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HND Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the HND table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for HND Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define HND overbought and oversold condition and HND Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy HND stock when HND MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell HND stock when HND MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the HND table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/17/20145.2627,236 K73,461 K203,014 K26.57
04/16/20145.527,684 K73,461 K187,052 K28.20
04/15/20145.4410,752 K65,778 K221,985 K22.86
04/14/20145.488,118 K105,843 K211,233 K33.38
04/11/20145.337,408 K97,725 K251,367 K27.99
04/10/20145.3624,301 K121,288 K243,959 K33.21
04/09/20145.5011,217 K147,500 K219,658 K40.17
04/08/20145.5625,431 K180,971 K208,440 K46.47
04/07/20145.6818,155 K180,971 K196,940 K47.89
04/04/20145.809,542 K203,567 K178,785 K53.24
04/03/20145.8441,587 K203,567 K202,848 K50.09
04/02/20146.0427,385 K203,567 K191,084 K51.58
04/01/20146.2128,009 K238,200 K163,699 K59.27
03/31/20146.0129,651 K251,423 K163,699 K60.57
03/28/20145.6911,273 K248,172 K163,699 K60.25
03/27/20145.7134,933 K248,172 K186,484 K57.10
03/26/20146.0040,065 K276,325 K151,550 K64.58
03/25/20145.9740,134 K236,260 K199,296 K54.24
03/24/20146.3323,563 K267,126 K159,162 K62.66
03/21/20146.2826,213 K243,563 K209,871 K53.72
03/20/20146.0833,470 K247,134 K209,871 K54.08
03/19/20145.9213,931 K213,664 K240,262 K47.07
03/18/20145.9222,596 K260,450 K226,331 K53.50
03/17/20145.7933,606 K289,821 K226,331 K56.15
03/14/20146.0629,823 K327,261 K192,725 K62.94
03/13/20146.1134,633 K391,762 K162,902 K70.63
03/12/20145.8641,233 K357,129 K194,517 K64.74
03/11/20145.6426,399 K340,325 K194,517 K63.63
03/10/20145.6034,058 K313,926 K228,372 K57.89
03/07/20145.6228,154 K313,926 K237,852 K56.89
03/06/20145.6147,745 K304,340 K237,852 K56.13
03/05/20145.7330,866 K304,340 K228,488 K57.12
03/04/20145.6950,709 K273,474 K252,686 K51.98
03/03/20145.8829,784 K273,474 K233,882 K53.90
02/28/20145.7330,390 K273,018 K233,882 K53.86
02/27/20145.9946,785 K307,417 K203,492 K60.17
02/26/20145.8651,967 K289,788 K203,492 K58.75
02/25/20145.6037,440 K279,537 K203,492 K57.87
02/24/20145.3764,501 K242,097 K248,358 K49.36
02/21/20145.0931,614 K177,596 K265,209 K40.11
02/20/20145.2624,428 K202,798 K233,594 K46.47
02/19/20145.2233,855 K219,259 K233,594 K48.42
02/18/20145.6443,538 K219,259 K249,186 K46.81
02/14/20146.0318,568 K219,259 K233,395 K48.44
02/13/20143.0638,381 K255,465 K233,395 K52.26
02/12/20143.2124,198 K255,465 K276,339 K48.04
02/11/20143.2631,906 K255,465 K308,214 K45.32
02/10/20143.4929,328 K255,465 K357,681 K41.66
02/07/20143.2734,399 K226,137 K386,250 K36.93
02/06/20143.0329,156 K199,681 K386,250 K34.08
02/05/20142.8341,717 K198,281 K386,250 K33.92
02/04/20142.7944,866 K156,564 K463,713 K25.24
02/03/20143.3216,851 K156,564 K440,598 K26.22
01/31/20143.3825,202 K156,564 K445,202 K26.02
01/30/20143.1840,889 K131,361 K475,419 K21.65
01/29/20142.9849,447 K101,163 K475,419 K17.55
01/28/20143.5827,748 K117,572 K425,972 K21.63
01/27/20143.7654,774 K130,715 K398,225 K24.71
01/24/20143.6281,324 K75,941 K419,501 K15.33
01/23/20144.1956,072 K88,797 K338,177 K20.80
01/22/20144.3281,373 K88,797 K302,074 K22.72
01/21/20144.7328,569 K88,797 K228,650 K27.97
01/20/20145.057,943 K105,786 K200,080 K34.59
01/17/20144.9327,755 K97,842 K209,744 K31.81
01/16/20144.7677,463 K84,116 K209,744 K28.62
01/15/20144.8321,751 K89,578 K132,280 K40.38
01/14/20144.8821,454 K89,578 K118,256 K43.10
01/13/20145.0630,217 K89,578 K106,478 K45.69
01/10/20145.6010,691 K89,578 K104,467 K46.16
01/09/20145.5716,409 K78,888 K110,465 K41.66
01/08/20145.1713,143 K62,479 K110,465 K36.13
01/07/20144.9721,277 K61,747 K110,465 K35.86
01/06/20145.0512,856 K61,747 K103,810 K37.30
01/03/20145.0419,970 K48,891 K122,043 K28.60
01/02/20145.057,949 K48,891 K114,554 K29.91
12/31/20135.1316,989 K48,891 K113,658 K30.08
12/30/20134.789,663 K31,902 K125,461 K20.27
12/27/20134.9214,028 K31,902 K128,907 K19.84
12/24/20134.735,462 K17,873 K147,840 K10.79
12/23/20134.607,727 K12,411 K153,977 K7.46
12/20/20134.709,675 K12,411 K153,420 K7.48
12/19/20134.8128,207 K12,411 K151,585 K7.57
12/18/20135.155,997 K12,411 K129,828 K8.73
12/17/20135.2013,657 K12,411 K126,471 K8.94
12/16/20135.2012,411 K12,411 K136,514 K8.33
12/13/20134.9514,622 K0 K147,543 K0.00
12/12/20135.0218,233 K0 K139,353 K0.00
12/11/20135.1812,481 K0 K133,296 K0.00
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