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GST Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the GST table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for GST Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define GST overbought and oversold condition and GST Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy GST stock when GST MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell GST stock when GST MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the GST table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/16/20146.203,584 K63,636 K40,379 K61.18
04/15/20146.186,219 K60,052 K46,062 K56.59
04/14/20146.323,917 K60,052 K44,772 K57.29
04/11/20146.182,931 K59,284 K44,772 K56.97
04/10/20146.305,471 K59,284 K45,647 K56.50
04/09/20146.636,278 K59,284 K44,853 K56.93
04/08/20146.5613,850 K53,006 K47,216 K52.89
04/07/20146.1610,001 K39,156 K52,116 K42.90
04/04/20146.175,946 K45,018 K42,115 K51.67
04/03/20146.3113,581 K51,045 K36,169 K58.53
04/02/20146.024,900 K37,464 K53,394 K41.23
04/01/20146.0317,346 K37,464 K48,494 K43.58
03/31/20145.315,080 K25,312 K48,494 K34.30
03/28/20145.144,912 K20,233 K54,011 K27.25
03/27/20145.245,683 K20,233 K52,122 K27.96
03/26/20145.334,929 K20,233 K48,446 K29.46
03/25/20145.563,149 K20,233 K46,742 K30.21
03/24/20145.413,806 K17,084 K51,884 K24.77
03/21/20145.724,676 K21,846 K48,078 K31.24
03/20/20145.782,364 K21,846 K49,099 K30.79
03/19/20145.844,900 K21,846 K50,717 K30.11
03/18/20145.855,861 K21,846 K51,176 K29.92
03/17/20145.466,028 K15,985 K53,354 K23.05
03/14/20145.2717,224 K9,957 K57,661 K14.73
03/13/20145.915,068 K14,106 K40,437 K25.86
03/12/20145.915,195 K14,106 K45,601 K23.62
03/11/20145.825,517 K8,911 K50,401 K15.02
03/10/20146.133,023 K8,911 K52,072 K14.61
03/07/20146.182,008 K22,335 K49,049 K31.29
03/06/20146.183,225 K39,726 K47,041 K45.78
03/05/20146.235,142 K44,592 K43,817 K50.44
03/04/20146.404,762 K48,667 K38,674 K55.72
03/03/20146.325,696 K46,349 K38,674 K54.51
02/28/20146.443,982 K48,833 K32,978 K59.69
02/27/20146.495,359 K48,833 K33,990 K58.96
02/26/20146.572,178 K48,833 K32,722 K59.88
02/25/20146.614,307 K48,833 K36,425 K57.28
02/24/20146.664,149 K52,713 K32,118 K62.14
02/21/20146.575,165 K51,917 K32,118 K61.78
02/20/20146.754,800 K57,563 K26,953 K68.11
02/19/20146.767,187 K57,563 K28,973 K66.52
02/18/20146.9913,424 K57,563 K26,006 K68.88
02/14/20146.5717,391 K47,621 K26,006 K64.68
02/13/20146.014,866 K30,230 K32,441 K48.24
02/12/20145.854,075 K25,364 K41,144 K38.14
02/11/20145.622,444 K21,289 K46,255 K31.52
02/10/20145.462,484 K25,926 K46,255 K35.92
02/07/20145.374,994 K30,597 K46,255 K39.81
02/06/20145.474,091 K30,597 K44,249 K40.88
02/05/20145.605,881 K30,597 K44,074 K40.98
02/04/20146.023,880 K34,476 K38,193 K47.44
02/03/20145.953,352 K36,519 K38,193 K48.88
01/31/20145.855,646 K38,624 K38,193 K50.28
01/30/20145.656,820 K38,249 K38,193 K50.04
01/29/20145.864,220 K38,249 K37,078 K50.78
01/28/20146.023,482 K38,249 K36,255 K51.34
01/27/20145.926,435 K34,767 K39,571 K46.77
01/24/20146.318,703 K34,767 K39,236 K46.98
01/23/20146.695,111 K34,767 K37,142 K48.35
01/22/20146.757,081 K34,767 K42,244 K45.15
01/21/20146.587,155 K41,929 K42,244 K49.81
01/17/20146.532,988 K34,774 K48,767 K41.62
01/16/20146.683,915 K34,774 K50,060 K40.99
01/15/20146.703,879 K43,939 K46,145 K48.78
01/14/20146.675,923 K46,590 K46,145 K50.24
01/13/20146.485,458 K57,063 K46,145 K55.29
01/10/20146.385,272 K60,043 K46,145 K56.54
01/09/20146.295,706 K60,200 K46,145 K56.61
01/08/20146.353,398 K60,200 K42,967 K58.35
01/07/20146.363,315 K63,638 K39,569 K61.66
01/06/20146.416,100 K67,698 K36,253 K65.12
01/03/20146.556,609 K67,698 K30,154 K69.18
01/02/20146.6510,214 K70,476 K23,545 K74.96
12/31/20136.7614,242 K70,476 K17,116 K80.46
12/30/20136.356,523 K56,234 K20,024 K73.74
12/27/20136.534,280 K56,234 K16,894 K76.90
12/26/20136.619,165 K56,234 K20,634 K73.16
12/24/20136.516,530 K49,479 K20,634 K70.57
12/23/20136.3716,396 K46,790 K20,634 K69.40
12/20/20135.888,437 K30,394 K25,101 K54.77
12/19/20135.615,429 K26,797 K25,101 K51.63
12/18/20135.372,528 K25,275 K25,101 K50.17
12/17/20135.433,438 K25,275 K26,381 K48.93
12/16/20135.414,059 K27,951 K26,381 K51.44
12/13/20135.212,704 K32,687 K26,381 K55.34
12/12/20135.212,778 K51,219 K26,381 K66.00
12/11/20135.173,785 K51,454 K26,381 K66.11
12/10/20135.392,909 K51,454 K24,254 K67.96
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