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RFMD Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the RFMD table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for RFMD Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define RFMD overbought and oversold condition and RFMD Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy RFMD stock when RFMD MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell RFMD stock when RFMD MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the RFMD table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/17/20147.9239,078 K684,002 K481,452 K58.69
04/16/20147.9788,651 K798,793 K442,374 K64.36
04/15/20147.8671,609 K763,730 K442,374 K63.32
04/14/20147.8049,074 K692,121 K511,030 K57.53
04/11/20147.8184,397 K720,805 K461,956 K60.94
04/10/20147.95105,794 K720,805 K458,948 K61.10
04/09/20148.1478,168 K720,805 K442,273 K61.97
04/08/20147.95111,488 K690,953 K442,273 K60.97
04/07/20147.6280,845 K613,732 K442,273 K58.12
04/04/20147.70122,263 K666,844 K361,428 K64.85
04/03/20148.0475,681 K714,411 K239,165 K74.92
04/02/20148.0479,976 K693,823 K239,165 K74.37
04/01/20147.99109,645 K705,930 K239,165 K74.69
03/31/20147.8868,785 K669,841 K239,165 K73.69
03/28/20147.73114,791 K601,056 K307,493 K66.16
03/27/20147.6553,588 K486,265 K375,173 K56.45
03/26/20147.6568,656 K432,677 K437,513 K49.72
03/25/20147.7828,684 K483,594 K368,857 K56.73
03/24/20147.6881,390 K566,618 K368,857 K60.57
03/21/20147.7689,119 K661,151 K287,467 K69.70
03/20/20147.8448,316 K762,755 K198,348 K79.36
03/19/20147.7534,267 K790,576 K198,348 K79.94
03/18/20147.7253,112 K853,283 K198,348 K81.14
03/17/20147.6547,566 K944,156 K198,348 K82.64
03/14/20147.6155,093 K896,590 K370,523 K70.76
03/13/20147.4692,083 K1,362,342 K370,523 K78.62
03/12/20147.2973,555 K1,270,259 K402,222 K75.95
03/11/20147.2868,328 K1,196,703 K438,991 K73.16
03/10/20147.2967,680 K1,226,622 K370,663 K76.79
03/07/20147.4162,340 K1,249,658 K302,984 K80.49
03/06/20147.4750,917 K1,271,898 K240,643 K84.09
03/05/20147.45111,708 K1,253,766 K240,643 K83.90
03/04/20147.2994,534 K1,178,402 K240,643 K83.04
03/03/20147.14101,604 K1,115,050 K240,643 K82.25
02/28/20147.0976,136 K1,031,687 K240,643 K81.09
02/27/20147.0496,975 K989,527 K240,643 K80.44
02/26/20146.92143,985 K923,740 K240,643 K79.33
02/25/20146.70172,176 K813,144 K240,643 K77.16
02/24/20146.85520,845 K873,085 K68,468 K92.73
02/21/20145.8631,698 K352,240 K114,153 K75.52
02/20/20145.9036,770 K398,298 K82,455 K82.85
02/19/20145.9429,919 K451,719 K45,685 K90.82
02/18/20145.9323,035 K617,257 K45,685 K93.11
02/14/20145.9122,241 K594,222 K99,755 K85.63
02/13/20145.8832,784 K636,845 K99,755 K86.46
02/12/20145.7636,345 K604,060 K131,893 K82.08
02/11/20145.6531,182 K567,716 K160,512 K77.96
02/10/20145.5718,241 K536,534 K192,079 K73.64
02/07/20145.5633,976 K518,293 K243,731 K68.02
02/06/20145.4831,188 K531,272 K243,731 K68.55
02/05/20145.4133,388 K500,085 K265,877 K65.29
02/04/20145.3459,941 K490,423 K265,877 K64.85
02/03/20145.2445,685 K461,844 K265,877 K63.46
01/31/20145.3246,057 K530,900 K220,191 K70.68
01/30/20145.2753,422 K484,843 K264,189 K64.73
01/29/20145.23195,457 K431,421 K314,437 K57.84
01/28/20144.8254,070 K235,964 K358,374 K39.70
01/27/20144.8464,863 K254,770 K304,304 K45.57
01/24/20144.6132,138 K189,907 K322,682 K37.05
01/23/20144.7228,619 K189,907 K319,294 K37.30
01/22/20144.7731,567 K189,907 K359,435 K34.57
01/21/20144.8551,652 K189,907 K348,877 K35.25
01/17/20144.9846,956 K199,809 K297,225 K40.20
01/16/20144.8722,146 K152,854 K313,008 K32.81
01/15/20144.9223,727 K152,854 K310,498 K32.99
01/14/20144.9131,362 K144,145 K310,498 K31.71
01/13/20144.7469,056 K146,088 K310,498 K32.00
01/10/20144.5543,997 K106,604 K310,498 K25.56
01/09/20144.6250,248 K106,604 K305,568 K25.86
01/08/20144.7943,937 K106,604 K276,854 K27.80
01/07/20144.8618,806 K106,604 K250,600 K29.84
01/06/20144.8418,378 K99,468 K250,600 K28.41
01/03/20144.8828,750 K99,468 K253,887 K28.15
01/02/20144.9468,760 K99,468 K241,199 K29.20
12/31/20135.1721,009 K99,468 K193,704 K33.93
12/30/20135.199,903 K99,468 K192,449 K34.07
12/27/20135.1615,782 K105,303 K192,449 K35.37
12/26/20135.2219,637 K105,303 K193,321 K35.26
12/24/20135.2515,019 K121,939 K173,685 K41.25
12/23/20135.1233,305 K122,542 K173,685 K41.37
12/20/20134.9429,571 K89,237 K189,752 K31.99
12/19/20134.8939,067 K59,665 K205,631 K22.49
12/18/20135.0121,534 K72,152 K166,564 K30.23
12/17/20135.0417,683 K84,692 K145,030 K36.87
12/16/20135.0611,670 K84,692 K142,563 K37.27
12/13/20135.0221,665 K86,341 K142,563 K37.72
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