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DLTR Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the DLTR table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for DLTR Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define DLTR overbought and oversold condition and DLTR Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy DLTR stock when DLTR MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell DLTR stock when DLTR MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the DLTR table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
07/30/201455.27385,990 K2,747,811 K1,064,894 K72.07
07/29/201454.47691,830 K2,361,821 K1,180,349 K66.68
07/28/201456.452,049,304 K2,444,471 K488,518 K83.34
07/25/201454.4342,216 K488,446 K488,518 K50.00
07/24/201454.8782,837 K596,043 K446,302 K57.18
07/23/201454.3828,013 K571,568 K446,302 K56.15
07/22/201454.3743,684 K620,526 K446,302 K58.17
07/21/201454.5235,418 K704,705 K402,619 K63.64
07/18/201454.5565,322 K854,321 K367,201 K69.94
07/17/201454.3562,463 K788,999 K429,492 K64.75
07/16/201454.6972,974 K788,999 K443,808 K64.00
07/15/201455.28116,309 K900,644 K370,834 K70.83
07/14/201455.3764,923 K1,019,889 K254,525 K80.03
07/11/201455.1471,422 K954,966 K319,222 K74.95
07/10/201455.13115,455 K883,544 K443,260 K66.59
07/09/201455.6682,650 K945,317 K327,805 K74.25
07/08/201455.2693,279 K862,667 K387,254 K69.02
07/07/201455.17107,597 K769,389 K427,716 K64.27
07/03/201454.9458,363 K712,204 K427,716 K62.48
07/02/201454.6276,971 K653,841 K490,442 K57.14
07/01/201454.4684,179 K576,871 K553,823 K51.02
06/30/201454.06149,616 K492,692 K613,193 K44.55
06/27/201453.3062,292 K343,075 K693,365 K33.10
06/26/201453.5376,779 K493,976 K631,073 K43.91
06/25/201454.07111,645 K567,632 K554,294 K50.59
06/24/201453.72119,244 K550,346 K554,294 K49.82
06/23/201453.5864,697 K495,067 K554,294 K47.18
06/20/201453.70124,039 K650,286 K489,598 K57.05
06/19/201453.7361,773 K705,050 K365,559 K65.86
06/18/201453.6859,449 K643,277 K435,615 K59.62
06/17/201453.9340,461 K749,666 K376,166 K66.59
06/16/201454.0550,412 K749,666 K423,885 K63.88
06/13/201453.8762,726 K788,153 K423,885 K65.03
06/12/201453.9263,381 K788,153 K488,916 K61.72
06/11/201454.3259,370 K1,141,839 K425,535 K72.85
06/10/201454.9280,172 K1,141,839 K541,307 K67.84
06/09/201456.04150,901 K1,141,839 K578,379 K66.38
06/06/201455.0573,656 K1,077,222 K578,379 K65.07
06/05/201454.4294,359 K1,075,209 K578,379 K65.02
06/04/201454.0963,965 K980,851 K667,414 K59.51
06/03/201453.64155,219 K916,885 K728,461 K55.73
06/02/201453.2054,764 K761,666 K846,221 K47.37
05/30/201453.1270,056 K786,688 K846,221 K48.18
05/29/201453.27106,390 K856,317 K776,165 K52.45
05/28/201452.7288,180 K840,204 K776,165 K51.98
05/27/201453.0988,899 K840,204 K771,924 K52.12
05/23/201452.87127,758 K751,305 K831,818 K47.46
05/22/201453.61353,686 K751,305 K756,372 K49.83
05/21/201450.36175,142 K472,205 K756,372 K38.44
05/20/201451.37117,244 K531,988 K581,230 K47.79
05/19/201451.8186,285 K599,075 K463,985 K56.35
05/16/201451.4971,643 K512,790 K524,007 K49.46
05/15/201451.0489,034 K507,464 K524,007 K49.20
05/14/201451.8861,047 K507,464 K495,879 K50.58
05/13/201452.43117,760 K507,464 K471,333 K51.85
05/12/201453.1379,785 K566,914 K353,573 K61.59
05/09/201452.3869,630 K567,727 K353,573 K61.62
05/08/201452.2190,276 K498,097 K421,062 K54.19
05/07/201451.7683,939 K478,336 K421,062 K53.18
05/06/201451.8659,893 K529,289 K337,123 K61.09
05/05/201452.0052,312 K529,289 K375,748 K58.48
05/02/201452.2974,586 K631,248 K323,436 K66.12
05/01/201451.8659,783 K556,661 K463,284 K54.58
04/30/201451.7867,087 K496,879 K578,223 K46.22
04/29/201451.6760,021 K570,991 K578,223 K49.69
04/28/201451.8766,317 K570,991 K616,045 K48.10
04/25/201451.3660,907 K504,675 K757,557 K39.98
04/24/201451.5036,501 K504,675 K805,110 K38.53
04/23/201451.5459,450 K625,366 K768,609 K44.86
04/22/201451.1780,598 K663,719 K768,609 K46.34
04/21/201450.8267,489 K673,593 K768,609 K46.71
04/17/201450.9870,515 K673,593 K782,349 K46.27
04/16/201450.8750,953 K675,802 K782,349 K46.35
04/15/201450.7498,518 K624,849 K872,692 K41.72
04/14/201450.87101,959 K728,013 K774,174 K48.46
04/11/201450.71139,848 K626,055 K865,773 K41.97
04/10/201451.23114,940 K626,055 K850,116 K42.41
04/09/201451.75141,200 K626,055 K922,299 K40.43
04/08/201450.8897,842 K484,855 K984,832 K32.99
04/07/201451.23141,513 K484,855 K957,305 K33.62
04/04/201452.39108,459 K484,855 K876,549 K35.61
04/03/201452.82120,691 K484,855 K847,806 K36.38
04/02/201452.6997,803 K364,164 K922,467 K28.30
04/01/201452.2690,472 K266,361 K1,011,074 K20.85
03/31/201452.1081,229 K298,825 K1,011,074 K22.81
03/28/201452.2072,724 K375,830 K929,845 K28.78
03/27/201451.7190,343 K303,106 K1,028,183 K22.77
03/26/201452.22103,164 K405,968 K937,840 K30.21
03/25/201452.1391,598 K302,803 K1,008,493 K23.09
03/24/201452.44124,191 K302,803 K1,046,934 K22.43
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