Most Volatile Stocks on the Stock Market

Today's Most Volatile Stocks


Below you find the list of the most volatile stocks based on the results of the most recent trading session. The volatility is measured by High-Low range. The average price in the table below reflects the average trading price during the most recent trading secession when volatility was measured.

As a rule, the stocks that are traded at very low price are the most volatile stocks. As an example, when a stock that is traded at $0.01 per share moves to $0.02 it will be 100% price move. On the other hand $0.01 price increase on a stock that is traded above $100 per share is less than 0.01% price move. Therefore, we provide price range filter for the most volatile stocks below. This filter will allow you to select the most volatile stocks from the group of stocks you are interested in: whether it is group of cheap or expensive stocks. At the same time we provide volume filter which will let you to filter low volume stocks. In most cases low priced stock are traded on light volume and they are less liquid (difficult to buy or sell during the trading hours).

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Today's Most Volatile Stocks

Company NameHigh-Low
VolumeStocks ProfileStock Chart
RGLSREGULUS THERAPEUTICS30.84 %13.6820,145,300Regulus Therapeutics Inc., a biopharmaceutica... (RGLS Profile)RGLS Chart
GASLDIREXION DAILY NAT GAS RLTD22.14 %14.03786,600GASL tracks the ISE-REVERE Natural Gas Index ... (GASL Profile)GASL Chart
LAKELAKELAND INDUSTRIES18.20 %14.012,277,300Lakeland Industries, Inc. manufactures and se... (LAKE Profile)LAKE Chart
UVXYPROSHARES ULTRA VIX SHORT-TERM FUT ETF17.59 %32.0919,396,900The investment seeks to replicate, net of exp... (UVXY Profile)UVXY Chart
ASPSALTISOURCE PORTFOLIO17.46 %73.811,403,300Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. provides ... (ASPS Profile)ASPS Chart
KEYWKEYW HOLDINGS16.72 %10.59222,400The KEYW Holding Corporation, through its sub... (KEYW Profile)KEYW Chart
NLNKNEWLINK GENETICS16.55 %37.674,172,300NewLink Genetics Corporation, a biopharmaceut... (NLNK Profile)NLNK Chart
VICRVICOR16.11 %10.66285,800Vicor Corporation, together with its subsidia... (VICR Profile)VICR Chart
DTLKDATALINK CORP15.73 %10.76137,900Datalink Corporation engages in the design, i... (DTLK Profile)DTLK Chart
AREXAPPROACH RESOURCES15.11 %10.691,524,500Approach Resources Inc., an independent energ... (AREX Profile)AREX Chart
QDELQUIDEL14.67 %27.04524,600Quidel Corporation, together with its subsidi... (QDEL Profile)QDEL Chart
CVTICOVENANT TRANS13.56 %19.61490,400Covenant Transportation Group, Inc., together... (CVTI Profile)CVTI Chart
CRKCOMSTOCK RESOURCES13.49 %12.272,670,700Comstock Resources, Inc. engages in the acqui... (CRK Profile)CRK Chart
SGYSTONE ENERGY13.00 %24.921,073,500Stone Energy Corporation, an independent oil ... (SGY Profile)SGY Chart
PEIXPacific Ethanol, Inc.12.73 %12.082,508,800Pacific Ethanol, Inc. produces and markets lo... (PEIX Profile)PEIX Chart
STRPStraight Path Communications Inc.12.39 %20.59166,500Straight Path Communications Inc., through it... (STRP Profile)STRP Chart
XRXXEROX12.32 %12.8023,025,100Xerox Corporation engages in the development,... (XRX Profile)XRX Chart
DQDAQO NEW ENERGY11.89 %40.96173,300Daqo New Energy Corp., through its subsidiari... (DQ Profile)DQ Chart
EPEEP Energy Corporation11.89 %14.661,049,600EP Energy Corporation, an independent explora... (EPE Profile)EPE Chart
THRXTHERAVANCE11.60 %17.571,483,000Theravance, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company... (THRX Profile)THRX Chart
JDSTDirexion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X Shrs11.59 %17.971,758,300Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X ShrsJDST Chart
SNSANCHEZ ENERGY11.57 %19.232,785,100Sanchez Energy Corporation, an independent ex... (SN Profile)SN Chart
XIVVELOCITYSHARES DAILY INVERSE11.56 %31.6032,937,800The investment seeks to replicate, net of exp... (XIV Profile)XIV Chart
HCLPHI-CRUSH PARTNERS11.51 %52.61681,700Hi-Crush Partners LP operates as a producer a... (HCLP Profile)HCLP Chart
NOGNORTHERN OIL & GAS11.45 %11.151,251,400Northern Oil and Gas, Inc., an independent en... (NOG Profile)NOG Chart
TUPTUPPERWARE BRANDS11.42 %66.083,005,200Tupperware Brands Corporation operates as a d... (TUP Profile)TUP Chart
MCFCONTANGO OIL & GAS11.32 %34.38259,000Contango Oil & Gas Company, an independent na... (MCF Profile)MCF Chart
CREECREE11.29 %28.5914,074,300Cree, Inc. develops and manufactures light em... (CREE Profile)CREE Chart
JONEJones Energy, Inc.11.10 %12.81238,600Jones Energy, Inc. focuses on the acquisition... (JONE Profile)JONE Chart
SYRGSYNERGY RESOURCES10.88 %10.74687,700Synergy Resources Corporation acquires, explo... (SYRG Profile)SYRG Chart
MDCOMEDICINES10.85 %22.012,799,300The Medicines Company, a global pharmaceutica... (MDCO Profile)MDCO Chart
VALEVALE SA10.71 %11.0018,351,000Vale S.A. engages in the exploration, product... (VALE Profile)VALE Chart
BCEIBONANZA CREEK ENERGY10.65 %43.131,044,700Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc., together with its... (BCEI Profile)BCEI Chart
ENPHENPHASE ENERGY10.60 %13.541,002,400Enphase Energy, Inc., together with its subsi... (ENPH Profile)ENPH Chart
EDNEDENOR10.47 %11.49110,600Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Nort... (EDN Profile)EDN Chart
GLOGGASLOG LTD10.41 %21.351,511,200GasLog Ltd. owns, operates, and manages vesse... (GLOG Profile)GLOG Chart
RSPPRSP Permian, Inc.10.40 %24.801,064,200RSP Permian, Inc., an independent oil and nat... (RSPP Profile)RSPP Chart
KNXKNIGHT TRANS10.38 %29.101,862,300Knight Transportation, Inc., together with it... (KNX Profile)KNX Chart
SBLKSTAR BULK CARRIERS10.37 %10.79707,200Star Bulk Carriers Corp. operates as a shippi... (SBLK Profile)SBLK Chart
SAPESAPIENT10.33 %13.81927,600Sapient Corporation helps clients to leverage... (SAPE Profile)SAPE Chart
PVTBPRIVATEBANCORP10.31 %29.10381,200PrivateBancorp, Inc. operates as the holding ... (PVTB Profile)PVTB Chart
ROSEROSETTA RESOURCES10.10 %38.161,756,400Rosetta Resources Inc., an independent explor... (ROSE Profile)ROSE Chart
CBPOCHINA BIOLOGIC PRODUCTS10.02 %53.74112,600China Biologic Products, Inc., through its su... (CBPO Profile)CBPO Chart
LGCYLEGACY RESERVES10.00 %23.33813,600Legacy Reserves LP, an independent oil and na... (LGCY Profile)LGCY Chart
PPCPILGRIMS PRIDE9.92 %27.904,796,900Pilgrim's Corp. produces, processes, mark... (PPC Profile)PPC Chart
CWEICLAYTON WILLIAMS ENERGY9.88 %72.16190,600Clayton Williams Energy, Inc., an independent... (CWEI Profile)CWEI Chart
NVDQNOVADAQ TECHNOLOGIES9.88 %10.87378,600Novadaq Technologies Inc. develops, manufactu... (NVDQ Profile)NVDQ Chart
XONETHE EXONE COMPANY9.84 %21.06503,500The ExOne Company engages in the development,... (XONE Profile)XONE Chart
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