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OREX Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the OREX table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for OREX Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define OREX overbought and oversold condition and OREX Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy OREX stock when OREX MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell OREX stock when OREX MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the OREX table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
07/22/20145.3515,583 K80,585 K113,685 K41.48
07/21/20145.3011,436 K65,002 K135,012 K32.50
07/18/20145.2312,713 K71,158 K135,012 K34.51
07/17/20145.1318,218 K73,707 K135,012 K35.31
07/16/20145.3410,147 K87,323 K116,794 K42.78
07/15/20145.4115,425 K87,323 K119,591 K42.20
07/14/20145.619,065 K87,323 K124,352 K41.25
07/11/20145.5611,709 K94,393 K124,352 K43.15
07/10/20145.4113,832 K82,685 K153,461 K35.01
07/09/20145.5120,023 K82,685 K153,354 K35.03
07/08/20145.7020,878 K82,685 K158,992 K34.21
07/07/20145.9715,163 K117,605 K138,114 K45.99
07/03/20146.217,249 K161,877 K122,951 K56.83
07/02/20146.1612,830 K182,193 K122,951 K59.71
07/01/20146.0921,326 K169,363 K148,429 K53.29
06/30/20146.1117,593 K169,363 K246,010 K40.77
06/27/20145.9415,262 K219,535 K246,010 K47.16
06/26/20145.9313,615 K247,501 K246,010 K50.15
06/25/20145.8712,944 K261,159 K246,010 K51.49
06/24/20146.0320,186 K282,123 K233,066 K54.76
06/23/20146.1516,136 K282,123 K229,089 K55.19
06/20/20146.1029,109 K265,987 K242,280 K52.33
06/19/20146.2213,725 K265,987 K236,592 K52.92
06/18/20146.2925,661 K291,080 K222,867 K56.64
06/17/20146.3434,920 K308,924 K197,207 K61.04
06/16/20146.2044,272 K314,444 K197,207 K61.46
06/13/20145.7927,566 K289,700 K197,207 K59.50
06/12/20145.6725,478 K275,473 K197,207 K58.28
06/11/20145.72118,907 K287,177 K171,729 K62.58
06/10/20146.8667,764 K302,017 K52,822 K85.11
06/09/20146.6743,228 K234,253 K52,822 K81.60
06/06/20146.4627,273 K203,438 K52,822 K79.39
06/05/20146.3320,963 K176,165 K66,999 K72.45
06/04/20146.0816,209 K155,201 K84,843 K64.66
06/03/20146.1813,191 K168,107 K68,634 K71.01
06/02/20146.2823,421 K180,920 K55,442 K76.54
05/30/20146.5025,093 K193,839 K32,021 K85.82
05/29/20146.4117,844 K168,746 K48,471 K77.69
05/28/20146.2840,440 K150,903 K61,139 K71.17
05/27/20145.8819,528 K110,463 K72,473 K60.38
05/23/20145.6013,339 K90,934 K88,938 K50.55
05/22/20145.4911,704 K87,268 K88,938 K49.53
05/21/20145.4614,841 K75,564 K100,038 K43.03
05/20/20145.4315,479 K75,730 K100,038 K43.09
05/19/20145.4312,413 K83,009 K100,038 K45.35
05/16/20145.3414,178 K85,048 K100,038 K45.95
05/15/20145.4617,843 K85,048 K100,178 K45.92
05/14/20145.6912,906 K100,071 K82,335 K54.86
05/13/20145.6112,812 K87,165 K91,299 K48.84
05/12/20145.4312,920 K74,353 K103,259 K41.86
05/09/20145.2516,450 K73,491 K103,259 K41.58
05/08/20145.3512,667 K73,491 K91,357 K44.58
05/07/20145.4111,335 K80,844 K78,690 K50.68
05/06/20145.5816,465 K93,503 K67,356 K58.13
05/05/20145.619,672 K93,503 K70,210 K57.11
05/02/20145.5611,099 K83,830 K85,471 K49.52
05/01/20145.6815,006 K83,830 K90,389 K48.12
04/30/20145.537,280 K68,824 K103,395 K39.96
04/29/20145.4714,452 K70,854 K103,395 K40.66
04/28/20145.3814,318 K56,403 K111,785 K33.54
04/25/20145.6215,023 K56,403 K110,892 K33.71
04/24/20145.488,964 K41,379 K132,850 K23.75
04/23/20145.5611,960 K41,379 K138,028 K23.06
04/22/20145.6212,058 K41,379 K135,378 K23.41
04/21/20145.304,549 K41,956 K135,378 K23.66
04/17/20145.347,354 K63,738 K130,829 K32.76
04/16/20145.2812,658 K56,384 K149,238 K27.42
04/15/20145.0319,320 K43,726 K168,450 K20.61
04/14/20145.0615,261 K43,726 K162,296 K21.22
04/11/20145.2916,017 K43,726 K159,885 K21.48
04/10/20145.6713,007 K43,726 K163,413 K21.11
04/09/20145.899,310 K70,124 K150,406 K31.80
04/08/20145.718,389 K60,814 K161,832 K27.31
04/07/20145.7313,426 K86,034 K153,442 K35.93
04/04/20145.9721,957 K104,540 K140,017 K42.75
04/03/20146.3014,143 K114,641 K118,060 K49.27
04/02/20146.479,310 K131,527 K103,917 K55.86
04/01/20146.5212,634 K155,627 K94,607 K62.19
03/31/20146.4221,782 K142,993 K110,050 K56.51
03/28/20146.3018,409 K121,211 K125,395 K49.15
03/27/20146.4619,212 K121,211 K118,532 K50.56
03/26/20146.7013,165 K121,211 K108,078 K52.86
03/25/20146.8912,851 K121,211 K103,713 K53.89
03/24/20147.0519,545 K129,208 K90,862 K58.71
03/21/20147.4426,398 K138,725 K71,317 K66.05
03/20/20147.4411,426 K112,327 K82,174 K57.75
03/19/20147.5525,220 K112,327 K90,247 K55.45
03/18/20147.4318,506 K101,044 K90,247 K52.82
03/17/20147.0810,100 K95,272 K90,247 K51.35
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