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CFN Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the CFN table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for CFN Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define CFN overbought and oversold condition and CFN Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the CFN table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/24/201456.96126,229 K2,202,730 K1,731,531 K55.99
10/23/201456.9669,935 K5,072,899 K1,731,531 K74.55
10/22/201456.75163,254 K5,048,871 K1,731,531 K74.46
10/21/201456.68262,066 K4,939,883 K1,731,531 K74.05
10/20/201456.46179,565 K4,677,817 K1,804,133 K72.17
10/17/201456.49236,300 K4,677,817 K1,660,693 K73.80
10/16/201456.40291,582 K4,441,517 K1,689,118 K72.45
10/15/201456.54268,745 K4,441,517 K1,437,013 K75.55
10/14/201457.06154,179 K4,441,517 K1,282,621 K77.59
10/13/201457.08388,658 K4,488,705 K1,128,442 K79.91
10/10/201457.34448,803 K4,488,705 K851,181 K84.06
10/09/201457.59199,129 K4,488,705 K449,351 K90.90
10/08/201457.37222,722 K4,352,851 K449,351 K90.64
10/07/201457.041,049,324 K4,168,801 K449,351 K90.27
10/06/201456.952,870,169 K3,166,082 K449,351 K87.57
10/03/201446.0345,907 K329,399 K449,351 K42.30
10/02/201445.2654,267 K283,492 K489,767 K36.66
10/01/201445.0672,602 K229,225 K489,767 K31.88
09/30/201445.4236,124 K323,295 K417,165 K43.66
09/29/201445.6628,425 K378,579 K381,041 K49.84
09/26/201445.6839,477 K378,579 K407,448 K48.16
09/25/201445.84114,353 K378,579 K430,879 K46.77
09/24/201446.2147,188 K421,393 K316,526 K57.11
09/23/201445.44111,397 K374,204 K356,718 K51.20
09/22/201446.4246,972 K402,972 K245,321 K62.16
09/19/201446.7963,274 K469,328 K198,348 K70.29
09/18/201446.6838,672 K455,129 K198,348 K69.65
09/17/201446.3946,605 K416,457 K236,579 K63.77
09/16/201446.3733,486 K392,882 K236,579 K62.42
09/15/201446.2340,416 K359,396 K261,382 K57.89
09/12/201446.5270,292 K385,978 K220,966 K63.59
09/11/201446.5294,070 K434,907 K220,966 K66.31
09/10/201446.2255,284 K374,842 K220,966 K62.91
09/09/201445.9054,833 K346,705 K220,966 K61.07
09/08/201446.1262,908 K374,787 K166,133 K69.29
09/05/201446.2042,814 K436,517 K103,226 K80.88
09/04/201446.1240,192 K393,703 K145,933 K72.96
09/03/201446.1828,768 K428,443 K105,741 K80.21
09/02/201446.0966,356 K463,275 K105,741 K81.42
08/29/201445.7149,075 K447,638 K105,741 K80.89
08/28/201445.3038,230 K485,722 K105,741 K82.12
08/27/201445.3123,029 K485,722 K178,304 K73.15
08/26/201445.2724,803 K462,693 K280,970 K62.22
08/25/201445.2826,582 K462,693 K399,292 K53.68
08/22/201445.0648,930 K436,111 K603,614 K41.94
08/21/201445.0134,005 K387,181 K681,244 K36.24
08/20/201444.8727,146 K353,176 K737,534 K32.38
08/19/201444.7728,082 K326,030 K830,639 K28.19
08/18/201444.4861,730 K324,162 K830,639 K28.07
08/15/201443.9342,708 K262,433 K865,362 K23.27
08/14/201444.0634,740 K301,054 K822,654 K26.79
08/13/201443.9563,600 K266,314 K857,524 K23.70
08/12/201443.3250,719 K245,976 K857,524 K22.29
08/11/201443.0687,160 K235,869 K857,524 K21.57
08/08/201442.26110,793 K148,709 K912,412 K14.01
08/07/201442.26102,666 K148,709 K824,692 K15.28
08/06/201442.52143,125 K198,887 K722,026 K21.60
08/05/201443.12204,323 K198,887 K628,617 K24.03
08/04/201443.6577,630 K198,887 K461,618 K30.11
08/01/201443.7356,289 K198,887 K421,150 K32.08
07/31/201444.1393,105 K198,887 K403,874 K33.00
07/30/201444.9326,215 K246,422 K310,768 K44.23
07/29/201444.8534,723 K220,207 K354,518 K38.32
07/28/201444.9138,621 K220,207 K347,061 K38.82
07/25/201444.7134,869 K181,586 K395,221 K31.48
07/24/201444.7443,262 K181,586 K436,949 K29.36
07/23/201444.6840,611 K160,136 K436,949 K26.82
07/22/201444.4454,888 K162,810 K436,949 K27.15
07/21/201444.4723,074 K281,942 K382,061 K42.46
07/18/201444.5050,178 K354,735 K358,987 K49.70
07/17/201444.2549,716 K304,557 K394,947 K43.54
07/16/201444.4137,324 K368,547 K345,231 K51.63
07/15/201444.5337,162 K406,978 K307,907 K56.93
07/14/201444.6839,013 K406,978 K337,307 K54.68
07/11/201444.8347,534 K471,433 K298,294 K61.25
07/10/201444.5643,750 K490,600 K298,294 K62.19
07/09/201444.7327,265 K549,122 K254,544 K68.33
07/08/201444.7548,160 K606,645 K227,279 K72.75
07/07/201445.4276,597 K606,645 K223,046 K73.12
07/03/201445.5421,812 K682,331 K146,449 K82.33
07/02/201445.3543,285 K660,519 K177,746 K78.80
07/01/201445.08119,133 K617,234 K240,366 K71.97
06/30/201444.3572,793 K498,101 K293,417 K62.93
06/27/201444.3135,959 K425,308 K340,247 K55.56
06/26/201444.3763,990 K425,308 K367,294 K53.66
06/25/201444.3738,430 K410,044 K367,294 K52.75
06/24/201444.1166,562 K417,077 K367,294 K53.17
06/23/201444.2264,456 K487,600 K300,732 K61.85
06/20/201444.1766,701 K486,148 K300,732 K61.78
06/19/201443.8358,522 K419,446 K343,492 K54.98
06/18/201443.2657,523 K413,635 K343,492 K54.63
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