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CHS Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the CHS table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for CHS Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define CHS overbought and oversold condition and CHS Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the CHS table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
09/12/201415.7333,791 K349,921 K243,502 K58.97
09/11/201415.6634,625 K343,586 K243,502 K58.52
09/10/201415.5934,147 K344,745 K243,502 K58.61
09/09/201415.5148,490 K335,164 K243,502 K57.92
09/08/201415.2631,096 K314,204 K243,502 K56.34
09/05/201415.2925,896 K337,875 K212,406 K61.40
09/04/201415.4725,809 K337,875 K210,780 K61.58
09/03/201415.4430,060 K333,295 K210,780 K61.26
09/02/201415.7534,911 K333,295 K213,592 K60.94
08/29/201415.9042,555 K333,295 K200,191 K62.47
08/28/201415.77109,709 K311,048 K200,191 K60.84
08/27/201415.4087,685 K230,992 K200,191 K53.57
08/26/201416.0833,854 K230,992 K160,363 K59.02
08/25/201416.0820,795 K253,806 K126,509 K66.74
08/22/201415.9127,456 K249,652 K126,509 K66.37
08/21/201415.8335,784 K241,125 K126,509 K65.59
08/20/201415.5824,566 K205,342 K170,169 K54.68
08/19/201415.4027,531 K180,776 K199,692 K47.51
08/18/201415.1023,672 K153,246 K222,861 K40.75
08/15/201414.9524,270 K147,447 K222,861 K39.82
08/14/201415.0721,229 K147,447 K219,651 K40.17
08/13/201415.0732,872 K126,218 K239,941 K34.47
08/12/201415.2821,510 K146,013 K207,068 K41.35
08/11/201415.5820,307 K146,013 K209,176 K41.11
08/08/201415.5429,653 K125,705 K229,724 K35.37
08/07/201415.5147,857 K96,052 K249,855 K27.77
08/06/201416.0222,814 K131,588 K201,998 K39.45
08/05/201415.9116,640 K132,453 K201,998 K39.60
08/04/201415.8118,930 K115,813 K225,349 K33.95
08/01/201415.6743,660 K96,883 K260,370 K27.12
07/31/201415.8629,524 K96,883 K235,979 K29.11
07/30/201416.0223,168 K96,883 K224,423 K30.15
07/29/201416.0417,873 K96,883 K231,335 K29.52
07/28/201416.0021,060 K105,041 K231,335 K31.23
07/25/201416.0520,290 K105,041 K244,479 K30.05
07/24/201416.2619,795 K105,041 K247,527 K29.79
07/23/201416.1423,618 K106,868 K247,527 K30.16
07/22/201416.2920,547 K142,856 K223,909 K38.95
07/21/201416.4320,131 K185,800 K203,362 K47.74
07/18/201416.5435,536 K229,706 K183,231 K55.63
07/17/201416.2923,679 K250,556 K183,231 K57.76
07/16/201416.2923,352 K226,877 K225,215 K50.18
07/15/201416.3835,021 K273,050 K201,863 K57.49
07/14/201416.4719,269 K273,050 K235,178 K53.73
07/11/201416.5417,967 K273,050 K248,142 K52.39
07/10/201416.6030,080 K273,050 K262,934 K50.94
07/09/201416.8426,031 K273,050 K260,386 K51.19
07/08/201416.8034,205 K247,019 K300,976 K45.08
07/07/201417.0123,338 K285,798 K266,772 K51.72
07/03/201417.2021,622 K324,879 K243,434 K57.17
07/02/201417.0935,988 K303,257 K287,699 K51.32
07/01/201417.0842,944 K267,269 K347,286 K43.49
06/30/201416.9443,905 K311,547 K347,286 K47.29
06/27/201416.7156,386 K486,621 K347,286 K58.35
06/26/201416.3341,984 K462,238 K347,286 K57.10
06/25/201416.4646,174 K490,114 K305,302 K61.62
06/24/201416.4168,336 K472,371 K305,302 K60.74
06/23/201416.4332,232 K488,667 K236,966 K67.34
06/20/201416.4632,759 K513,152 K204,734 K71.48
06/19/201416.6227,532 K539,695 K171,975 K75.83
06/18/201416.7540,591 K571,524 K144,443 K79.83
06/17/201416.8138,780 K571,524 K135,313 K80.86
06/16/201416.7839,081 K532,745 K199,764 K72.73
06/13/201416.7044,265 K530,165 K199,764 K72.63
06/12/201416.7859,587 K557,681 K155,499 K78.20
06/11/201416.8087,222 K586,115 K95,911 K85.94
06/10/201416.68218,980 K498,893 K155,506 K76.24
06/09/201415.4832,003 K279,913 K178,517 K61.06
06/06/201415.4427,875 K269,212 K178,517 K60.13
06/05/201415.3228,431 K265,903 K178,517 K59.83
06/04/201415.3116,296 K237,473 K233,332 K50.44
06/03/201415.2624,485 K221,177 K265,694 K45.43
06/02/201415.2226,542 K242,720 K265,694 K47.74
05/30/201415.2031,830 K243,258 K265,694 K47.80
05/29/201415.1731,460 K211,428 K316,687 K40.03
05/28/201415.4664,451 K250,711 K285,227 K46.78
05/27/201415.5936,501 K250,711 K247,283 K50.34
05/23/201415.5127,516 K214,210 K304,084 K41.33
05/22/201415.4928,433 K186,694 K324,312 K36.53
05/21/201415.3559,595 K182,351 K324,312 K35.99
05/20/201415.7223,011 K212,714 K264,717 K44.55
05/19/201416.1421,302 K237,185 K241,706 K49.53
05/16/201416.0224,567 K215,883 K266,721 K44.73
05/15/201415.8654,815 K191,316 K288,751 K39.85
05/14/201416.4632,362 K191,316 K254,407 K42.92
05/13/201416.6146,029 K217,209 K222,045 K49.45
05/12/201416.1827,080 K197,114 K222,045 K47.03
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