" is certainly valid in this situation. I am firmly convinced that financial market authors will soon place Mr. Wood's name along side those of Mr. Gann and Mr. Elliott for their respective unique discoveries. It is strongly suggested that prospective readers of "The Precision Profit Float Indicator" keep an open mind while reading this unique publication. Mr. Woods' fine work gives new meaning to the statement that "fact is sometimes stranger than fiction!"

Analysis of Futures Markets

Analysis of Futures MarketsThe only thing I really took issue with was the habit of trying to predict the size and extent of price moves rather than sticking with more general observations regarding momentum and overall movement. Looking for something to happen before there is evidence of its arrival is a dangerous game for technical players, and to devotees of the approach, a friendly warning: be careful not to become a fundamentechnicalyst. Meaning, always keep in mind that effective technical analysis highlights probability rather than makes predictions. To sum up, buy this book if you are new to technicals, if you want to brush up on your knowledge, or if you just want a handy reference. But be wary of the prediction trap. Keep your understanding of probability and odds intact.
The Wealthy Barber

The Wealthy BarberThis classic tale and bestselling financial planning book has been updated to reflect the very latest tax laws. It's the story of a friendly barber who dispenses timeless, homespun advice that will help anyone get rich--slowly but surely. In this new and updated edition of one of the biggest-selling financial-planning books ever, David Chilton simplifies the complex puzzles of personal finance and helps you achieve financial independence. With the help of his fictional barber, Roy, and a large dose of humor, Chilton shows you how to take control of your financial future--slowly, steadily, and with sure success. Chilton's plan (detailed in an entertaining story) is no get-rich-quick scheme, but it does make financial independence possible on nothing more than an average salary.

Technical Analysis Stock Trends

coverThe holy grail of stock analysis. Has sold over 850,000 copies, so you can bet that it has influenced more than one investor. Covers just about everything. You will use this book as a reference time and time again.
Technical Analysis Explained

coverGreat book on Technical Analysis. A must for every trader. Features Dow theory, chart patterns, you name it. We like the straight forward approach Pring uses in this book. The section on chart patterns is especially helpful. Great book.

Big Trends In Trading

coverBig trading profits are achieved when you identify the big market trends - and ride them for all they're worth. Now, founder Price Headley provides a playbook that shows you how to spot stocks ready to take off - and strategies for reaping consistent rewards in all market climates. Emphasizing the aggressive use of options, his methods cover all the major market indicators - including the CBOE Volatility Index, NASDAQ 100, Rydex Mutual Fund Flows, and Equity Put/Call Ratio. Don't feel pressured to make mediocre daily trades. Get ready to post some big returns, when you start using the BigTrends method for finding market winners.
The NEW Trader's Tax Solution

The NEW Trader's Tax SolutionBefore you complete your 2002 return - or get too far into the 2003 trading year, read Tesser's new tax "Bible." Even if you're already familiar with his work, this just-updated edition should be on your shelf. Tesser covers all the changes in the new 2001 tax code - plus his powerful new "triple crown" strategy for tax avoidance. Taxes can cut into your profits AND your principle if your not careful - but this new must-have guide will help you: save money, find deductions, survive an audit and document your work

Bollinger on Bollinger Bands

Bollinger on Bollinger BandsInsiders and experienced traders have long used Bollinger Bands® to accurately predict price action. Now -- for the first time ever -- learn to use and apply this extraordinary technique directly from the man who created it. Explained in clear, step-by-step terms discover how to compare price and indicator action and make sound, sensible -- and profitable -- trading decisions. Concise, straightforward and filled with instructive charts and visual aides, this remarkable works is essential reading for all serious traders, regardless of the market condition. Bollinger includes his simple system for implementation - and personal techniques for combining bands and indicators.
Sniper Trading

Sniper TradingToday, many investors think that easy access to the markets equals easy access to success. What most investors forget is that they are competing against seasoned professionals who trade for a living, not as a hobby. In Sniper Trading: Essential Short-Term Money-Making Secrets for Trading Stocks, Options, and Futures, renowned trader George Angell provides you with the tools, techniques, and discipline to "embrace uncertainty" and trade like a market professional by using short-term investment method.

Trading for a Living

Trading for a LivingAs a professional trader, technical analysis expert, and practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Elder helps aspiring traders step away from the crowd of amateurs. He presents a comprehensive system for trading stocks, futures, currencies, and options.
The New Technical Trader

The New Technical TraderExtremely well-organized, comprehensive and written within the context of real-world trading, this guidebook integrates new methods of technical analysis with strategies for effective risk control and money management.

Understanding Wall Street

Understanding Wall StreetOf all the books on Wall Street and the stock market that have appeared over the years, none has had the impact or staying power of this book. Since it was first published in 1978, Understanding Wall Street has been recognized as the leading primer on the stock market.
The Unemotional Investor

The Unemotional InvestorIn The Unemotional Investor, Robert Sheard, author of the Dow Dividend Approach and Foolish Workshop for The Motley Fool, offers a way around this dilemma. He notes that the obvious requirement for making money in the stock market is to buy low and sell high, but that most people simply can't do this.

Moving Averages Simplified

Moving Averages SimplifiedFor years, application of Moving Averages has helped many market "wizards" make more profitable trades. Now, every trader can gain a broader understanding of this powerful tool and get down to basics with "Moving Averages Simplified." Use the expertise of noted trader Clif Droke to ease all uncertainties, answer all the questions and remove the mystery when applying Moving Averages to your own trading. Learn to trade with single or double moving averages as well as how to use them to identify price cycles and support & resistance levels. Benefit from this step-by-step guide that takes you through every aspect of moving averages - easily.
Security Analysis

Security AnalysisOne of the greatest investment thinkers of all time, the legendary Benjamin Graham, 20 years after his death in 1976, still commands a loyal following. Author of Security Analysis, one of the most important and best-selling investment books of all time, with five editions and more than 800,000 copies in print-the first edition, published in 1934, continues to hold the greatest appeal for both collectors and investors, and when available, sells instantly, often for as much as $7500.

Options as a Strategic Investment

Options as a Strategic InvestmentThe new edition is revised to represent the latest trading vehicles and applications, including coverage of long-term equity anticipation securities, preferred equity redemption cumulative stocks, neutral trading, futures options, warrants, and standard portfolio analysis of risk. The idea, of course, is to maximize earnings and reduce risk--no matter how the market is performing. Strategy techniques and examples show how to do it.
Options, Futures, & Derivatives

Options, Futures, and DerivativesWidely-adopted for its comprehensive coverage, exceptionally clear explanations of difficult material, and avoidance of nonessential math, this text bridges the gap between the theory and practice of derivatives, and helps students develop a solid working knowledge of how derivatives can be analyzed. It deals with a wide range of derivative products and provides complete coverage of key analytical material.

New Thinking in Technical Analysis

New Thinking in Technical AnalysisWhen pinpointing the best time to buy or take profits technical analysis is the only true predictor of price behavior. Now discover the proven methods of the top traders adapted for today's markets. Learn how to use each model, when to use it and when not to.
The Real Options Solution

The Real Options SolutionThe Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World offers a proven new approach to the valuation of businesses and technologies based on options theory. This straightforward, practical guide presents an innovative approach-the "total value" model-to applying real options analysis that is based on one core insight: all business plans are options.


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