Most Volatile Stocks on the Stock Market

Today's Most Volatile Stocks


Below you find the list of the most volatile stocks based on the results of the most recent trading session. The volatility is measured by High-Low range. The average price in the table below reflects the average trading price during the most recent trading secession when volatility was measured.

As a rule, the stocks that are traded at very low price are the most volatile stocks. As an example, when a stock that is traded at $0.01 per share moves to $0.02 it will be 100% price move. On the other hand $0.01 price increase on a stock that is traded above $100 per share is less than 0.01% price move. Therefore, we provide price range filter for the most volatile stocks below. This filter will allow you to select the most volatile stocks from the group of stocks you are interested in: whether it is group of cheap or expensive stocks. At the same time we provide volume filter which will let you to filter low volume stocks. In most cases low priced stock are traded on light volume and they are less liquid (difficult to buy or sell during the trading hours).

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Today's Most Volatile Stocks

Company NameHigh-Low
VolumeStocks ProfileStock Chart
HGSHCHINA HGS REAL ESTATE11.88 %9.941,292,800China HGS Real Estate Inc., through its subsi... (HGSH Profile)HGSH Chart
ZLTQZELTIQ AESTHETICS7.46 %22.02407,500ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc., a medical technology... (ZLTQ Profile)ZLTQ Chart
ACADACADIA PHARMACEUTICALS7.02 %26.081,794,700ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biopharmaceuti... (ACAD Profile)ACAD Chart
DGLYDigital Ally Inc.6.90 %22.773,179,600Digital Ally, Inc. produces digital video ima... (DGLY Profile)DGLY Chart
CDZICADIZ6.49 %13.36146,300Cadiz Inc. acquires and develops land and wat... (CDZI Profile)CDZI Chart
SGMOSANGAMO BIOSCIENCES6.49 %13.76231,100Sangamo Biosciences, Inc. engages in the rese... (SGMO Profile)SGMO Chart
ATHMAutohome Inc.6.19 %46.32363,000Autohome Inc. operates as an online destinati... (ATHM Profile)ATHM Chart
VNET21 VIANET GROUP6.16 %28.35325,00021Vianet Group, Inc. provides carrier-neutral... (VNET Profile)VNET Chart
CONNCONN'S5.87 %32.374,184,600Conn's, Inc. operates as a specialty reta... (CONN Profile)CONN Chart
IMGNIMMUNOGEN5.79 %12.23255,400ImmunoGen, Inc. engages in the research and d... (IMGN Profile)IMGN Chart
CLDCLOUD PEAK ENERGY5.73 %15.24444,200Cloud Peak Energy Inc., through its subsidiar... (CLD Profile)CLD Chart
RGENREPLIGEN5.45 %19.84159,500Repligen Corporation, a biopharmaceutical com... (RGEN Profile)RGEN Chart Limited5.24 %35.46163, Limited provides online sports lotter... (WBAI Profile)WBAI Chart
CRTOCriteo SA5.24 %36.35444,300Criteo SA, together with its subsidiaries, op... (CRTO Profile)CRTO Chart
JKSJINKOSOLAR HOLDINGS5.14 %28.92166,200JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd., together with i... (JKS Profile)JKS Chart
BITABITAUTO HOLDINGS4.87 %87.27364,600Bitauto Holdings Limited provides Internet co... (BITA Profile)BITA Chart
SMCISUPER MICRO COMPUTER4.83 %25.52119,400Super Micro Computer, Inc., together with its... (SMCI Profile)SMCI Chart
PANWPALO ALTO NETWORKS4.75 %87.26993,500Palo Alto Networks, Inc. offers a network sec... (PANW Profile)PANW Chart
NUSNU SKIN ENTERPRISES4.64 %42.831,040,400Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. develops and distri... (NUS Profile)NUS Chart
CZRCAESARS ENTERTAINMENT4.63 %13.32118,000Caesars Entertainment Corporation owns, opera... (CZR Profile)CZR Chart
WHZWHITING USA TRUST II4.54 %12.61270,200Whiting USA Trust II was founded in 2011 and ... (WHZ Profile)WHZ Chart
SPLKSPLUNK INC4.51 %54.751,640,500Splunk, Inc. provides software solutions that... (SPLK Profile)SPLK Chart Inc.4.36 %41.24511, Inc. operates online marketplace for l... (WUBA Profile)WUBA Chart
GDPGOODRICH PETROLEUM4.27 %22.06203,400Goodrich Petroleum Corporation, an independen... (GDP Profile)GDP Chart
UTEKULTRATECH4.20 %26.94135,500Ultratech, Inc. develops, manufactures, and m... (UTEK Profile)UTEK Chart
FLDMFLUIDIGM4.19 %28.09103,300Fluidigm Corporation engages in the developme... (FLDM Profile)FLDM Chart
DRTXDURATA THERAPEUTICS4.13 %15.68101,000Durata Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical c... (DRTX Profile)DRTX Chart
SRPTSAREPTA THERAPEUTICS3.98 %22.88136,100Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutic... (SRPT Profile)SRPT Chart
UBNTUBIQUITI NETWORKS3.95 %46.23259,800Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., together with its su... (UBNT Profile)UBNT Chart
MLNXMELLANOX TECHNOLOGIES3.92 %41.18241,800Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a fabless semico... (MLNX Profile)MLNX Chart
TASRTASER INTL3.88 %16.20582,400TASER International, Inc. develops, manufactu... (TASR Profile)TASR Chart
TKMRTekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.3.88 %20.86490,200Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.TKMR Chart
ASMLASML HOLDINGS3.87 %97.84903,700ASML Holding N.V., through its subsidiaries, ... (ASML Profile)ASML Chart
MPELMELCO CROWN ENTERTAINMENT3.86 %27.391,674,400Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, through it... (MPEL Profile)MPEL Chart
VEEVVeeva Systems Inc.3.76 %29.48573,300Veeva Systems Inc. provides industry-specific... (VEEV Profile)VEEV Chart
BCRXBIOCRYST PHARMACEUTICALS3.69 %13.43112,900BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnolo... (BCRX Profile)BCRX Chart
ENTGlobal Eagle Entertainment Inc.3.67 %12.66112,600Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. provides in-f... (ENT Profile)ENT Chart
NCLHNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.3.65 %37.452,266,900Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., a cruise... (NCLH Profile)NCLH Chart
DATATableau Software, Inc.3.57 %65.96365,300Tableau Software, Inc. provides various busin... (DATA Profile)DATA Chart
ANFIANFI INC3.52 %17.75346,100Amira Nature Foods Ltd engages in processing,... (ANFI Profile)ANFI Chart
EPEEP Energy Corporation3.52 %19.01101,800EP Energy Corporation, an independent explora... (EPE Profile)EPE Chart
NPSPNPS PHARMACEUTICALS3.41 %29.82340,800NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical-stage b... (NPSP Profile)NPSP Chart
DRIDARDEN RESTAURANTS3.38 %47.88684,800Darden Restaurants, Inc., through its subsidi... (DRI Profile)DRI Chart
INOINOVIO PHARMACEUTICALS3.34 %10.70189,200Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., through its sub... (INO Profile)INO Chart
FEYEFireEye, Inc.3.34 %31.893,107,100FireEye, Inc. provides various real-time prot... (FEYE Profile)FEYE Chart
MOHMOLINA HEALTH CARE3.32 %47.11182,800Molina Healthcare, Inc. provides Medicaid-rel... (MOH Profile)MOH Chart
EMESEmerge Energy Services LP3.28 %142.18226,200Emerge Energy Services LP focuses on owning, ... (EMES Profile)EMES Chart
SGENSEATTLE GENETICS3.26 %43.77201,100Seattle Genetics, Inc., a clinical stage biot... (SGEN Profile)SGEN Chart
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