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KMB Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the KMB table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for KMB Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define KMB overbought and oversold condition and KMB Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy KMB stock when KMB MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell KMB stock when KMB MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the KMB table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
07/31/2014104.80220,199 K661,904 K2,135,580 K23.66
07/30/2014106.36268,497 K661,904 K2,001,636 K24.85
07/29/2014107.51156,760 K661,904 K1,827,880 K26.58
07/28/2014108.28120,429 K779,958 K1,671,120 K31.82
07/25/2014108.88158,296 K900,467 K1,550,691 K36.74
07/24/2014109.62198,653 K989,462 K1,392,395 K41.54
07/23/2014109.54251,102 K865,571 K1,392,395 K38.33
07/22/2014109.61438,229 K956,820 K1,141,293 K45.60
07/21/2014112.53237,026 K956,820 K822,078 K53.79
07/18/2014112.98150,144 K1,063,818 K585,052 K64.52
07/17/2014113.09134,898 K1,184,553 K434,909 K73.14
07/16/2014114.06146,818 K1,184,553 K412,393 K74.18
07/15/2014113.63179,689 K1,037,735 K508,046 K67.13
07/14/2014113.23136,744 K858,046 K603,195 K58.72
07/11/2014112.5986,255 K721,302 K694,986 K50.93
07/10/2014112.7694,741 K987,440 K608,730 K61.86
07/09/2014112.93118,054 K1,121,711 K513,989 K68.58
07/08/2014112.30120,509 K1,138,015 K513,989 K68.89
07/07/2014112.0188,995 K1,117,919 K513,989 K68.50
07/03/2014111.6774,763 K1,147,757 K513,989 K69.07
07/02/2014111.5491,248 K1,178,864 K513,989 K69.64
07/01/2014111.26119,015 K1,087,616 K642,191 K62.87
06/30/2014111.43106,998 K1,087,616 K602,075 K64.37
06/27/2014111.13120,735 K980,618 K707,108 K58.10
06/26/2014110.79112,382 K974,071 K707,108 K57.94
06/25/2014111.3795,653 K1,091,545 K594,726 K64.73
06/24/2014111.5695,150 K1,228,254 K499,073 K71.11
06/23/2014112.1091,790 K1,228,254 K557,970 K68.76
06/20/2014112.92266,138 K1,228,254 K581,931 K67.85
06/19/2014112.71134,271 K1,057,180 K581,931 K64.50
06/18/2014111.54134,357 K1,061,522 K581,931 K64.59
06/17/2014110.97100,414 K1,029,529 K581,931 K63.89
06/16/2014110.82118,832 K929,115 K686,055 K57.52
06/13/2014110.50105,870 K929,987 K686,055 K57.55
06/12/2014110.23128,201 K908,532 K686,055 K56.98
06/11/2014111.1678,899 K994,882 K557,853 K64.07
06/10/2014111.63105,033 K994,882 K589,123 K62.81
06/09/2014111.80114,189 K1,124,568 K484,090 K69.91
06/06/2014111.55117,473 K1,010,378 K674,096 K59.98
06/05/2014111.11136,710 K892,905 K787,246 K53.14
06/04/2014110.94154,047 K756,195 K911,986 K45.33
06/03/2014111.46115,751 K845,808 K757,940 K52.74
06/02/2014112.0995,064 K977,288 K642,188 K60.35
05/30/2014111.98138,613 K882,224 K783,531 K52.96
05/29/2014111.06102,364 K884,573 K783,531 K53.03
05/28/2014110.57104,124 K782,209 K910,847 K46.20
05/27/2014110.68119,704 K953,833 K806,724 K54.18
05/23/2014110.5284,415 K834,129 K949,834 K46.76
05/22/2014110.0786,350 K749,714 K1,073,614 K41.12
05/21/2014109.85110,169 K663,364 K1,195,672 K35.68
05/20/2014109.86129,686 K663,364 K1,271,653 K34.28
05/19/2014109.76190,006 K717,350 K1,271,653 K36.07
05/16/2014110.82113,151 K899,679 K1,081,647 K45.41
05/15/2014110.88124,740 K1,176,063 K968,496 K54.84
05/14/2014111.2289,613 K1,367,799 K843,756 K61.85
05/13/2014111.00131,480 K1,451,793 K843,756 K63.24
05/12/2014110.45141,343 K1,320,314 K1,066,161 K55.32
05/09/2014110.84140,962 K1,320,314 K1,400,391 K48.53
05/08/2014110.79127,316 K1,179,352 K1,700,321 K40.95
05/07/2014110.80171,624 K1,448,860 K1,573,004 K47.95
05/06/2014110.11143,110 K1,478,105 K1,573,004 K48.44
05/05/2014110.37123,780 K1,714,107 K1,429,895 K54.52
05/02/2014111.08122,058 K1,714,107 K1,474,534 K53.76
05/01/2014111.31186,149 K1,714,107 K1,557,067 K52.40
04/30/2014111.92183,672 K1,969,309 K1,370,918 K58.96
04/29/2014111.40182,328 K2,027,143 K1,370,918 K59.66
04/28/2014110.74276,385 K2,044,593 K1,370,918 K59.86
04/25/2014109.17191,735 K1,994,220 K1,370,918 K59.26
04/24/2014109.06173,607 K1,979,220 K1,370,918 K59.08
04/23/2014108.61222,405 K1,957,276 K1,370,918 K58.81
04/22/2014109.24475,573 K2,147,717 K1,148,513 K65.16
04/21/2014110.81299,929 K2,147,717 K872,530 K71.11
04/17/2014112.50269,508 K2,358,922 K572,601 K80.47
04/16/2014112.02200,869 K2,089,413 K769,463 K73.09
04/15/2014110.55236,002 K1,888,544 K996,187 K65.47
04/14/2014110.28168,420 K1,860,852 K996,187 K65.13
04/11/2014110.36204,592 K1,860,852 K1,037,531 K64.20
04/10/2014111.64255,201 K2,027,372 K832,940 K70.88
04/09/2014111.29241,507 K1,981,429 K832,940 K70.40
04/08/2014110.50199,778 K1,739,922 K973,963 K64.11
04/07/2014110.28226,012 K1,540,144 K1,120,179 K57.89
04/04/2014110.16176,735 K1,450,956 K1,120,179 K56.43
04/03/2014109.88151,663 K1,422,578 K1,120,179 K55.95
04/02/2014109.66190,441 K1,270,915 K1,295,271 K49.53
04/01/2014109.43199,589 K1,290,123 K1,295,271 K49.90
03/31/2014110.10211,205 K1,517,799 K1,095,682 K58.08
03/28/2014109.89196,862 K1,306,594 K1,234,146 K51.43
03/27/2014110.16226,724 K1,425,796 K1,037,284 K57.89
03/26/2014110.77208,309 K1,425,796 K991,398 K58.99
03/25/2014110.69209,764 K1,393,579 K991,398 K58.43
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