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SCC Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the SCC table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for SCC Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define SCC overbought and oversold condition and SCC Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the SCC table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/23/201416.20110 K3,273 K1,397 K70.09
10/22/201416.5225 K3,308 K1,286 K72.00
10/21/201416.61208 K3,344 K1,262 K72.60
10/20/201417.26927 K3,344 K1,079 K75.61
10/17/201417.7399 K3,390 K152 K95.72
10/16/201418.43184 K3,390 K57 K98.34
10/15/201418.29124 K3,206 K70 K97.86
10/14/201417.7627 K3,081 K70 K97.78
10/13/201417.64347 K3,065 K70 K97.77
10/10/201417.05239 K2,728 K70 K97.50
10/09/201416.732,317 K2,489 K70 K97.26
10/08/201416.458 K173 K70 K71.16
10/07/201416.6435 K200 K62 K76.40
10/03/201416.2820 K165 K268 K38.07
10/02/201416.8135 K165 K249 K39.87
10/01/201416.8135 K130 K249 K34.26
09/30/201416.3224 K101 K249 K28.80
09/29/201416.5646 K101 K238 K29.69
09/26/201416.145 K54 K251 K17.79
09/25/201416.1613 K89 K246 K26.60
09/24/201429.560 K89 K236 K27.40
09/23/201416.3610 K89 K236 K27.40
09/19/201415.7311 K79 K236 K25.14
09/17/201414.330 K68 K246 K21.76
09/16/201414.010 K70 K246 K22.15
09/15/201416.0327 K70 K256 K21.50
09/11/201415.90207 K43 K283 K13.13
09/10/201419.950 K43 K96 K30.84
09/09/201416.300 K43 K104 K29.09
09/05/201415.686 K43 K104 K29.09
09/04/201415.6214 K36 K126 K22.42
09/03/201415.7413 K36 K214 K14.57
09/02/201415.8635 K36 K215 K14.50
08/28/201415.833 K5 K215 K2.32
08/27/201473.320 K5 K217 K2.30
08/26/201429.810 K5 K217 K2.30
08/25/201415.8610 K39 K217 K15.36
08/22/201415.922 K2,982 K208 K93.49
08/21/201415.8810 K2,980 K221 K93.10
08/19/201416.0827 K2,980 K282 K91.36
08/18/201416.3920 K2,980 K254 K92.14
08/15/201416.688 K2,980 K316 K90.40
08/14/201427.240 K2,980 K325 K90.18
08/13/201416.9222 K2,980 K351 K89.46
08/11/201416.95102 K2,998 K329 K90.11
08/08/201417.2414 K2,998 K232 K92.81
08/07/201417.564 K3,005 K218 K93.22
08/06/201417.445 K3,002 K232 K92.83
08/05/201445.120 K3,060 K226 K93.11
08/01/201417.1534 K3,060 K258 K92.23
07/31/201417.062,942 K3,026 K279 K91.55
07/30/201416.6213 K83 K321 K20.59
07/29/201416.7470 K92 K308 K22.96
07/25/201428.240 K125 K238 K34.43
07/24/201416.3482 K125 K247 K33.53
07/23/201416.4716 K125 K176 K41.54
07/22/201416.5827 K125 K202 K38.16
07/21/201416.6318 K125 K184 K40.40
07/18/201416.515 K106 K206 K34.06
07/17/201416.837 K106 K550 K16.23
07/16/201416.5213 K107 K550 K16.24
07/15/201416.6558 K107 K545 K16.36
07/14/201416.5031 K57 K545 K9.45
07/11/201416.6522 K57 K522 K9.82
07/10/201416.7242 K57 K506 K10.11
07/08/201416.928 K57 K516 K9.94
07/07/201416.5233 K48 K1,126 K4.12
07/03/201416.2710 K54 K1,126 K4.56
07/02/201416.5310 K54 K1,138 K4.52
07/01/201416.5543 K54 K1,128 K4.56
06/30/201416.898 K54 K1,091 K4.70
06/27/201416.9822 K54 K1,083 K4.74
06/26/201417.08349 K54 K1,117 K4.60
06/25/201417.117 K54 K829 K6.10
06/24/201417.099 K47 K852 K5.23
06/20/201417.119 K443 K843 K34.45
06/19/201416.968 K435 K859 K33.61
06/18/201417.045 K435 K854 K33.73
06/17/201417.2952 K435 K882 K33.01
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