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RFMD Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the RFMD table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for RFMD Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define RFMD overbought and oversold condition and RFMD Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the RFMD table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
08/29/201412.29199,905 K855,642 K689,915 K55.36
08/28/201411.62102,823 K742,551 K689,915 K51.84
08/27/201411.5056,707 K639,728 K790,339 K44.73
08/26/201411.47106,024 K583,021 K934,172 K38.43
08/25/201411.71131,832 K675,629 K828,147 K44.93
08/22/201411.87148,607 K675,629 K859,914 K44.00
08/21/201411.9594,760 K807,606 K711,307 K53.17
08/20/201412.0075,493 K960,581 K616,547 K60.91
08/19/201411.97107,546 K885,087 K895,367 K49.71
08/18/201411.70104,316 K1,032,609 K895,367 K53.56
08/15/201411.56111,293 K1,267,349 K895,367 K58.60
08/14/201411.45112,315 K1,156,056 K1,051,814 K52.36
08/13/201411.4997,560 K1,459,223 K939,498 K60.83
08/12/201411.2696,377 K1,361,663 K1,140,233 K54.43
08/11/201411.3686,814 K1,361,663 K1,160,024 K54.00
08/08/201411.09100,425 K1,425,981 K1,160,024 K55.14
08/07/201411.11143,832 K1,611,196 K1,059,599 K60.33
08/06/201411.2992,608 K1,843,036 K915,767 K66.81
08/05/201411.28163,598 K1,750,428 K991,295 K63.84
08/04/201411.45131,977 K1,823,824 K827,697 K68.78
08/01/201411.31152,975 K1,767,997 K827,697 K68.11
07/31/201411.27278,820 K1,682,493 K827,697 K67.03
07/30/201411.65255,067 K1,726,961 K548,877 K75.88
07/29/201411.27339,056 K1,471,894 K647,735 K69.44
07/28/201410.92156,447 K1,186,914 K647,735 K64.69
07/25/201410.95303,167 K1,186,914 K545,619 K68.51
07/24/201410.46200,735 K883,747 K587,893 K60.05
07/23/201410.49116,167 K909,280 K387,158 K70.14
07/22/201410.69151,131 K959,197 K270,991 K77.97
07/21/201410.63185,215 K916,192 K270,991 K77.17
07/18/201410.17231,841 K816,038 K270,991 K75.07
07/17/20149.7075,528 K584,197 K352,180 K62.39
07/16/20149.9273,396 K641,053 K276,652 K69.85
07/15/20149.8476,150 K567,657 K356,671 K61.41
07/14/20149.7567,471 K491,507 K426,175 K53.56
07/11/20149.6044,468 K424,036 K480,435 K46.88
07/10/20149.4698,858 K379,568 K577,066 K39.68
07/09/20149.5654,075 K379,568 K553,941 K40.66
07/08/20149.5554,331 K325,492 K627,790 K34.14
07/07/20149.7542,274 K448,140 K573,460 K43.87
07/03/20149.8525,533 K448,140 K582,517 K43.48
07/02/20149.8049,917 K482,465 K582,517 K45.30
07/01/20149.80108,126 K432,548 K658,119 K39.66
06/30/20149.5185,061 K384,040 K658,119 K36.85
06/27/20149.4381,189 K298,979 K740,279 K28.77
06/26/20149.4956,856 K398,484 K659,089 K37.68
06/25/20149.3580,019 K412,058 K659,089 K38.47
06/24/20149.4369,504 K494,137 K579,070 K46.04
06/23/20149.6754,261 K580,826 K509,567 K53.27
06/20/20149.7496,631 K650,251 K455,306 K58.82
06/19/20149.7475,733 K650,251 K428,573 K60.27
06/18/20149.9473,849 K650,251 K412,815 K61.17
06/17/201410.05122,647 K650,251 K437,378 K59.79
06/16/20149.8451,332 K608,097 K437,378 K58.16
06/13/20149.8659,859 K761,715 K386,047 K66.37
06/12/20149.7975,602 K842,531 K386,047 K68.58
06/11/20149.8259,618 K949,729 K310,444 K75.36
06/10/20149.7382,159 K890,112 K387,947 K69.65
06/09/20149.7599,505 K987,605 K305,788 K76.36
06/06/20149.6770,430 K970,515 K305,788 K76.04
06/05/20149.6682,079 K948,485 K305,788 K75.62
06/04/20149.6286,689 K866,406 K370,541 K70.04
06/03/20149.5169,425 K779,717 K458,481 K62.97
06/02/20149.4169,897 K710,292 K520,266 K57.72
05/30/20149.4459,976 K776,943 K450,369 K63.30
05/29/20149.5398,412 K776,943 K450,693 K63.29
05/28/20149.6880,493 K776,943 K468,848 K62.37
05/27/20149.63153,618 K807,033 K468,848 K63.25
05/23/20149.38140,674 K752,944 K468,848 K61.63
05/22/20149.17107,199 K710,843 K468,848 K60.26
05/21/20148.9577,503 K689,073 K468,848 K59.51
05/20/20148.9697,493 K797,493 K391,345 K67.08
05/19/20148.9482,415 K932,067 K391,345 K70.43
05/16/20148.7348,400 K938,295 K391,345 K70.57
05/15/20148.6964,754 K889,895 K471,619 K65.36
05/14/20148.8087,939 K889,895 K502,571 K63.91
05/13/20148.9361,786 K1,051,820 K414,631 K71.73
05/12/20148.9666,652 K1,125,327 K352,845 K76.13
05/09/20148.7460,299 K1,096,723 K352,845 K75.66
05/08/20148.83116,567 K1,096,723 K336,963 K76.50
05/07/20148.83110,583 K1,096,723 K259,474 K80.87
05/06/20148.7499,529 K1,074,792 K259,474 K80.55
05/05/20148.6498,573 K1,046,872 K259,474 K80.14
05/02/20148.6385,429 K948,299 K308,548 K75.45
05/01/20148.58108,419 K862,870 K392,946 K68.71
04/30/20148.51232,068 K754,451 K498,740 K60.20
04/29/20148.0988,643 K600,551 K498,740 K54.63
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