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PFE Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the PFE table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for PFE Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define PFE overbought and oversold condition and PFE Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy PFE stock when PFE MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell PFE stock when PFE MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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PFE (PFIZER) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the PFE table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/17/201430.24798,572 K4,406,861 K8,160,598 K35.07
04/16/201430.08882,028 K3,608,289 K8,862,371 K28.93
04/15/201429.88844,488 K3,511,400 K8,862,371 K28.38
04/14/201429.86851,577 K3,668,607 K8,862,371 K29.28
04/11/201430.061,207,608 K4,274,988 K8,010,794 K34.80
04/10/201430.85881,157 K4,274,988 K8,115,522 K34.50
04/09/201431.031,175,676 K4,274,988 K8,470,938 K33.54
04/08/201431.041,029,775 K4,993,405 K7,295,262 K40.63
04/07/201431.321,483,841 K4,993,405 K6,969,010 K41.74
04/04/201432.30841,182 K5,705,267 K5,485,169 K50.98
04/03/201432.36635,841 K6,343,059 K4,643,987 K57.73
04/02/201432.16669,277 K5,707,219 K5,480,819 K51.01
04/01/201431.98689,781 K5,037,941 K6,909,379 K42.17
03/31/201432.04576,655 K5,037,941 K7,253,744 K40.99
03/28/201432.03701,773 K5,214,785 K7,253,744 K41.82
03/27/201432.12785,139 K5,214,785 K7,065,817 K42.46
03/26/201432.091,001,694 K4,429,645 K7,631,267 K36.73
03/25/201431.80606,381 K3,427,951 K8,287,938 K29.26
03/24/201431.571,312,336 K3,545,443 K8,287,938 K29.96
03/21/201431.911,236,573 K4,388,528 K6,975,602 K38.62
03/20/201431.91718,417 K4,388,528 K6,492,682 K40.33
03/19/201431.73703,523 K4,540,416 K6,492,682 K41.15
03/18/201431.80711,862 K5,263,513 K5,789,159 K47.62
03/17/201431.40637,792 K5,347,719 K5,789,159 K48.02
03/14/201431.16836,832 K4,709,927 K6,644,873 K41.48
03/13/201431.351,428,560 K5,933,562 K5,808,041 K50.53
03/12/201432.161,034,147 K6,515,770 K4,379,481 K59.80
03/11/201432.43753,498 K6,515,770 K4,050,907 K61.66
03/10/201432.41513,847 K5,762,272 K4,911,801 K53.98
03/07/201432.42565,450 K6,382,417 K4,397,954 K59.20
03/06/201432.61656,671 K6,983,489 K3,832,504 K64.57
03/05/201432.76723,873 K6,983,489 K3,762,417 K64.99
03/04/201432.59843,085 K6,259,616 K4,398,273 K58.73
03/03/201431.88753,653 K6,181,874 K4,398,273 K58.43
02/28/201432.12870,305 K6,878,268 K3,644,620 K65.36
02/27/201432.10723,097 K6,871,000 K3,644,620 K65.34
02/26/201431.90796,068 K6,147,902 K4,357,365 K58.52
02/25/201431.81855,714 K5,351,835 K5,497,790 K49.33
02/24/201431.871,223,635 K6,835,740 K4,642,077 K59.56
02/21/201431.56582,208 K7,499,933 K4,642,077 K61.77
02/20/201431.51705,573 K6,917,725 K5,877,635 K54.06
02/19/201431.63860,894 K7,885,694 K5,172,062 K60.39
02/18/201431.92620,145 K7,885,694 K5,174,929 K60.38
02/14/201431.88601,072 K8,287,950 K5,174,929 K61.56
02/13/201431.65586,584 K7,686,878 K6,124,339 K55.66
02/12/201431.72635,856 K7,686,878 K6,622,332 K53.72
02/11/201431.76765,344 K7,686,878 K6,754,768 K53.23
02/10/201431.36696,394 K7,604,986 K6,754,768 K52.96
02/07/201431.04863,037 K7,638,266 K6,754,768 K53.07
02/06/201430.78712,745 K6,775,229 K7,418,901 K47.73
02/05/201430.801,140,426 K7,350,946 K6,706,156 K52.29
02/04/201431.561,483,906 K8,242,499 K5,565,731 K59.69
02/03/201430.951,887,828 K7,774,060 K5,565,731 K58.28
01/31/201430.421,235,558 K5,886,231 K6,299,648 K48.30
01/30/201430.63967,968 K5,886,231 K5,725,667 K50.69
01/29/201430.19863,760 K5,552,202 K5,725,667 K49.23
01/28/201430.431,022,402 K6,253,150 K4,861,907 K56.26
01/27/201429.85949,411 K5,908,074 K4,861,907 K54.86
01/24/201430.371,084,576 K6,592,835 K3,912,497 K62.76
01/23/201431.05768,292 K7,044,495 K2,827,920 K71.36
01/22/201431.23683,451 K7,044,495 K2,582,181 K73.18
01/21/201431.20729,674 K6,807,300 K2,582,181 K72.50
01/17/201431.11664,133 K6,077,626 K3,031,307 K66.72
01/16/201431.23575,717 K6,441,838 K2,367,173 K73.13
01/15/201431.11891,553 K6,232,737 K2,367,173 K72.47
01/14/201430.871,015,467 K5,341,185 K2,695,121 K66.46
01/13/201430.67733,918 K4,325,718 K3,377,740 K56.15
01/10/201430.71661,577 K4,325,718 K3,912,523 K52.51
01/09/201430.88633,939 K5,317,314 K3,250,945 K62.06
01/08/201430.86700,948 K5,724,574 K3,250,945 K63.78
01/07/201430.83677,325 K5,023,626 K4,040,936 K55.42
01/06/201430.68684,761 K5,167,924 K4,040,936 K56.12
01/03/201430.58451,660 K4,483,163 K4,798,455 K48.30
01/02/201430.46522,553 K4,031,502 K5,673,203 K41.54
12/31/201330.64446,256 K4,031,502 K6,215,814 K39.34
12/30/201330.59449,125 K3,585,247 K6,889,241 K34.23
12/27/201330.67364,212 K4,244,958 K6,440,116 K39.73
12/26/201330.48366,616 K4,441,706 K6,440,116 K40.82
12/24/201330.32327,947 K4,698,498 K6,440,116 K42.18
12/23/201330.34682,620 K4,698,498 K6,851,852 K40.68
12/20/201330.511,268,700 K4,698,498 K7,280,382 K39.22
12/19/201330.78991,597 K4,698,498 K6,578,120 K41.67
12/18/201330.521,041,199 K3,706,901 K6,950,537 K34.78
12/17/201330.15789,990 K2,665,702 K7,492,025 K26.24
12/16/201330.34821,623 K2,665,702 K7,385,545 K26.52
12/13/201330.23757,520 K2,644,982 K7,385,545 K26.37
12/12/201330.41874,748 K3,433,344 K6,628,025 K34.12
12/11/201330.841,065,163 K4,261,325 K5,753,277 K42.55
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