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MRK Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the MRK table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for MRK Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define MRK overbought and oversold condition and MRK Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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MRK (MERCK) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the MRK table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/22/201455.46681,589 K4,273,767 K5,403,586 K44.16
10/21/201454.91857,664 K3,592,178 K5,856,633 K38.02
10/20/201454.08610,617 K2,734,514 K6,292,749 K30.29
10/17/201454.06959,197 K2,574,256 K6,292,749 K29.03
10/16/201453.331,087,037 K2,061,707 K6,292,749 K24.68
10/15/201454.96976,495 K2,061,707 K5,793,484 K26.25
10/14/201456.34574,071 K2,061,707 K5,283,724 K28.07
10/13/201456.88765,212 K2,644,829 K4,709,653 K35.96
10/10/201459.08601,947 K2,644,829 K4,379,596 K37.65
10/09/201459.61462,230 K2,644,829 K4,301,756 K38.07
10/08/201459.66724,511 K3,221,911 K3,839,526 K45.63
10/07/201458.77515,513 K2,920,084 K3,839,526 K43.20
10/06/201459.71421,081 K2,920,084 K3,888,638 K42.89
10/03/201459.71440,189 K3,455,008 K3,467,557 K49.91
10/02/201458.73453,047 K3,431,542 K3,467,557 K49.74
10/01/201458.81436,116 K3,431,542 K3,428,715 K50.02
09/30/201459.51450,358 K3,431,542 K3,424,537 K50.05
09/29/201459.32446,649 K2,981,183 K3,977,537 K42.84
09/26/201459.23587,772 K2,534,535 K4,397,688 K36.56
09/25/201459.92466,735 K2,982,679 K3,809,916 K43.91
09/24/201460.37583,122 K3,567,110 K3,343,181 K51.62
09/23/201460.24435,156 K2,983,988 K3,940,789 K43.09
09/22/201460.61524,107 K3,489,943 K3,505,633 K49.89
09/19/201460.63577,082 K3,489,943 K3,307,613 K51.34
09/18/201460.16422,684 K3,166,795 K3,307,613 K48.91
09/17/201459.72564,624 K2,744,111 K3,575,427 K43.42
09/16/201459.78534,923 K3,076,818 K3,010,803 K50.54
09/15/201459.67416,723 K3,087,067 K3,010,803 K50.63
09/12/201459.65414,204 K2,943,926 K3,010,803 K49.44
09/11/201460.12431,938 K3,202,181 K2,596,599 K55.22
09/10/201460.66553,001 K3,202,181 K2,582,480 K55.36
09/09/201460.69420,151 K3,572,607 K2,029,479 K63.77
09/08/201461.07448,144 K3,954,203 K1,609,328 K71.07
09/05/201460.82584,432 K3,506,060 K2,099,261 K62.55
09/04/201460.33597,608 K3,386,248 K2,099,261 K61.73
09/03/201460.47505,955 K3,823,320 K1,501,654 K71.80
09/02/201459.85326,087 K3,927,973 K1,501,654 K72.34
08/29/201460.12253,935 K4,327,712 K1,175,567 K78.64
08/28/201460.03267,815 K4,370,070 K1,175,567 K78.80
08/27/201460.32332,707 K4,727,257 K907,752 K83.89
08/26/201460.09545,172 K4,394,550 K1,280,677 K77.43
08/25/201459.62273,582 K3,849,378 K1,927,680 K66.63
08/22/201459.14258,255 K3,575,796 K2,409,621 K59.74
08/21/201459.10417,819 K3,799,826 K2,409,621 K61.19
08/20/201459.19370,426 K3,799,826 K2,506,434 K60.25
08/19/201458.73381,596 K3,429,400 K3,009,949 K53.26
08/18/201458.54489,933 K3,047,803 K3,440,396 K46.97
08/15/201458.55464,620 K3,614,594 K2,950,463 K55.06
08/14/201458.53437,071 K3,149,973 K3,426,097 K47.90
08/13/201457.63610,608 K2,712,902 K3,720,752 K42.17
08/12/201456.90399,739 K2,102,294 K4,114,718 K33.82
08/11/201456.71296,293 K1,702,555 K4,459,875 K27.63
08/08/201456.24357,187 K1,784,733 K4,459,875 K28.58
08/07/201455.92372,925 K1,427,546 K4,871,085 K22.66
08/06/201455.93647,003 K1,815,744 K4,498,160 K28.76
08/05/201456.27481,941 K1,815,744 K4,203,844 K30.16
08/04/201456.90482,285 K2,152,240 K3,721,903 K36.64
08/01/201456.74514,632 K1,669,956 K4,211,989 K28.39
07/31/201457.18503,515 K1,669,956 K4,158,388 K28.65
07/30/201458.19430,448 K2,024,759 K3,654,873 K35.65
07/29/201458.67566,790 K2,024,759 K3,548,784 K36.33
07/28/201458.05475,634 K1,833,052 K3,548,784 K34.06
07/25/201458.14294,654 K1,833,052 K3,509,396 K34.31
07/24/201458.20393,967 K1,833,052 K3,728,004 K32.96
07/23/201458.22345,157 K2,082,423 K3,334,037 K38.45
07/22/201458.48378,471 K2,445,754 K2,988,880 K45.00
07/21/201457.97411,210 K2,529,714 K2,988,880 K45.84
07/18/201458.13388,198 K2,921,034 K2,577,670 K53.12
07/17/201457.80352,687 K2,532,836 K3,127,301 K44.75
07/16/201458.03336,497 K2,532,836 K3,170,882 K44.41
07/15/201457.94490,085 K2,914,651 K3,170,882 K47.89
07/14/201458.30461,031 K2,914,651 K3,151,894 K48.04
07/11/201458.44354,804 K2,914,651 K3,074,866 K48.66
07/10/201458.36324,359 K3,375,906 K3,074,866 K52.33
07/09/201458.48375,083 K3,662,986 K2,750,507 K57.11
07/08/201458.25436,246 K3,741,125 K2,750,507 K57.63
07/07/201458.89513,262 K3,741,125 K2,649,416 K58.54
07/03/201459.24249,371 K3,741,125 K2,509,661 K59.85
07/02/201458.84363,331 K3,491,754 K2,945,916 K54.24
07/01/201458.20462,431 K3,128,423 K3,443,944 K47.60
06/30/201457.86391,319 K3,303,429 K3,443,944 K48.96
06/27/201457.84549,630 K3,317,283 K3,443,944 K49.06
06/26/201458.52396,269 K3,317,283 K3,336,332 K49.86
06/25/201458.63718,312 K3,317,283 K3,264,295 K50.40
06/24/201458.19471,097 K3,012,585 K3,264,295 K47.99
06/23/201458.63384,003 K3,362,483 K2,793,198 K54.62
06/20/201458.88816,059 K3,362,483 K2,803,172 K54.54
06/19/201458.27287,080 K2,546,424 K3,141,894 K44.77
06/18/201458.22453,222 K2,825,887 K3,141,894 K47.35
06/17/201458.02335,154 K2,855,423 K3,141,894 K47.61
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