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SCC Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the SCC table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for SCC Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define SCC overbought and oversold condition and SCC Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy SCC stock when SCC MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell SCC stock when SCC MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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Bar Period:


By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the SCC table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/15/201419.41281 K1,128 K490 K69.71
04/14/201419.32249 K912 K490 K65.04
04/11/201419.4456 K912 K508 K64.23
04/10/201418.9911 K856 K508 K62.75
04/09/201418.2860 K855 K508 K62.72
04/08/201418.8015 K855 K448 K65.63
04/07/201418.82407 K855 K464 K64.81
04/04/201418.1720 K448 K464 K49.13
04/03/201417.72122 K581 K464 K55.58
04/02/201417.6741 K471 K464 K50.35
04/01/201417.8621 K471 K446 K51.35
03/31/201418.16104 K504 K425 K54.26
03/28/201435.944 K504 K374 K57.39
03/27/201418.74227 K500 K374 K57.21
03/25/201418.1265 K273 K496 K35.52
03/24/201418.05267 K208 K525 K28.36
03/21/201448.890 K219 K258 K45.84
03/20/201417.6511 K219 K314 K41.02
03/19/201413.950 K208 K344 K37.67
03/17/201417.5532 K208 K448 K31.72
03/14/201428.810 K208 K429 K32.67
03/13/201417.72152 K208 K453 K31.50
03/12/201417.4512 K56 K464 K10.73
03/11/201417.2022 K43 K664 K6.15
03/10/201417.2533 K53 K641 K7.61
03/07/201417.0453 K20 K811 K2.41
03/06/201425.510 K20 K889 K2.20
03/05/201417.20122 K20 K911 K2.15
03/04/201417.3229 K23 K789 K2.82
03/03/201417.8411 K23 K881 K2.54
02/28/201417.5156 K12 K923 K1.31
02/27/201417.6530 K12 K1,266 K0.96
02/26/201417.85104 K12 K1,508 K0.81
02/25/201418.0413 K1,017 K1,404 K42.00
02/24/201418.1224 K1,191 K1,392 K46.10
02/21/201418.3611 K1,356 K1,368 K49.77
02/20/201418.53200 K1,445 K1,357 K51.57
02/19/201418.629 K1,445 K5,267 K21.54
02/18/201418.45170 K1,442 K5,267 K21.50
02/14/201418.65131 K1,442 K5,107 K22.02
02/13/201418.8523 K1,478 K4,976 K22.90
02/12/201429.293 K1,542 K4,953 K23.75
02/11/201418.92121 K1,540 K4,973 K23.64
02/10/201419.2942 K1,540 K4,852 K24.09
02/07/201419.33398 K1,540 K4,811 K24.24
02/06/201419.88272 K1,541 K4,413 K25.89
02/05/201420.681,005 K1,562 K4,140 K27.39
02/04/201420.64173 K557 K4,151 K11.83
02/03/201420.64165 K498 K4,151 K10.71
01/31/201419.9690 K450 K4,151 K9.78
01/30/201419.614,110 K423 K4,151 K9.24
01/29/201420.046 K439 K42 K91.29
01/28/201419.5910 K433 K49 K89.79
01/27/201419.9136 K433 K45 K90.59
01/24/201419.5464 K472 K45 K91.29
01/23/201419.1419 K407 K56 K87.92
01/22/201427.190 K418 K37 K91.91
01/21/201418.642 K418 K163 K71.99
01/17/201418.812 K437 K161 K73.07
01/16/201418.7421 K435 K161 K72.99
01/15/201418.5211 K414 K165 K71.56
01/14/201418.72114 K414 K194 K68.07
01/13/201418.57117 K300 K202 K59.79
01/10/201418.4563 K183 K309 K37.21
01/09/201418.3917 K120 K318 K27.42
01/08/201418.387 K125 K318 K28.24
01/07/201418.406 K129 K311 K29.35
01/06/201418.6174 K129 K306 K29.72
01/03/201418.3011 K55 K319 K14.65
01/02/201418.3211 K73 K308 K19.04
12/31/201318.26126 K69 K308 K18.35
12/30/201318.3718 K75 K182 K29.18
12/27/201317.530 K57 K182 K23.74
12/26/201318.464 K57 K198 K22.29
12/24/201318.5541 K67 K194 K25.53
12/23/201318.607 K69 K153 K30.89
12/20/201318.81107 K78 K146 K34.91
12/19/201319.0510 K90 K39 K69.82
12/18/201319.6022 K90 K46 K65.96
12/17/201319.574 K68 K185 K26.98
12/16/20130.000 K64 K204 K23.98
12/13/201319.6214 K64 K215 K22.99
12/12/201319.6618 K64 K215 K22.99
12/11/201319.488 K47 K219 K17.52
12/10/201319.396 K79 K219 K26.46
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