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CFN Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the CFN table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for CFN Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define CFN overbought and oversold condition and CFN Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy CFN stock when CFN MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell CFN stock when CFN MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the CFN table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/23/201438.3667,907 K377,081 K388,100 K49.28
04/22/201438.4990,144 K377,081 K378,015 K49.94
04/21/201438.4837,953 K344,445 K378,015 K47.68
04/17/201438.4833,615 K392,164 K340,063 K53.56
04/16/201438.5546,241 K447,373 K306,447 K59.35
04/15/201438.4442,988 K401,132 K378,012 K51.48
04/14/201438.6533,741 K401,132 K396,397 K50.30
04/11/201438.5442,456 K404,353 K396,397 K50.50
04/10/201439.3044,220 K404,353 K396,476 K50.49
04/09/201439.6149,505 K404,353 K404,640 K49.98
04/08/201439.3764,886 K354,849 K423,112 K45.61
04/07/201440.0654,077 K354,849 K382,266 K48.14
04/04/201441.1193,558 K388,724 K328,189 K54.22
04/03/201440.5963,893 K326,184 K328,189 K49.85
04/02/201440.2457,822 K262,292 K370,841 K41.43
04/01/201440.2857,508 K302,983 K313,020 K49.19
03/31/201440.0847,719 K245,475 K355,933 K40.82
03/28/201439.5655,209 K197,756 K407,218 K32.69
03/27/201439.2871,564 K172,790 K407,218 K29.79
03/26/201439.7061,373 K172,790 K378,707 K31.33
03/25/201439.8636,962 K219,102 K317,334 K40.84
03/24/201439.8042,534 K182,140 K353,044 K34.03
03/21/201440.5252,384 K227,587 K310,510 K42.29
03/20/201440.7718,473 K227,587 K287,378 K44.19
03/19/201440.9024,039 K227,587 K333,123 K40.59
03/18/201440.9433,875 K227,587 K361,895 K38.61
03/17/201440.5231,018 K228,985 K361,895 K38.75
03/14/201440.4942,652 K197,966 K403,643 K32.91
03/13/201440.8740,691 K197,966 K394,267 K33.43
03/12/201440.8042,913 K157,276 K434,544 K26.57
03/11/201441.1751,285 K186,827 K391,631 K32.30
03/10/201441.4930,244 K186,827 K372,044 K33.43
03/07/201441.4343,053 K201,714 K372,044 K35.16
03/06/201441.4846,312 K253,380 K328,991 K43.51
03/05/201441.0735,710 K246,131 K328,991 K42.80
03/04/201441.2145,447 K301,402 K293,281 K50.68
03/03/201440.3429,252 K303,392 K293,281 K50.85
02/28/201440.6564,218 K350,310 K264,028 K57.02
02/27/201440.6852,811 K403,933 K199,811 K66.90
02/26/201440.8935,273 K452,761 K147,000 K75.49
02/25/201440.7741,748 K417,488 K269,330 K60.79
02/24/201441.2433,277 K417,488 K463,847 K47.37
02/21/201441.3040,277 K417,488 K519,735 K44.55
02/20/201441.4129,552 K417,488 K573,044 K42.15
02/19/201441.2631,698 K514,912 K573,044 K47.33
02/18/201441.3445,130 K600,591 K541,345 K52.59
02/14/201441.0851,666 K591,992 K541,345 K52.23
02/13/201440.9339,063 K540,325 K590,685 K47.77
02/12/201440.7655,271 K501,262 K658,105 K43.24
02/11/201440.3147,437 K445,991 K687,532 K39.35
02/10/201439.9246,918 K433,420 K687,532 K38.67
02/07/201439.3153,623 K386,502 K718,864 K34.97
02/06/201438.7848,828 K395,388 K718,864 K35.48
02/05/201438.39122,330 K346,560 K781,200 K30.73
02/04/201438.71236,265 K346,560 K731,864 K32.14
02/03/201440.0689,165 K395,569 K495,599 K44.39
01/31/201440.8193,585 K395,569 K464,935 K45.97
01/30/201441.40126,976 K464,995 K371,350 K55.60
01/29/201440.2485,679 K419,906 K371,350 K53.07
01/28/201439.7036,531 K399,648 K371,350 K51.84
01/27/201439.2349,340 K431,553 K371,350 K53.75
01/24/201439.5067,420 K508,513 K322,011 K61.23
01/23/201440.3829,427 K508,513 K337,225 K60.13
01/22/201440.8234,866 K508,513 K351,591 K59.12
01/21/201440.7831,333 K473,647 K375,872 K55.75
01/17/201440.9762,509 K473,647 K371,902 K56.02
01/16/201440.8562,336 K431,221 K371,902 K53.69
01/15/201440.9572,993 K431,221 K341,309 K55.82
01/14/201441.0749,009 K453,301 K268,316 K62.82
01/13/201440.9758,502 K452,441 K268,316 K62.77
01/10/201441.1569,426 K518,987 K209,814 K71.21
01/09/201440.8881,887 K511,054 K209,814 K70.89
01/08/201440.1765,421 K534,410 K209,814 K71.81
01/07/201440.0268,437 K468,989 K347,240 K57.46
01/06/201439.4976,960 K473,822 K347,240 K57.71
01/03/201439.1582,635 K447,590 K347,240 K56.31
01/02/201439.4143,793 K447,590 K317,617 K58.49
12/31/201339.8824,281 K447,590 K333,722 K57.29
12/30/201339.8927,363 K447,590 K339,588 K56.86
12/27/201339.9320,082 K495,302 K312,225 K61.34
12/26/201339.7031,743 K519,569 K312,225 K62.46
12/24/201339.8122,080 K519,569 K311,335 K62.53
12/23/201339.5648,148 K497,489 K355,862 K58.30
12/20/201339.4966,547 K449,340 K403,251 K52.70
12/19/201339.4561,492 K427,169 K403,251 K51.44
12/18/201339.20105,243 K381,817 K403,251 K48.63
12/17/201338.26137,426 K313,449 K403,251 K43.74
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