Most Volatile Stocks on the Stock Market

Today's Most Volatile Stocks


Below you find the list of the most volatile stocks based on the results of the most recent trading session. The volatility is measured by High-Low range. The average price in the table below reflects the average trading price during the most recent trading secession when volatility was measured.

As a rule, the stocks that are traded at very low price are the most volatile stocks. As an example, when a stock that is traded at $0.01 per share moves to $0.02 it will be 100% price move. On the other hand $0.01 price increase on a stock that is traded above $100 per share is less than 0.01% price move. Therefore, we provide price range filter for the most volatile stocks below. This filter will allow you to select the most volatile stocks from the group of stocks you are interested in: whether it is group of cheap or expensive stocks. At the same time we provide volume filter which will let you to filter low volume stocks. In most cases low priced stock are traded on light volume and they are less liquid (difficult to buy or sell during the trading hours).

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Today's Most Volatile Stocks

Company NameHigh-Low
VolumeStocks ProfileStock Chart
DESTDESTINATION MATERNITY25.23 %18.87559,400Destination Maternity Corporation engages in ... (DEST Profile)DEST Chart
IPHIINPHI19.99 %15.38876,000Inphi Corporation operates as a fabless provi... (IPHI Profile)IPHI Chart
BMAMACRO BANK19.73 %45.81549,200Banco Macro S.A. provides banking products an... (BMA Profile)BMA Chart
UIHCUnited Insurance Holdings Corp.17.31 %16.02836,500United Insurance Holdings Corp. operates as a... (UIHC Profile)UIHC Chart
MGAMMULTIMEDIA GAMES HOLDINGS14.63 %25.281,604,600Multimedia Games Holding Company, Inc., toget... (MGAM Profile)MGAM Chart
GRMNGARMIN14.48 %58.037,305,300Garmin Ltd. operates as a holding company and... (GRMN Profile)GRMN Chart
CLMSCALAMOS13.43 %12.88217,000Calamos Asset Management Inc. is a publicly o... (CLMS Profile)CLMS Chart
PTRYPANTRY13.27 %17.45576,000The Pantry, Inc. operates convenience store c... (PTRY Profile)PTRY Chart
AMEDAMEDISYS13.09 %17.861,189,800Amedisys, Inc. provides home health and hospi... (AMED Profile)AMED Chart
BBSIBARRETT BUSINESS SERVICE12.76 %55.94194,100Barrett Business Services, Inc. provides huma... (BBSI Profile)BBSI Chart
CRAYCRAY12.55 %29.36317,300Cray Inc. engages in the design, development,... (CRAY Profile)CRAY Chart
MMSIMERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS12.54 %12.251,090,200Merit Medical Systems, Inc. designs, develops... (MMSI Profile)MMSI Chart
GGALGrupo Financiero Galicia S.A.12.45 %17.222,032,300Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. operates as a f... (GGAL Profile)GGAL Chart
GSJKCOMPRESSCO PARTNERS12.04 %22.03576,100Compressco Partners, L.P. provides wellhead c... (GSJK Profile)GSJK Chart
ATROASTRONICS11.52 %57.40515,900Astronics Corporation, through its subsidiari... (ATRO Profile)ATRO Chart
BFRBBVA BANCO FRANCES11.36 %13.92979,700BBVA Banco Frances S.A., together with its su... (BFR Profile)BFR Chart
HSKAHeska Corporation11.25 %12.91160,000Heska Corporation develops, manufactures, mar... (HSKA Profile)HSKA Chart
EDNEDENOR10.38 %15.31539,200Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Nort... (EDN Profile)EDN Chart
TASRTASER INTL9.95 %12.862,921,100TASER International, Inc. develops, manufactu... (TASR Profile)TASR Chart
FNHCFEDERATED NATIONAL9.94 %22.51257,000Federated National Holding Company, through i... (FNHC Profile)FNHC Chart
ZLTQZELTIQ AESTHETICS9.57 %21.143,832,800ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc., a medical technology... (ZLTQ Profile)ZLTQ Chart
HYGSHYDROGENICS9.38 %22.45298,300Hydrogenics Corporation, together with its su... (HYGS Profile)HYGS Chart
YPFYPF SOCIEDAD ANONIMA9.30 %39.436,721,800YPF SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, an energy company, enga... (YPF Profile)YPF Chart
XPOEXPRESS-1 EXPEDITED9.23 %30.072,424,200Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc., through ... (XPO Profile)XPO Chart
POWIPOWER INTEGRATIONS9.12 %57.12431,700Power Integrations, Inc. designs, develops, m... (POWI Profile)POWI Chart
VOXXAUDIOVOX9.07 %9.75353,300Audiovox Corporation, through its subsidiarie... (VOXX Profile)VOXX Chart
CRESYCRESUD SA8.82 %13.12143,000Cresud Inc. engages in the production of basi... (CRESY Profile)CRESY Chart
GTTHE GOODYEAR TIRE8.81 %26.365,940,200The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company engages in... (GT Profile)GT Chart
UTHRUNITED THERAPEUTICS8.74 %97.33701,800United Therapeutics Corporation, a biotechnol... (UTHR Profile)UTHR Chart
MMYTMAKEMYTRIP8.65 %29.88156,900MakeMyTrip Limited, an online travel company,... (MMYT Profile)MMYT Chart
PTCTPTC Therapeutics, Inc.8.59 %28.41112,100PTC Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical c... (PTCT Profile)PTCT Chart
TKMRTekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.8.43 %11.91635,300Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.TKMR Chart
SODASODASTREAM INTL8.26 %32.344,003,500SodaStream International Ltd. engages in the ... (SODA Profile)SODA Chart
DORMDORMAN PRODUCTS8.23 %44.231,888,200Dorman Products, Inc. supplies original equip... (DORM Profile)DORM Chart
INGRINGREDION8.23 %76.54576,000Ingredion Incorporated, together with its sub... (INGR Profile)INGR Chart
WLHWilliam Lyon Homes8.09 %25.95325,600William Lyon Homes, together with its subsidi... (WLH Profile)WLH Chart
BWLDBUFFALO WILD WINGS8.00 %146.572,789,200Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. engages in the owner... (BWLD Profile)BWLD Chart
USNAUSANA HEALTH SCIENCES7.95 %66.17221,000USANA Health Sciences, Inc. develops, manufac... (USNA Profile)USNA Chart
NTRINUTRI/SYSTEM7.93 %16.232,134,900Nutrisystem, Inc. provides weight management ... (NTRI Profile)NTRI Chart
OPLKOPLINK COMMUNICATIONS7.86 %19.03239,100Oplink Communications, Inc. designs, manufact... (OPLK Profile)OPLK Chart
ADTADT CORP7.76 %34.798,329,800The ADT Corporation provides electronic secur... (ADT Profile)ADT Chart
MOVEMOVE7.76 %14.21547,300Move, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, o... (MOVE Profile)MOVE Chart
FTDFTD GROUP INC7.75 %32.82498,800FTD Companies, Inc., through its subsidiaries... (FTD Profile)FTD Chart
IPGPIPG PHOTONICS7.68 %68.98800,300IPG Photonics Corporation manufactures fiber ... (IPGP Profile)IPGP Chart
WLPWELLPOINT7.62 %113.013,302,600WellPoint, Inc., through its subsidiaries, op... (WLP Profile)WLP Chart
IACIIAC/INTERACTIVECORP7.58 %65.382,784,500IAC/InterActiveCorp engages in the Internet b... (IACI Profile)IACI Chart
HURNHURON CONSULTING GROUP7.54 %65.28442,500Huron Consulting Group Inc. provides operatio... (HURN Profile)HURN Chart
CHMTCHEMTURA CORP7.51 %23.992,168,100Chemtura Corporation, together with its subsi... (CHMT Profile)CHMT Chart
ARWRArrowhead Research Corp.7.50 %12.532,376,600Arrowhead Research Corporation, a biopharmace... (ARWR Profile)ARWR Chart
SLCAUS SILICA HOLDINGS7.48 %60.642,020,000U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. produces and sells... (SLCA Profile)SLCA Chart
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