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HND Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the HND table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for HND Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define HND overbought and oversold condition and HND Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the HND table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/24/20147.939,473 K134,005 K17,092 K88.69
10/23/20147.7713,425 K124,532 K30,377 K80.39
10/22/20147.628,706 K144,443 K30,377 K82.62
10/21/20147.537,423 K154,198 K30,377 K83.54
10/20/20147.5712,166 K154,198 K41,307 K78.87
10/17/20147.299,853 K142,033 K65,885 K68.31
10/16/20147.189,061 K132,179 K79,360 K62.48
10/15/20147.178,580 K123,118 K104,092 K54.19
10/14/20146.949,212 K114,538 K118,474 K49.16
10/10/20146.934,909 K115,580 K118,474 K49.38
10/09/20146.8916,809 K122,288 K118,474 K50.79
10/08/20146.8817,950 K117,993 K118,474 K49.90
10/07/20146.689,669 K123,223 K118,474 K50.98
10/06/20146.7713,860 K123,223 K117,482 K51.19
10/03/20146.4713,285 K109,362 K138,284 K44.16
10/02/20146.6633,337 K109,362 K142,990 K43.34
10/01/20146.3218,461 K86,505 K142,990 K37.69
09/30/20146.1518,353 K85,975 K142,990 K37.55
09/29/20146.2224,577 K93,445 K124,637 K42.85
09/26/20146.5313,475 K93,445 K116,364 K44.54
09/25/20146.6824,732 K93,445 K113,233 K45.21
09/24/20146.8314,383 K105,893 K88,501 K54.47
09/23/20146.9210,255 K121,605 K74,118 K62.13
09/22/20146.9111,617 K125,194 K74,118 K62.81
09/19/20146.8812,513 K137,529 K74,118 K64.98
09/18/20146.5723,180 K125,016 K86,679 K59.05
09/17/20146.378,676 K101,836 K109,873 K48.10
09/16/20146.5620,802 K101,836 K121,775 K45.54
09/15/20146.6717,991 K101,836 K100,973 K50.21
09/12/20147.0310,479 K101,836 K101,992 K49.96
09/11/20146.8517,931 K91,357 K101,992 K47.25
09/10/20146.627,470 K73,426 K124,157 K37.16
09/09/20146.5516,304 K79,923 K124,157 K39.16
09/08/20146.9710,344 K79,923 K124,979 K39.01
09/05/20147.1812,448 K79,923 K127,021 K38.62
09/04/20147.0815,712 K86,673 K127,021 K40.56
09/03/20147.0113,844 K70,961 K143,058 K33.16
09/02/20146.7623,952 K77,561 K143,058 K35.16
08/29/20146.3512,561 K53,609 K151,148 K26.18
08/28/20146.4423,194 K53,609 K148,312 K26.55
08/27/20146.5820,579 K53,609 K135,106 K28.41
08/26/20146.659,971 K75,654 K114,527 K39.78
08/25/20146.6519,010 K75,654 K124,746 K37.75
08/22/20146.929,280 K75,654 K121,139 K38.44
08/21/20146.9222,165 K89,915 K121,139 K42.60
08/20/20147.0513,967 K89,915 K127,543 K41.35
08/19/20146.8817,126 K88,825 K127,543 K41.05
08/18/20147.1912,386 K88,825 K126,626 K41.23
08/15/20147.2419,197 K88,825 K126,060 K41.34
08/14/20146.8816,037 K80,988 K126,060 K39.12
08/13/20147.0420,444 K80,988 K126,748 K38.99
08/12/20146.628,090 K73,574 K126,748 K36.73
08/11/20146.689,724 K84,517 K118,657 K41.60
08/08/20146.759,989 K98,159 K108,933 K47.40
08/07/20146.8922,045 K103,649 K98,945 K51.16
08/06/20146.8510,219 K103,182 K98,945 K51.05
08/05/20146.9515,402 K103,182 K98,691 K51.11
08/01/20147.2414,261 K113,939 K83,289 K57.77
07/31/20147.2228,570 K99,677 K93,321 K51.65
07/30/20147.4312,877 K106,571 K64,751 K62.21
07/29/20147.3516,209 K107,403 K64,751 K62.39
07/28/20147.3911,821 K115,789 K48,542 K70.46
07/25/20147.3911,361 K132,309 K36,721 K78.28
07/24/20147.1916,724 K139,662 K36,721 K79.18
07/23/20147.4013,030 K141,694 K19,997 K87.63
07/22/20147.3510,943 K128,664 K30,463 K80.86
07/21/20147.1013,642 K130,378 K30,463 K81.06
07/18/20146.825,491 K116,736 K38,270 K75.31
07/17/20146.7021,577 K119,500 K38,270 K75.74
07/16/20146.319,966 K115,445 K38,270 K75.10
07/15/20146.3510,757 K115,445 K35,300 K76.58
07/14/20146.2810,031 K104,688 K46,820 K69.10
07/11/20146.286,893 K117,553 K36,788 K76.16
07/10/20146.2613,709 K121,067 K36,788 K76.69
07/09/20146.138,386 K130,079 K36,788 K77.95
07/08/20146.1016,520 K132,193 K36,788 K78.23
07/07/20145.9718,714 K123,446 K36,788 K77.04
07/04/20145.652,032 K120,786 K36,788 K76.65
07/03/20145.6410,466 K118,754 K48,823 K70.87
07/02/20145.6612,657 K118,754 K71,215 K62.51
06/30/20145.487,808 K116,634 K71,215 K62.09
06/27/20145.568,255 K137,271 K63,407 K68.40
06/26/20145.4117,523 K142,440 K63,407 K69.20
06/25/20145.216,995 K124,917 K73,250 K63.04
06/24/20145.2811,520 K124,917 K92,032 K57.58
06/23/20145.4112,864 K124,917 K88,611 K58.50
06/20/20145.2310,408 K112,053 K97,491 K53.47
06/19/20145.0722,721 K101,645 K107,134 K48.69
06/18/20144.9410,499 K94,409 K107,134 K46.84
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