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PFE Stock's Performance


The performance tables below will allow you to compare the performance of the PFIZER (PFE) stock and the S&P 500 Index(^SPX) (you may select other index from the list below). We provide performance comparison for the most recent trading session, for the past month (30 days) for 52 weeks (1-year) and YTD.

Several timeframes help evaluating whether current PFE stock's performance is in the range of the average yearly, monthly or YTD performance. The "Ratio (%)" is calculated as a ration between SPX index and PFE stock data. Since SPX index and PFE stock prices are in different range the "Ratio (%)" helps to compare SPX index and PFE stock performances. At the same time the "Ratio (%)" allows to see what percentage of index's volume (if PFE stock is listed in the SPX index) belongs to the PFE stock.

Compare and PFIZER (PFE) stock.
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Today's Performance Comparison:
S&P 500 Index(^SPX) vs PFIZER (PFE)

S&P 500 Index(^SPX)PFIZER (PFE)Ratio (%)
Last Trade0.00 Last Trade31.24
Trade Time (ET)01/16/2014 11:31 Trade Time (ET)01/16/2014 11:31
Change0.00 Change0.06(0.19%)-1.60
Previous Close0.00 Previous Close31.18
Open0.00 Open31.18
High0.00 High31.42
Low0.00 Low31.11
VolumeSign Up K Volume7,024 K

1-Month Performance Comparison:
S&P 500 Index(^SPX) vs PFIZER (PFE)

S&P 500 Index(^SPX)PFIZER (PFE)Ratio (%)
1-month Change0.00 1-month Change0.06(0.19%)-1.60
1-month High0.00 1-month High0.00
1-month Low0.00 1-month Low0.00
Average Daily VolumeSign Up K Average Daily Volume0 K
Average Daily Change0.00 % Average Daily Change0.00 %

YTD Performance Comparison:
S&P 500 Index(^SPX) vs PFIZER (PFE)

S&P 500 Index(^SPX)PFIZER (PFE)Ratio (%)
YTD Change0.00 YTD Change0.61(1.99%)-16.44
YTD High0.00 YTD High31.42
YTD Low0.00 YTD Low30.33
Average Daily VolumeSign Up K Average Daily Volume21,116 K
Average Daily Change0.00 % Average Daily Change0.47 %

52-week (1 year) Performance Comparison:
S&P 500 Index(^SPX) vs PFIZER (PFE)

S&P 500 Index(^SPX)PFIZER (PFE)Ratio (%)
52-week Change0.00 52-week Change0.78(2.56%)0.79
52-week High0.00 52-week High32.50
52-week Low0.00 52-week Low29.95
Average Daily VolumeSign Up K Average Daily Volume23,203 K
Average Daily Change0.00 % Average Daily Change0.60 %
About S&P 500 Index(^SPX)

The S&P 500 ("Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index") is widely regarded as the standard for measuring large-cap U.S. stock market performance. This is one of the most popular indexes representing the top 500 companies in leading industries (most of them listed on the New York Stock Exchange).

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