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HNT Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the HNT table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for HNT Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define HNT overbought and oversold condition and HNT Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy HNT stock when HNT MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell HNT stock when HNT MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the HNT table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/23/201432.9620,512 K132,528 K219,512 K37.65
04/22/201432.4734,957 K112,016 K263,053 K29.87
04/21/201431.5125,302 K127,552 K263,053 K32.65
04/17/201431.3235,731 K134,864 K263,053 K33.89
04/16/201432.1815,873 K160,012 K227,322 K41.31
04/15/201432.4019,795 K160,012 K238,125 K40.19
04/14/201432.4313,528 K160,012 K242,278 K39.78
04/11/201432.6424,483 K160,012 K254,827 K38.57
04/10/201433.1423,250 K160,012 K243,988 K39.61
04/09/201433.6417,301 K160,012 K242,621 K39.74
04/08/201433.0635,192 K159,455 K242,621 K39.66
04/07/201433.0931,611 K175,588 K207,428 K45.84
04/04/201433.7520,049 K190,183 K175,817 K51.96
04/03/201433.9834,456 K202,793 K155,768 K56.56
04/02/201433.7743,541 K168,338 K176,312 K48.84
04/01/201434.1250,493 K168,338 K155,459 K51.99
03/31/201433.8532,614 K117,845 K189,902 K38.29
03/28/201433.2025,148 K112,961 K189,902 K37.30
03/27/201432.7326,676 K115,912 K189,902 K37.90
03/26/201433.0623,948 K142,774 K163,226 K46.66
03/25/201433.2026,078 K165,558 K139,278 K54.31
03/24/201434.1313,644 K179,984 K113,200 K61.39
03/21/201434.8721,882 K204,066 K99,557 K67.21
03/20/201434.9216,744 K204,066 K92,973 K68.70
03/19/201434.6316,133 K208,371 K92,973 K69.15
03/18/201434.3114,595 K206,062 K92,973 K68.91
03/17/201433.8512,610 K215,089 K92,973 K69.82
03/14/201433.6420,544 K224,642 K92,973 K70.73
03/13/201434.2322,688 K257,710 K72,429 K78.06
03/12/201434.7134,443 K277,763 K49,741 K84.81
03/11/201435.2427,730 K277,763 K32,658 K89.48
03/10/201434.9528,099 K250,033 K58,961 K80.92
03/07/201434.7226,862 K245,234 K58,961 K80.62
03/06/201434.6922,784 K251,948 K58,961 K81.04
03/05/201434.2714,426 K229,163 K88,340 K72.18
03/04/201434.1524,083 K214,737 K128,277 K62.60
03/03/201433.7315,298 K281,461 K128,277 K68.69
02/28/201433.9821,049 K324,057 K112,978 K74.15
02/27/201433.5613,823 K303,009 K139,159 K68.53
02/26/201433.5323,623 K307,427 K139,159 K68.84
02/25/201433.0422,163 K283,805 K178,943 K61.33
02/24/201432.7633,068 K261,641 K209,061 K55.59
02/21/201431.7120,053 K228,573 K239,947 K48.79
02/20/201431.6517,360 K208,520 K264,388 K44.09
02/19/201431.8726,302 K224,648 K247,028 K47.63
02/18/201432.3423,300 K224,648 K243,207 K48.02
02/14/201432.0933,575 K201,347 K275,920 K42.19
02/13/201431.5629,379 K167,772 K314,886 K34.76
02/12/201431.8439,937 K167,772 K355,825 K32.04
02/11/201432.6790,806 K215,064 K315,888 K40.51
02/10/201432.5042,597 K148,158 K315,888 K31.93
02/07/201431.7526,181 K144,306 K315,888 K31.36
02/06/201432.1318,242 K175,086 K289,707 K37.67
02/05/201431.7439,784 K189,986 K289,707 K39.61
02/04/201432.1430,118 K246,443 K249,923 K49.65
02/03/201432.2430,886 K271,294 K219,805 K55.24
01/31/201432.8824,441 K271,294 K201,926 K57.33
01/30/201433.1516,127 K271,294 K203,711 K57.11
01/29/201432.6822,482 K279,722 K203,711 K57.86
01/28/201433.1232,713 K312,136 K181,229 K63.27
01/27/201433.1838,967 K353,111 K148,517 K70.39
01/24/201433.8770,318 K353,111 K145,542 K70.81
01/23/201434.1347,292 K376,754 K75,225 K83.36
01/22/201433.3023,900 K329,463 K110,413 K74.90
01/21/201433.1838,744 K323,570 K110,413 K74.56
01/17/201432.8630,780 K315,995 K110,413 K74.11
01/16/201432.5433,142 K293,255 K110,413 K72.65
01/15/201432.4256,457 K260,113 K120,906 K68.27
01/14/201431.0124,852 K213,856 K120,906 K63.88
01/13/201430.3313,007 K203,292 K120,906 K62.71
01/10/201430.6326,226 K226,000 K107,899 K67.69
01/09/201431.0924,555 K226,000 K96,455 K70.09
01/08/201430.7132,414 K220,106 K96,455 K69.53
01/07/201430.2440,975 K187,692 K110,162 K63.01
01/06/201429.4835,992 K146,716 K131,375 K52.76
01/03/201429.6523,643 K146,716 K112,944 K56.50
01/02/201429.4535,188 K123,073 K132,554 K48.15
12/31/201329.6318,008 K123,073 K119,681 K50.70
12/30/201329.4431,169 K105,065 K141,281 K42.65
12/27/201328.868,040 K92,814 K141,281 K39.65
12/26/201328.6410,494 K105,502 K141,281 K42.75
12/24/201328.6410,200 K105,502 K151,900 K40.99
12/23/201328.4714,287 K95,302 K176,480 K35.07
12/20/201328.1022,708 K115,780 K176,480 K39.62
12/19/201327.9514,782 K124,261 K176,480 K41.32
12/18/201328.1518,661 K140,380 K161,698 K46.47
12/17/201327.8713,706 K139,476 K161,698 K46.31
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