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RAIL Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the RAIL table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for RAIL Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define RAIL overbought and oversold condition and RAIL Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the RAIL table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/17/201432.105,579 K26,850 K46,316 K36.70
10/16/201430.884,487 K21,271 K48,619 K30.44
10/15/201429.807,956 K19,789 K48,619 K28.93
10/14/201429.774,674 K11,833 K52,868 K18.29
10/13/201430.285,062 K11,833 K52,176 K18.49
10/10/201430.914,272 K11,833 K53,775 K18.04
10/09/201431.504,517 K11,833 K55,901 K17.47
10/08/201431.754,699 K25,293 K51,384 K32.99
10/07/201431.816,727 K30,396 K46,685 K39.43
10/06/201432.816,648 K34,302 K39,957 K46.19
10/03/201432.312,181 K27,654 K44,321 K38.42
10/02/201432.054,170 K25,473 K48,482 K34.44
10/01/201432.276,041 K30,044 K44,313 K40.41
09/30/201433.956,152 K36,119 K38,272 K48.55
09/29/201435.002,303 K36,119 K37,988 K48.74
09/26/201435.223,004 K45,716 K35,685 K56.16
09/25/201435.004,249 K57,881 K35,685 K61.86
09/24/201435.913,983 K68,000 K31,436 K68.39
09/23/201436.056,661 K75,720 K27,454 K73.39
09/22/201436.236,398 K78,947 K20,792 K79.15
09/19/201436.6313,460 K84,069 K14,394 K85.38
09/18/201435.565,102 K70,609 K16,197 K81.34
09/17/201435.253,906 K65,507 K18,596 K77.89
09/16/201434.804,364 K66,402 K18,596 K78.12
09/15/201434.824,161 K73,162 K14,233 K83.71
09/12/201435.254,571 K76,095 K10,072 K88.31
09/11/201435.156,074 K71,524 K11,122 K86.54
09/10/201434.505,869 K65,449 K12,691 K83.76
09/09/201434.809,597 K65,449 K8,362 K88.67
09/08/201434.5215,170 K58,500 K8,362 K87.49
09/05/201432.3810,119 K45,074 K8,362 K84.35
09/04/201430.877,721 K34,955 K9,915 K77.90
09/03/201430.563,227 K27,235 K10,883 K71.45
09/02/201430.385,122 K25,706 K10,883 K70.26
08/29/201429.801,803 K20,584 K12,889 K61.49
08/28/201429.962,400 K23,350 K11,086 K67.81
08/27/201430.004,801 K31,674 K8,686 K78.48
08/26/201429.626,760 K32,328 K8,686 K78.82
08/25/201428.232,933 K28,893 K8,686 K76.89
08/22/201427.161,051 K26,883 K8,686 K75.58
08/21/201427.181,568 K28,081 K7,635 K78.62
08/20/201427.211,540 K28,081 K7,360 K79.23
08/19/201427.472,648 K28,081 K6,925 K80.22
08/18/201427.331,744 K26,204 K6,925 K79.10
08/15/201426.831,554 K24,460 K7,500 K76.53
08/14/201426.95968 K24,460 K6,950 K77.87
08/13/201427.041,698 K24,460 K6,838 K78.15
08/12/201426.962,006 K23,628 K6,838 K77.56
08/11/201427.312,766 K24,734 K4,832 K83.66
08/08/201426.718,324 K22,842 K4,832 K82.54
08/07/201424.775,454 K14,518 K5,797 K71.47
08/06/201422.473,326 K9,064 K7,775 K53.83
08/05/201421.87923 K5,738 K8,927 K39.13
08/04/201421.801,199 K4,816 K10,439 K31.57
08/01/201421.541,293 K3,617 K11,606 K23.76
07/31/201421.761,105 K4,320 K10,313 K29.52
07/30/201422.21771 K4,320 K10,085 K29.99
07/29/201422.19575 K3,550 K11,696 K23.28
07/28/201422.311,004 K3,550 K13,997 K20.23
07/25/201422.51856 K3,550 K15,005 K19.13
07/24/201422.91866 K3,550 K15,320 K18.81
07/23/201422.701,105 K4,173 K15,320 K21.41
07/22/201422.55875 K7,912 K15,320 K34.06
07/21/201422.49965 K9,326 K15,320 K37.84
07/18/201422.841,978 K9,326 K15,425 K37.68
07/17/201422.951,152 K11,429 K13,446 K45.94
07/16/201423.441,512 K11,429 K15,086 K43.10
07/15/201423.521,167 K11,429 K15,023 K43.21
07/14/201424.09704 K11,429 K14,827 K43.53
07/11/201423.92878 K10,725 K15,621 K40.71
07/10/201424.221,611 K12,448 K14,743 K45.78
07/09/201425.052,876 K13,173 K13,133 K50.08
07/08/201425.242,011 K13,173 K12,004 K52.32
07/07/201425.631,171 K14,174 K9,992 K58.65
07/03/201425.951,489 K14,174 K9,904 K58.87
07/02/201425.344,844 K12,685 K10,850 K53.90
07/01/201425.122,289 K7,840 K12,374 K38.79
06/30/201425.041,069 K5,551 K13,731 K28.79
06/27/201425.062,103 K6,528 K12,662 K34.02
06/26/201424.932,792 K6,374 K12,662 K33.49
06/25/201424.981,449 K8,013 K9,870 K44.81
06/24/201425.26970 K11,411 K8,421 K57.54
06/23/201425.38794 K11,411 K8,993 K55.92
06/20/201425.451,723 K11,411 K10,612 K51.81
06/19/201425.43725 K9,688 K12,570 K43.53
06/18/201425.071,747 K8,963 K13,816 K39.35
06/17/201425.271,001 K8,963 K13,420 K40.04
06/16/201424.951,083 K7,962 K14,787 K35.00
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