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HNT Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the HNT table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for HNT Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define HNT overbought and oversold condition and HNT Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the HNT table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
09/19/201447.2742,054 K231,795 K209,245 K52.56
09/18/201447.2428,443 K225,950 K209,245 K51.92
09/17/201446.7620,149 K224,230 K209,245 K51.73
09/16/201446.2735,191 K245,535 K209,245 K53.99
09/15/201446.0524,156 K254,117 K209,245 K54.84
09/12/201446.5336,663 K274,000 K185,089 K59.68
09/11/201446.8036,961 K274,000 K171,520 K61.50
09/10/201446.6534,873 K261,807 K171,520 K60.42
09/09/201447.1329,167 K291,292 K136,646 K68.07
09/08/201446.8518,070 K314,568 K136,646 K69.72
09/05/201446.6921,761 K338,344 K136,646 K71.23
09/04/201446.4735,171 K316,583 K170,610 K64.98
09/03/201446.7036,597 K377,850 K135,439 K73.61
09/02/201446.8941,785 K423,225 K98,843 K81.07
08/29/201447.1536,209 K423,225 K98,478 K81.12
08/28/201446.6526,723 K423,378 K98,478 K81.13
08/27/201445.9741,454 K396,655 K151,049 K72.42
08/26/201445.2143,772 K355,201 K216,856 K62.09
08/25/201444.3119,883 K404,119 K216,856 K65.08
08/22/201444.1923,094 K384,235 K285,355 K57.38
08/21/201444.3324,767 K428,255 K262,261 K62.02
08/20/201444.1329,485 K443,823 K262,261 K62.86
08/19/201443.6352,443 K414,338 K308,287 K57.34
08/18/201442.9141,846 K361,895 K345,882 K51.13
08/15/201442.7333,963 K359,485 K345,882 K50.96
08/14/201442.7961,266 K388,966 K311,918 K55.50
08/13/201442.3845,376 K327,700 K353,213 K48.13
08/12/201442.0941,421 K346,106 K353,213 K49.49
08/11/201442.1036,362 K378,261 K311,792 K54.82
08/08/201441.9752,572 K380,442 K311,792 K54.96
08/07/201442.4165,807 K380,442 K289,401 K56.80
08/06/201443.4292,690 K400,533 K223,594 K64.17
08/05/201441.7368,498 K349,955 K223,594 K61.02
08/04/201442.4044,020 K349,955 K203,812 K63.20
08/01/201441.6740,336 K305,935 K234,079 K56.65
07/31/201441.6046,026 K307,118 K234,079 K56.75
07/30/201443.3337,595 K307,118 K210,409 K59.34
07/29/201443.7439,436 K337,217 K172,815 K66.12
07/28/201443.6529,481 K323,581 K172,815 K65.19
07/25/201443.3441,294 K294,100 K205,741 K58.84
07/24/201444.7963,781 K294,100 K199,099 K59.63
07/23/201443.2032,156 K254,347 K199,099 K56.09
07/22/201443.1738,542 K262,315 K199,099 K56.85
07/21/201442.7130,181 K279,975 K199,099 K58.44
07/18/201443.0520,091 K279,975 K204,497 K57.79
07/17/201442.5542,112 K301,477 K204,497 K59.58
07/16/201442.3148,716 K284,030 K204,497 K58.14
07/15/201443.1030,267 K327,744 K155,780 K67.78
07/14/201443.3441,519 K327,744 K157,535 K67.54
07/11/201442.7622,357 K306,407 K157,535 K66.04
07/10/201442.8030,099 K335,433 K135,178 K71.28
07/09/201442.6925,800 K331,885 K135,178 K71.06
07/08/201442.5732,926 K333,858 K135,178 K71.18
07/07/201442.8034,652 K374,777 K102,252 K78.56
07/03/201442.9824,028 K374,777 K93,043 K80.11
07/02/201442.7940,124 K386,364 K93,043 K80.59
07/01/201442.7156,202 K397,248 K93,043 K81.02
06/30/201441.6335,578 K385,952 K93,043 K80.58
06/27/201441.7141,593 K385,952 K73,933 K83.92
06/26/201440.6524,664 K344,359 K112,174 K75.43
06/25/201440.5443,714 K348,305 K112,174 K75.64
06/24/201440.1032,021 K304,590 K140,810 K68.39
06/23/201440.8020,182 K338,834 K108,789 K75.70
06/20/201440.6629,025 K318,651 K141,465 K69.25
06/19/201440.6226,551 K313,399 K141,465 K68.90
06/18/201440.3027,773 K286,848 K173,175 K62.36
06/17/201440.0140,919 K284,846 K173,175 K62.19
06/16/201439.9925,444 K243,928 K203,174 K54.56
06/13/201440.0535,615 K243,928 K212,929 K53.39
06/12/201439.9551,008 K246,825 K212,929 K53.69
06/11/201439.8644,906 K195,817 K261,921 K42.78
06/10/201439.7116,468 K168,325 K261,921 K39.12
06/09/201439.9338,242 K194,461 K245,454 K44.20
06/06/201440.0028,610 K224,800 K207,212 K52.04
06/05/201439.9828,635 K196,189 K231,850 K45.83
06/04/201440.0634,243 K229,996 K203,215 K53.09
06/03/201439.9532,676 K195,753 K237,052 K45.23
06/02/201440.0823,773 K239,380 K204,376 K53.94
05/30/201439.9231,710 K264,274 K204,376 K56.39
05/29/201439.9825,771 K304,473 K172,666 K63.81
05/28/201439.9129,999 K316,209 K172,666 K64.68
05/27/201439.9335,199 K434,042 K142,667 K75.26
05/23/201439.9538,513 K460,932 K107,468 K81.09
05/22/201439.6748,992 K422,420 K139,038 K75.24
05/21/201440.2717,414 K422,420 K103,839 K80.27
05/20/201439.9626,136 K438,324 K103,839 K80.85
05/19/201439.8930,339 K437,796 K103,839 K80.83
05/16/201439.3824,638 K421,051 K103,839 K80.22
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