Technical Analysis - IPAS Stock

IPASS (IPAS) Technical Analysis and Sentiment

Mid- and long-term technical analysis below is based on the analysis of the recent price trend of the IPAS stock, its volume activity and volatility level. The analysis is calculated from the IPAS daily data and combines such popular technical indicators as MACD, Moving Averages, Stochastics, RSI (Relative Strength Index), various volume oscillators, Money Flow Index, Average True Range and Standard Deviation. The combination of different indicators applied to the IPAS stocks allows to receive complete sentiment of the IPAS stick which allow assume possible mid- and long-term trend development for this stock.

IPAS Technical Analysis

Mid-Term IPASS (IPAS) Technical Analysis

20-day Moving Average 1.56 -0.01 (-0.45%) Bearish
50-day Moving Average 1.45 0.00 (0.25%) Bullish
MACD (12,26) -0.03 -0.01 (0.00%) MACD sentiment is Bearish
MACD Signal 0.01 -0.01 (-48.93%)
MACD Histogram -0.04 -0.00 (0.00%)
50-day Raw Stochastics 54.93 31.85 Bullish
Stochastics %K(50) 58.22
Stochastics %D(50) 59.78
RSI, Relative Strength Index (20) 31.58 -21.48 Bearish
Average Gain 0.01
Average Loss 0.02
MFI, Money Flow Index (14) 38.11 -30.62 Bearish
Positive Money Flow 817 K
Negative Money Flow 1,327 K
20-day Volume Oscillator 1.40 Extremely Bearish Volume
Percentage Volume Oscillator 40.46
MV Oscillator -40.46
20-day Average True Range (ATR) 0.08 Bullish
14-day Standard Deviation 0.05
14-day Relative Deviation 2.97 %
Annualized Volatility 47.07
Overal Mid-Term Sentiment: -1 (Bearish, Weak)

Long-Term IPASS (IPAS) Technical Analysis

130-day Moving Average 1.40 -0.00 (-0.07%) Bullish
260-day Moving Average 1.53 -0.00 (-0.13%) Bearish
MACD (50,130) 0.19 0.00 (0.33%) MACD sentiment is Bullish
, although MACD Histogram moves down, it may indicate the possibility of coming changes in MACD sentiment
MACD Signal Line -0.34 0.19 (0.00%)
MACD Histogram 0.52 -0.19 (-26.30%)
130-day Raw Stochastics 58.97 -3.85 Bullish, yet close to become Bearish
Stochastics %K(130) 61.97
Stochastics %D(130) 63.39
RSI, Relative Strength Index (20) 39.39 -1.23 Bearish
Average Gain 0.01
Average Loss 0.02
MFI, Money Flow Index (20) 47.77 0.04 Bearish, yet close to become Bullish
Positive Money Flow 2,389 K
Negative Money Flow 2,612 K
20-day Volume Oscillator 0.86 No abnormal volume activity
Percentage Volume Oscillator -13.94
MV Oscillator 0.00
50-day Average True Range (ATR) 0.09 Bearish
20-day Standard Deviation 0.05
20-day Relative Deviation 3.17 %
Annualized Volatility 50.34
Overall Long-Term Sentiment -2 (Bearish, Weak)

IPASS (IPAS) bullish and bearish sentiment could be defined in the range from minus 12 (bearish Extreme) to plus 12 (Bullish, Extreme).

IPASS  sentiment could be:
"Bearish, Extreme"
"Bearish, Strong"
"Bearish, Weak"
"Bullish, Weak"
"Bullish, Strong"
"Bullish, Extreme"

The bullish sentiment could be considered as buy signal and bearish sentiment could be considered as sell signal. At the same time,IPASS 's extremely bullish/bearish sentiment could be considered as overbought/oversold condition. WhileIPASS 's sentiment above is based on the most used aspects of technical analysis it is highly recommended checkingIPASS  charts, snce even the same technical indicators on the charts may give you clearer picture of what was before and what you may expect in the future.

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