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MRK Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the MRK table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for MRK Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define MRK overbought and oversold condition and MRK Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy MRK stock when MRK MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell MRK stock when MRK MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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MRK (MERCK) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the MRK table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/16/201456.38479,940 K4,241,401 K3,621,087 K53.94
04/15/201455.82597,232 K3,761,461 K4,171,389 K47.42
04/14/201455.75566,978 K3,821,871 K4,171,389 K47.81
04/11/201455.94758,635 K4,546,132 K3,604,411 K55.78
04/10/201456.58905,961 K4,546,132 K3,590,149 K55.87
04/09/201456.49843,102 K3,640,170 K4,566,529 K44.36
04/08/201455.11554,446 K2,797,068 K5,036,020 K35.71
04/07/201455.46571,636 K2,797,068 K5,041,313 K35.68
04/04/201456.31543,576 K3,188,567 K4,469,677 K41.64
04/03/201456.30381,860 K3,163,160 K4,469,677 K41.44
04/02/201456.36389,289 K3,163,160 K4,753,711 K39.95
04/01/201456.41398,242 K3,163,160 K4,927,744 K39.10
03/31/201456.56398,657 K3,163,160 K5,058,672 K38.47
03/28/201456.23472,934 K2,764,504 K5,674,274 K32.76
03/27/201455.72550,301 K2,291,570 K6,029,075 K27.54
03/26/201455.95657,642 K2,865,726 K5,478,774 K34.34
03/25/201454.83724,260 K2,810,050 K5,478,774 K33.90
03/24/201454.07744,374 K2,085,790 K5,986,772 K25.84
03/21/201455.30976,380 K2,693,038 K5,242,399 K33.94
03/20/201455.59469,491 K2,693,038 K4,794,863 K35.97
03/19/201456.18559,738 K3,266,565 K4,325,372 K43.03
03/18/201456.36391,499 K3,772,924 K3,765,633 K50.05
03/17/201456.22518,168 K3,841,126 K3,765,633 K50.50
03/14/201455.66665,895 K3,322,957 K4,241,412 K43.93
03/13/201456.10563,323 K3,885,063 K3,575,517 K52.07
03/12/201456.67529,170 K4,538,509 K3,012,195 K60.11
03/11/201456.90615,601 K5,101,066 K2,483,025 K67.26
03/10/201457.32354,802 K5,101,066 K2,433,829 K67.70
03/07/201457.38574,156 K5,713,057 K2,079,028 K73.32
03/06/201457.31601,966 K5,583,306 K2,079,028 K72.87
03/05/201456.95507,998 K4,981,339 K2,623,784 K65.50
03/04/201457.12607,248 K4,981,339 K2,863,337 K63.50
03/03/201456.38528,844 K5,195,843 K2,863,337 K64.47
02/28/201457.03573,527 K5,757,504 K2,334,492 K71.15
02/27/201456.44506,359 K5,971,776 K2,334,492 K71.89
02/26/201456.22459,701 K5,465,417 K2,976,640 K64.74
02/25/201456.03475,779 K6,320,905 K2,976,640 K67.98
02/24/201456.33562,106 K7,284,203 K2,500,861 K74.44
02/21/201456.06653,446 K6,722,097 K3,298,408 K67.08
02/20/201455.61562,557 K6,068,651 K3,995,236 K60.30
02/19/201455.23566,406 K6,428,744 K3,995,236 K61.67
02/18/201455.58611,991 K6,428,744 K4,432,442 K59.19
02/14/201455.33444,404 K5,816,753 K5,212,163 K52.74
02/13/201454.91544,756 K6,992,751 K5,212,163 K57.29
02/12/201455.18747,551 K7,937,635 K4,667,406 K62.97
02/11/201455.30821,753 K7,937,635 K4,728,532 K62.67
02/10/201454.70561,661 K7,115,883 K5,269,885 K57.45
02/07/201454.34787,799 K6,554,222 K5,833,242 K52.91
02/06/201453.48642,148 K5,766,423 K6,644,564 K46.46
02/05/201453.961,315,188 K5,766,423 K6,408,910 K47.36
02/04/201453.14963,297 K4,451,234 K6,957,366 K39.02
02/03/201452.38797,547 K4,598,801 K6,957,366 K39.80
01/31/201453.06696,828 K6,547,339 K6,159,819 K51.52
01/30/201453.19922,650 K6,947,073 K5,462,991 K55.98
01/29/201452.281,003,613 K6,024,423 K5,924,998 K50.42
01/28/201452.72779,720 K6,024,423 K5,581,192 K51.91
01/27/201453.051,620,403 K6,518,957 K4,801,471 K57.59
01/24/201451.76944,884 K5,364,801 K4,801,471 K52.77
01/23/201451.40808,677 K4,738,567 K4,801,471 K49.67
01/22/201451.53541,353 K4,738,567 K4,379,345 K51.97
01/21/201451.93563,357 K5,098,564 K3,837,993 K57.05
01/17/201452.11811,322 K5,098,564 K3,584,997 K58.72
01/16/201452.52406,494 K5,292,639 K2,773,676 K65.61
01/15/201452.59548,456 K5,543,537 K2,367,182 K70.08
01/14/201452.751,110,864 K5,543,537 K1,818,726 K75.30
01/13/201452.451,948,538 K4,838,148 K1,818,726 K72.68
01/10/201449.82399,734 K3,537,392 K1,818,726 K66.04
01/09/201449.62462,007 K3,562,514 K1,818,726 K66.20
01/08/201449.84659,806 K4,213,547 K1,356,719 K75.64
01/07/201450.15494,534 K4,213,547 K1,061,264 K79.88
01/06/201449.80466,246 K3,719,013 K1,588,945 K70.06
01/03/201449.73318,650 K3,657,577 K1,588,945 K69.71
01/02/201449.61386,551 K3,338,927 K2,144,657 K60.89
12/31/201349.89359,997 K3,338,927 K2,434,844 K57.83
12/30/201349.74310,362 K2,978,930 K2,933,089 K50.39
12/27/201349.74194,076 K3,431,670 K2,622,728 K56.68
12/26/201349.61250,898 K3,598,564 K2,622,728 K57.84
12/24/201349.44180,192 K3,347,666 K3,033,490 K52.46
12/23/201349.44405,475 K3,347,666 K3,551,606 K48.52
12/20/201349.14647,783 K2,942,192 K4,091,070 K41.83
12/19/201348.76424,856 K2,995,023 K4,091,070 K42.27
12/18/201348.49651,033 K2,570,167 K4,420,691 K36.76
12/17/201347.83364,351 K2,494,206 K4,420,691 K36.07
12/16/201348.19527,681 K3,508,180 K4,056,340 K46.38
12/13/201348.45404,811 K4,407,493 K3,528,659 K55.54
12/12/201348.38555,712 K4,656,126 K3,528,659 K56.89
12/11/201349.08676,738 K5,273,189 K2,972,947 K63.95
12/10/201349.36498,246 K5,663,020 K2,296,209 K71.15
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