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GST Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the GST table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for GST Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define GST overbought and oversold condition and GST Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the GST table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/24/20143.915,114 K39,853 K117,687 K25.30
10/23/20143.987,739 K39,853 K124,140 K24.30
10/22/20143.958,961 K37,041 K124,140 K22.98
10/21/20144.046,583 K37,041 K144,518 K20.40
10/20/20143.926,073 K30,458 K158,623 K16.11
10/17/20144.1510,331 K30,458 K175,161 K14.81
10/16/20144.1611,433 K39,261 K164,831 K19.24
10/15/20143.8414,099 K27,828 K175,844 K13.66
10/14/20143.7012,649 K25,852 K175,844 K12.82
10/13/20143.9016,686 K39,194 K163,195 K19.37
10/10/20144.4914,137 K48,458 K146,510 K24.85
10/09/20144.8311,898 K48,458 K153,448 K24.00
10/08/20145.1318,884 K48,458 K225,345 K17.70
10/07/20145.2512,955 K48,458 K225,347 K17.70
10/06/20145.4311,566 K48,458 K226,233 K17.64
10/03/20145.704,927 K48,458 K237,088 K16.97
10/02/20145.5529,339 K43,532 K244,991 K15.09
10/01/20145.8714,105 K50,339 K215,652 K18.93
09/30/20146.0222,611 K62,334 K201,547 K23.62
09/29/20146.238,803 K62,334 K182,919 K25.42
09/26/20146.1711,014 K53,531 K188,682 K22.10
09/25/20146.2412,123 K59,210 K177,669 K25.00
09/24/20146.2213,342 K50,259 K177,669 K22.05
09/23/20146.139,264 K36,917 K183,547 K16.75
09/22/20146.0821,075 K27,653 K186,080 K12.94
09/19/20146.4383,796 K27,653 K169,315 K14.04
09/18/20146.6018,886 K31,183 K85,519 K26.72
09/17/20146.7013,842 K31,183 K70,779 K30.58
09/16/20147.0122,421 K31,183 K59,944 K34.22
09/15/20147.677,903 K37,204 K37,522 K49.79
09/12/20147.776,807 K42,658 K29,620 K59.02
09/11/20147.6311,994 K35,851 K32,380 K52.54
09/10/20147.233,983 K23,856 K37,476 K38.90
09/09/20147.255,764 K23,856 K37,527 K38.86
09/08/20147.465,679 K27,854 K31,763 K46.72
09/05/20147.293,172 K27,723 K31,763 K46.60
09/04/20147.255,878 K29,155 K31,763 K47.86
09/03/20147.572,533 K29,155 K32,085 K47.61
09/02/20147.624,309 K29,155 K34,652 K45.69
08/29/20147.753,531 K29,155 K36,296 K44.54
08/28/20147.524,145 K38,816 K36,296 K51.68
08/27/20147.573,007 K51,921 K32,151 K61.76
08/26/20147.596,021 K51,921 K39,081 K57.06
08/25/20147.465,454 K45,901 K42,972 K51.65
08/22/20147.352,760 K40,447 K51,472 K44.00
08/21/20147.355,096 K45,968 K48,712 K48.55
08/20/20147.364,033 K45,968 K53,383 K46.27
08/19/20147.443,998 K45,968 K59,321 K43.66
08/18/20147.275,547 K41,970 K67,991 K38.17
08/15/20147.184,605 K36,423 K74,626 K32.80
08/14/20147.156,201 K31,818 K82,817 K27.76
08/13/20147.185,100 K31,818 K82,655 K27.80
08/12/20147.435,953 K31,818 K81,900 K27.98
08/11/20147.8013,192 K31,818 K82,523 K27.83
08/08/20147.1113,105 K24,838 K82,523 K23.14
08/07/20146.169,937 K15,158 K82,523 K15.52
08/06/20146.353,892 K15,158 K77,926 K16.28
08/05/20146.388,500 K22,722 K74,034 K23.48
08/04/20146.625,521 K22,722 K73,468 K23.62
08/01/20146.579,767 K17,201 K85,783 K16.70
07/31/20146.759,971 K23,053 K76,016 K23.27
07/30/20147.108,670 K23,053 K70,752 K24.58
07/29/20147.286,635 K23,053 K70,217 K24.72
07/28/20147.448,191 K27,988 K63,582 K30.56
07/25/20147.836,038 K27,988 K65,020 K30.09
07/24/20148.094,345 K27,988 K69,494 K28.71
07/23/20148.126,577 K33,189 K65,149 K33.75
07/22/20148.266,211 K33,189 K64,325 K34.04
07/21/20148.093,425 K33,291 K64,325 K34.10
07/18/20148.045,340 K47,177 K64,325 K42.31
07/17/20148.067,564 K47,177 K68,590 K40.75
07/16/20147.957,934 K39,613 K74,926 K34.58
07/15/20148.0212,315 K50,181 K66,992 K42.83
07/14/20148.335,852 K50,181 K70,594 K41.55
07/11/20148.114,707 K58,859 K70,594 K45.47
07/10/20148.128,135 K98,625 K65,886 K59.95
07/09/20148.344,935 K111,506 K57,752 K65.88
07/08/20148.169,630 K122,114 K57,752 K67.89
07/07/20148.3910,512 K136,588 K48,121 K73.95
07/03/20148.535,202 K146,300 K37,610 K79.55
07/02/20148.385,752 K141,098 K45,536 K75.60
07/01/20148.556,313 K141,098 K47,917 K74.65
06/30/20148.5417,311 K134,785 K55,939 K70.67
06/27/20148.529,604 K127,181 K55,939 K69.45
06/26/20148.596,337 K138,745 K46,335 K74.96
06/25/20148.6610,568 K145,233 K39,998 K78.41
06/24/20148.6615,916 K134,665 K51,233 K72.44
06/23/20148.9014,529 K134,665 K42,312 K76.09
06/20/20148.6539,766 K120,136 K46,464 K72.11
06/19/20148.2312,880 K80,369 K53,414 K60.07
06/18/20148.2215,543 K67,489 K59,693 K53.06
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