Most Volatile Stocks on the Stock Market

Today's Most Volatile Stocks


Below you find the list of the most volatile stocks based on the results of the most recent trading session. The volatility is measured by High-Low range. The average price in the table below reflects the average trading price during the most recent trading secession when volatility was measured.

As a rule, the stocks that are traded at very low price are the most volatile stocks. As an example, when a stock that is traded at $0.01 per share moves to $0.02 it will be 100% price move. On the other hand $0.01 price increase on a stock that is traded above $100 per share is less than 0.01% price move. Therefore, we provide price range filter for the most volatile stocks below. This filter will allow you to select the most volatile stocks from the group of stocks you are interested in: whether it is group of cheap or expensive stocks. At the same time we provide volume filter which will let you to filter low volume stocks. In most cases low priced stock are traded on light volume and they are less liquid (difficult to buy or sell during the trading hours).

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Most Volatile Stocks on 08/29/2014

Company NameHigh-Low
VolumeStocks ProfileStock Chart
UTHRUNITED THERAPEUTICS24.07 %104.796,423,200United Therapeutics Corporation, a biotechnol... (UTHR Profile)UTHR Chart
DGLYDigital Ally Inc.13.61 %18.2915,899,200Digital Ally, Inc. produces digital video ima... (DGLY Profile)DGLY Chart
KNDIKANDI TECHNOLOGIES13.49 %18.509,593,500Kandi Technologies Corp., through its subsidi... (KNDI Profile)KNDI Chart
INVEIDENTIVE GROUP13.11 %16.28319,100Identive Group, Inc., through its subsidiarie... (INVE Profile)INVE Chart
SPLKSPLUNK INC11.87 %51.5420,152,600Splunk, Inc. provides software solutions that... (SPLK Profile)SPLK Chart
CDZICADIZ11.65 %13.21461,600Cadiz Inc. acquires and develops land and wat... (CDZI Profile)CDZI Chart
CRTOCriteo SA11.19 %35.967,417,700Criteo SA, together with its subsidiaries, op... (CRTO Profile)CRTO Chart
FREDFRED'S10.54 %14.75361,100Fred's, Inc. and its subsidiaries sell ge... (FRED Profile)FRED Chart
VEEVVeeva Systems Inc.9.91 %28.517,478,700Veeva Systems Inc. provides industry-specific... (VEEV Profile)VEEV Chart
UEPSNET 1 UEPS TECHNOLOGIES9.38 %12.782,854,500Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. provides univer... (UEPS Profile)UEPS Chart
VRNSVaronis Systems, Inc.9.37 %23.08252,300Varonis Systems, Inc. provides various softwa... (VRNS Profile)VRNS Chart
TKMRTekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.9.30 %20.833,307,700Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.TKMR Chart
VIPSVIPSHOP HOLDINGS9.11 %203.122,759,000Vipshop Holdings Limited, through its subsidi... (VIPS Profile)VIPS Chart
OMEDOncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.8.87 %20.97230,700OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical dev... (OMED Profile)OMED Chart
RALYRally Software Development Corp.8.85 %11.272,276,900Rally Software Development Corp. provides clo... (RALY Profile)RALY Chart
ANFIANFI INC8.34 %16.86634,800Amira Nature Foods Ltd engages in processing,... (ANFI Profile)ANFI Chart
DATATableau Software, Inc.7.94 %63.072,638,200Tableau Software, Inc. provides various busin... (DATA Profile)DATA Chart
RPRXRepros Therapeutics Inc.7.76 %21.66981,300Repros Therapeutics Inc., a development stage... (RPRX Profile)RPRX Chart
CUDABarracuda Networks, Inc.7.64 %24.68205,900Barracuda Networks, Inc. designs and delivers... (CUDA Profile)CUDA Chart
BLUEbluebird bio, Inc.7.60 %38.53482,700bluebird bio, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechn... (BLUE Profile)BLUE Chart
XONETHE EXONE COMPANY7.35 %29.47796,300The ExOne Company engages in the development,... (XONE Profile)XONE Chart
VIVTELE DE SAO PAULO SA7.24 %20.754,876,200Telecomunicacoes de Sao Paulo S.A.-TELESP pro... (VIV Profile)VIV Chart Incorporated7.20 %14.92806, Incorporated provides digital cou... (COUP Profile)COUP Chart
VNET21 VIANET GROUP7.18 %28.191,529,60021Vianet Group, Inc. provides carrier-neutral... (VNET Profile)VNET Chart
CMGECHINA MOBILE GAMES7.09 %17.81273,300China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group Li... (CMGE Profile)CMGE Chart
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.7.07 %21.11178,800Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc., together ... (ADES Profile)ADES Chart
OMEROMEROS6.98 %14.51359,200Omeros Corporation, a clinical-stage biopharm... (OMER Profile)OMER Chart Inc.6.53 %42.481,919, Inc. operates online marketplace for l... (WUBA Profile)WUBA Chart
ATHMAutohome Inc.6.48 %47.85788,800Autohome Inc. operates as an online destinati... (ATHM Profile)ATHM Chart
FNHCFEDERATED NATIONAL6.44 %24.14417,100Federated National Holding Company, through i... (FNHC Profile)FNHC Chart
FUELRocket Fuel Inc.6.14 %15.931,144,800Rocket Fuel Inc., a technology company, provi... (FUEL Profile)FUEL Chart
RTRXRetrophin, Inc.6.07 %13.59106,700Retrophin, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company,... (RTRX Profile)RTRX Chart
TQNTTRIQUINT SEMICONDUCTOR6.05 %20.135,870,200TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. supplies modules... (TQNT Profile)TQNT Chart
MEGMEDIA GENERAL6.04 %15.64700,100Media General, Inc., a communications company... (MEG Profile)MEG Chart
PBPBPotbelly Corporation6.03 %11.94436,600Potbelly Corporation, through its subsidiary ... (PBPB Profile)PBPB Chart
TSEMTOWER SEMICONDUCTOR5.98 %11.601,380,200Tower Semiconductor Ltd., an independent semi... (TSEM Profile)TSEM Chart
ENTAEnanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.96 %42.91241,000Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology... (ENTA Profile)ENTA Chart
EPEEP Energy Corporation5.95 %18.911,132,100EP Energy Corporation, an independent explora... (EPE Profile)EPE Chart
FEYEFireEye, Inc.5.78 %30.8112,431,700FireEye, Inc. provides various real-time prot... (FEYE Profile)FEYE Chart
VDSIVASCO Data Security International Inc.5.75 %14.51786,100VASCO Data Security International, Inc., thro... (VDSI Profile)VDSI Chart
EDNEDENOR5.71 %10.35224,400Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Nort... (EDN Profile)EDN Chart
WDAYWORKDAY5.70 %88.842,980,900Workday, Inc. provides enterprise cloud-based... (WDAY Profile)WDAY Chart
BIOFBIOFUEL ENERGY5.63 %12.64512,400BioFuel Energy Corp. engages in the productio... (BIOF Profile)BIOF Chart
CHEFCHEFS WAREHOUSE HOLDINGS5.61 %18.53162,000The Chefs' Warehouse, Inc. distributes sp... (CHEF Profile)CHEF Chart
DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.52 %14.04138,000Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceu... (DRNA Profile)DRNA Chart
BLOXINFOBLOX INC5.51 %13.101,157,800Infoblox Inc. develops, markets, and sells au... (BLOX Profile)BLOX Chart
CODESPANSION5.47 %22.072,517,500Spansion Inc. engages in the design, developm... (CODE Profile)CODE Chart Ltd.5.41 %16.47258, Ltd. provides Web development platfor... (WIX Profile)WIX Chart
VJETVoxeljet AG5.40 %17.86637,300voxeljet AG provides three-dimensional (3D) p... (VJET Profile)VJET Chart
FCSFAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR5.36 %17.611,753,900Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. d... (FCS Profile)FCS Chart
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