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DLTR Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the DLTR table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for DLTR Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define DLTR overbought and oversold condition and DLTR Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy DLTR stock when DLTR MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell DLTR stock when DLTR MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the DLTR table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/23/201451.5459,450 K625,366 K768,609 K44.86
04/22/201451.1780,598 K663,719 K768,609 K46.34
04/21/201450.8267,489 K673,593 K768,609 K46.71
04/17/201450.9870,515 K673,593 K782,349 K46.27
04/16/201450.8750,953 K675,802 K782,349 K46.35
04/15/201450.7498,518 K624,849 K872,692 K41.72
04/14/201450.87101,959 K728,013 K774,174 K48.46
04/11/201450.71139,848 K626,055 K865,773 K41.97
04/10/201451.23114,940 K626,055 K850,116 K42.41
04/09/201451.75141,200 K626,055 K922,299 K40.43
04/08/201450.8897,842 K484,855 K984,832 K32.99
04/07/201451.23141,513 K484,855 K957,305 K33.62
04/04/201452.39108,459 K484,855 K876,549 K35.61
04/03/201452.82120,691 K484,855 K847,806 K36.38
04/02/201452.6997,803 K364,164 K922,467 K28.30
04/01/201452.2690,472 K266,361 K1,011,074 K20.85
03/31/201452.1081,229 K298,825 K1,011,074 K22.81
03/28/201452.2072,724 K375,830 K929,845 K28.78
03/27/201451.7190,343 K303,106 K1,028,183 K22.77
03/26/201452.22103,164 K405,968 K937,840 K30.21
03/25/201452.1391,598 K302,803 K1,008,493 K23.09
03/24/201452.44124,191 K302,803 K1,046,934 K22.43
03/21/201453.08187,123 K408,776 K922,742 K30.70
03/20/201453.3062,533 K408,776 K831,619 K32.96
03/19/201453.3770,315 K408,776 K889,819 K31.48
03/18/201453.6260,757 K640,403 K819,504 K43.87
03/17/201453.7579,717 K1,147,200 K758,747 K60.19
03/14/201454.1874,661 K1,303,461 K679,030 K65.75
03/13/201454.3888,607 K1,420,431 K604,369 K70.15
03/12/201454.69122,936 K1,520,676 K515,762 K74.67
03/11/201454.4177,006 K1,397,740 K652,303 K68.18
03/10/201454.2898,338 K1,439,996 K652,303 K68.82
03/07/201454.52102,862 K1,537,628 K553,965 K73.51
03/06/201454.0570,653 K1,536,623 K553,965 K73.50
03/05/201454.06130,039 K1,536,623 K569,511 K72.96
03/04/201454.73105,973 K1,671,779 K439,473 K79.18
03/03/201454.6695,999 K1,656,432 K439,473 K79.03
02/28/201454.78120,733 K1,761,023 K343,474 K83.68
02/27/201454.97231,627 K1,843,554 K222,740 K89.22
02/26/201454.64506,797 K1,770,593 K222,740 K88.83
02/25/201452.53156,260 K1,263,796 K531,143 K70.41
02/24/201452.36116,970 K1,107,536 K686,941 K61.72
02/21/201451.87100,245 K990,566 K850,555 K53.80
02/20/201451.72136,541 K890,321 K1,196,917 K42.66
02/19/201452.24119,261 K1,050,254 K1,060,377 K49.76
02/18/201452.1697,632 K930,993 K1,222,353 K43.23
02/14/201451.83101,858 K833,361 K1,434,920 K36.74
02/13/201451.7586,200 K731,503 K1,641,594 K30.82
02/12/201451.88135,156 K731,503 K1,722,485 K29.81
02/11/201451.4690,625 K596,347 K1,886,708 K24.02
02/10/201451.27104,591 K505,722 K2,023,269 K20.00
02/07/201451.2382,531 K401,131 K2,222,852 K15.29
02/06/201450.55158,666 K318,600 K2,424,162 K11.62
02/05/201449.93308,403 K159,933 K2,606,907 K5.78
02/04/201449.98155,798 K159,933 K2,416,653 K6.21
02/03/201450.00163,614 K159,933 K2,376,360 K6.31
01/31/201450.34346,362 K159,933 K2,395,351 K6.26
01/30/201451.03159,933 K159,933 K2,235,687 K6.68
01/29/201450.77161,976 K0 K2,427,835 K0.00
01/28/201451.12212,567 K0 K2,367,485 K0.00
01/27/201451.37206,674 K0 K2,284,585 K0.00
01/24/201451.99167,091 K154,524 K2,077,911 K6.92
01/23/201452.57164,223 K249,635 K1,910,820 K11.55
01/22/201453.06136,561 K249,635 K1,880,690 K11.72
01/21/201453.80199,583 K295,895 K1,744,130 K14.50
01/17/201454.32201,310 K295,895 K1,611,750 K15.51
01/16/201454.76182,745 K295,895 K1,479,803 K16.66
01/15/201455.14118,148 K363,246 K1,297,057 K21.88
01/14/201455.16115,505 K428,269 K1,178,909 K26.65
01/13/201455.36182,605 K552,426 K1,063,404 K34.19
01/10/201456.00186,698 K552,426 K1,095,843 K33.52
01/09/201456.33192,147 K552,426 K1,008,172 K35.40
01/08/201456.56101,627 K552,426 K982,796 K35.98
01/07/201456.67129,667 K552,426 K992,105 K35.77
01/06/201456.91154,524 K678,329 K862,439 K44.03
01/03/201456.6395,110 K523,805 K929,001 K36.05
01/02/201456.31134,093 K428,695 K1,035,561 K29.28
12/31/201356.4746,260 K541,819 K901,467 K37.54
12/30/201356.3067,204 K614,434 K901,467 K40.53
12/27/201356.3569,363 K737,036 K834,264 K46.91
12/26/201356.4067,351 K737,036 K971,119 K43.15
12/24/201356.3865,023 K837,489 K971,119 K46.31
12/23/201355.82124,157 K772,466 K1,121,798 K40.78
12/20/201355.40215,044 K648,309 K1,273,850 K33.73
12/19/201355.4099,028 K648,309 K1,170,087 K35.65
12/18/201355.60166,771 K648,309 K1,180,140 K35.46
12/17/201355.80110,936 K648,309 K1,127,428 K36.51
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