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NDAQ Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the NDAQ table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for NDAQ Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define NDAQ overbought and oversold condition and NDAQ Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the NDAQ table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/24/201440.6252,278 K276,391 K382,866 K41.92
10/23/201441.3146,791 K276,391 K368,798 K42.84
10/22/201441.0832,272 K266,882 K368,798 K41.98
10/21/201441.0343,718 K281,146 K368,798 K43.26
10/20/201440.5126,579 K237,428 K400,563 K37.21
10/17/201440.1446,626 K239,989 K400,563 K37.47
10/16/201439.6837,125 K235,473 K400,563 K37.02
10/15/201439.4262,294 K198,348 K427,706 K31.68
10/14/201440.0352,708 K198,348 K411,151 K32.54
10/13/201440.4861,602 K198,348 K396,954 K33.32
10/10/201441.6455,927 K198,348 K366,767 K35.10
10/09/201441.7239,705 K198,348 K341,428 K36.75
10/08/201441.8643,279 K264,527 K301,723 K46.72
10/07/201441.4558,353 K221,248 K364,711 K37.76
10/06/201442.3938,209 K287,039 K306,358 K48.37
10/03/201442.6337,283 K328,979 K268,149 K55.09
10/02/201442.0846,537 K291,696 K299,763 K49.32
10/01/201442.0731,765 K284,613 K299,763 K48.70
09/30/201442.4829,139 K314,677 K267,997 K54.01
09/29/201442.2442,110 K311,887 K267,997 K53.78
09/26/201442.2227,143 K269,777 K301,163 K47.25
09/25/201442.2845,739 K298,959 K274,020 K52.18
09/24/201442.6938,511 K298,959 K256,363 K53.84
09/23/201442.8531,416 K298,959 K243,264 K55.14
09/22/201443.4330,588 K298,959 K248,322 K54.63
09/19/201443.9266,179 K298,959 K256,018 K53.87
09/18/201443.8662,987 K232,779 K291,084 K44.44
09/17/201443.8965,791 K267,403 K228,097 K53.97
09/16/201443.8641,940 K238,067 K228,097 K51.07
09/15/201443.6931,614 K226,686 K228,097 K49.84
09/12/201443.7139,454 K263,654 K196,483 K57.30
09/11/201443.1830,064 K250,192 K196,483 K56.01
09/10/201443.1726,349 K244,045 K196,483 K55.40
09/09/201443.0533,166 K252,522 K196,483 K56.24
09/08/201443.2129,182 K277,767 K163,317 K62.97
09/05/201443.0628,082 K267,693 K163,317 K62.11
09/04/201443.2225,411 K267,693 K163,471 K62.09
09/03/201443.4836,474 K295,706 K138,060 K68.17
09/02/201443.5238,285 K330,782 K101,586 K76.50
08/29/201443.6635,066 K330,782 K95,400 K77.62
08/28/201443.6734,623 K362,237 K60,334 K85.72
08/27/201443.6136,455 K327,614 K102,550 K76.16
08/26/201443.5830,558 K291,159 K152,921 K65.56
08/25/201443.2636,969 K260,601 K214,758 K54.82
08/22/201442.7425,992 K223,632 K273,484 K44.99
08/21/201442.7223,917 K241,915 K273,484 K46.94
08/20/201442.6534,825 K217,998 K335,631 K39.38
08/19/201442.4425,246 K183,173 K386,368 K32.16
08/18/201442.4219,107 K157,927 K446,855 K26.11
08/15/201442.0828,236 K213,726 K446,855 K32.35
08/14/201442.1728,014 K256,113 K418,620 K37.96
08/13/201441.7035,075 K288,586 K418,620 K40.81
08/12/201441.6932,099 K341,506 K418,620 K44.93
08/11/201441.9531,456 K341,506 K464,677 K42.36
08/08/201441.4942,216 K362,417 K464,677 K43.82
08/07/201441.5650,371 K362,417 K495,802 K42.23
08/06/201441.8361,837 K462,907 K445,432 K50.96
08/05/201441.8958,725 K499,610 K383,594 K56.57
08/04/201442.1144,275 K521,779 K324,869 K61.63
08/01/201441.9662,147 K540,281 K324,869 K62.45
07/31/201442.3350,737 K595,327 K262,722 K69.38
07/30/201442.8660,488 K625,018 K211,985 K74.67
07/29/201442.9374,906 K625,018 K196,111 K76.12
07/28/201442.6442,387 K550,113 K227,780 K70.72
07/25/201442.2960,487 K507,725 K276,329 K64.76
07/24/201442.0587,995 K447,238 K332,238 K57.38
07/23/201441.3178,156 K396,698 K332,238 K54.42
07/22/201441.3752,366 K456,053 K254,082 K64.22
07/21/201440.9673,341 K476,400 K254,082 K65.22
07/18/201441.04100,490 K534,885 K180,741 K74.74
07/17/201440.4936,703 K480,975 K180,741 K72.69
07/16/201440.2022,168 K444,272 K235,839 K65.32
07/15/201440.1562,777 K422,104 K291,702 K59.13
07/14/201440.0455,046 K359,326 K352,650 K50.47
07/11/201438.8929,691 K402,219 K352,650 K53.28
07/10/201438.5844,614 K414,549 K352,650 K54.03
07/09/201439.0631,669 K414,549 K344,500 K54.61
07/08/201439.1448,549 K459,292 K312,831 K59.48
07/07/201439.7055,909 K492,749 K264,281 K65.09
07/03/201439.8037,455 K492,749 K249,214 K66.41
07/02/201439.4659,355 K495,476 K249,214 K66.53
07/01/201439.1172,713 K486,695 K249,214 K66.14
06/30/201438.4158,486 K413,982 K291,318 K58.70
06/27/201438.1946,580 K355,496 K318,194 K52.77
06/26/201437.8455,098 K308,916 K354,823 K46.54
06/25/201437.8455,863 K356,192 K299,726 K54.30
06/24/201438.0260,948 K356,192 K368,680 K49.14
06/23/201438.6397,939 K388,499 K307,732 K55.80
06/20/201437.6642,021 K335,127 K307,732 K52.13
06/19/201437.6136,463 K293,106 K340,691 K46.25
06/18/201437.6544,743 K342,574 K304,227 K52.96
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