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PFE Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the PFE table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for PFE Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define PFE overbought and oversold condition and PFE Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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PFE (PFIZER) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the PFE table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/21/201428.271,009,731 K6,453,784 K5,002,857 K56.33
10/20/201427.831,059,966 K5,444,054 K5,970,400 K47.69
10/17/201427.82836,372 K4,384,088 K6,682,995 K39.61
10/16/201427.73961,985 K3,547,716 K7,253,307 K32.85
10/15/201428.021,057,315 K3,547,716 K6,981,724 K33.69
10/14/201428.56613,751 K3,547,716 K6,560,190 K35.10
10/13/201428.72944,079 K4,199,557 K5,946,438 K41.39
10/10/201429.20929,506 K4,199,557 K5,822,524 K41.90
10/09/201429.12634,330 K3,270,051 K6,555,896 K33.28
10/08/201429.10838,295 K2,635,722 K7,542,617 K25.90
10/07/201428.90641,282 K2,587,415 K7,542,617 K25.54
10/06/201429.20465,690 K3,373,508 K6,901,335 K32.83
10/03/201429.18679,895 K3,452,862 K6,901,335 K33.35
10/02/201429.08784,445 K3,482,647 K6,901,335 K33.54
10/01/201429.19967,543 K3,482,647 K6,629,942 K34.44
09/30/201429.70712,595 K3,994,202 K5,662,399 K41.36
09/29/201429.73570,312 K4,501,011 K4,949,805 K47.63
09/26/201429.75690,402 K4,501,011 K4,960,191 K47.57
09/25/201430.11635,781 K4,501,011 K4,695,453 K48.94
09/24/201430.28651,841 K5,013,235 K4,059,673 K55.25
09/23/201429.93820,164 K4,968,841 K4,059,673 K55.03
09/22/201430.17733,372 K5,586,020 K3,239,509 K63.29
09/19/201430.50986,721 K5,586,020 K3,103,129 K64.29
09/18/201430.55789,989 K5,586,020 K2,587,289 K68.34
09/17/201430.30786,093 K4,796,031 K3,114,695 K60.63
09/16/201429.97545,044 K4,642,271 K3,114,695 K59.85
09/15/201429.74709,680 K4,583,756 K3,114,695 K59.54
09/12/201429.46513,053 K4,358,251 K3,114,695 K58.32
09/11/201429.51511,555 K4,822,056 K2,601,642 K64.95
09/10/201429.38506,809 K4,310,501 K3,294,752 K56.68
09/09/201429.23580,699 K3,803,692 K3,702,139 K50.68
09/08/201429.45425,664 K4,342,678 K3,121,441 K58.18
09/05/201429.51512,224 K4,995,633 K2,695,776 K64.95
09/04/201429.41607,448 K5,087,165 K2,695,776 K65.36
09/03/201429.39617,179 K5,009,544 K2,695,776 K65.01
09/02/201429.28596,992 K4,879,581 K2,695,776 K64.41
08/29/201429.39470,881 K4,879,581 K2,619,899 K65.07
08/28/201429.47527,406 K5,483,762 K2,149,018 K71.84
08/27/201429.47632,333 K6,322,828 K1,621,612 K79.59
08/26/201429.16486,529 K5,690,495 K2,473,177 K69.71
08/25/201428.97484,176 K5,203,966 K3,068,537 K62.91
08/22/201428.91463,805 K4,719,791 K3,845,472 K55.10
08/21/201428.85693,110 K4,255,986 K4,500,729 K48.60
08/20/201428.87407,387 K4,255,986 K4,608,164 K48.01
08/19/201428.88538,986 K4,255,986 K5,267,618 K44.69
08/18/201428.82652,955 K3,717,000 K6,209,924 K37.44
08/15/201428.65603,756 K3,064,045 K7,256,288 K29.69
08/14/201428.56529,827 K2,460,289 K7,943,959 K23.65
08/13/201428.28487,215 K1,930,462 K8,347,518 K18.78
08/12/201428.16521,115 K1,443,247 K8,774,237 K14.13
08/11/201428.34604,181 K1,443,247 K8,877,424 K13.98
08/08/201428.20839,066 K1,387,796 K8,877,424 K13.52
08/07/201428.13851,565 K548,730 K9,564,016 K5.43
08/06/201428.25595,360 K548,730 K9,454,761 K5.49
08/05/201428.47776,935 K1,525,476 K8,859,401 K14.69
08/04/201428.77655,257 K2,499,083 K8,082,466 K23.62
08/01/201428.88800,545 K3,412,320 K7,427,209 K31.48
07/31/201428.911,066,841 K4,025,548 K6,626,664 K37.79
07/30/201429.28942,307 K4,545,849 K5,559,823 K44.98
07/29/201429.971,046,364 K4,545,849 K5,213,773 K46.58
07/28/201430.01687,671 K4,545,849 K4,781,680 K48.74
07/25/201430.20403,559 K4,545,849 K4,751,674 K48.89
07/24/201430.41426,719 K5,077,571 K4,348,115 K53.87
07/23/201430.47624,302 K5,505,985 K3,921,396 K58.40
07/22/201430.53548,730 K6,057,168 K3,297,094 K64.75
07/21/201430.43686,592 K6,259,637 K3,297,094 K65.50
07/18/201430.61742,310 K6,855,443 K2,610,502 K72.42
07/17/201430.79976,746 K7,678,213 K1,868,193 K80.43
07/16/201430.76973,607 K7,272,783 K1,868,193 K79.56
07/15/201430.41913,237 K7,216,486 K1,868,193 K79.44
07/14/201430.22613,228 K6,303,249 K2,547,618 K71.22
07/11/201430.00520,301 K5,690,021 K3,279,714 K63.44
07/10/201429.87596,257 K6,039,672 K3,279,714 K64.81
07/09/201430.05614,270 K6,639,241 K2,683,457 K71.22
07/08/201430.22657,666 K7,202,062 K2,069,187 K77.68
07/07/201430.50531,722 K7,202,062 K1,945,707 K78.73
07/03/201430.49428,414 K7,399,499 K1,945,707 K79.18
07/02/201430.26551,183 K7,533,186 K1,945,707 K79.47
07/01/201429.96751,199 K7,659,141 K1,945,707 K79.74
06/30/201429.71595,806 K7,438,829 K1,945,707 K79.27
06/27/201429.63822,770 K7,369,949 K1,945,707 K79.11
06/26/201429.62571,316 K6,547,179 K2,652,154 K71.17
06/25/201429.60917,310 K5,975,863 K3,402,643 K63.72
06/24/201429.36679,426 K5,623,299 K3,402,643 K62.30
06/23/201429.54732,096 K5,623,299 K3,400,624 K62.32
06/20/201429.78869,952 K5,623,299 K3,367,985 K62.54
06/19/201429.60599,569 K5,344,878 K3,367,985 K61.34
06/18/201429.59562,821 K4,745,310 K4,115,341 K53.55
06/17/201429.51534,185 K4,182,488 K4,827,833 K46.42
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