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C Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the C table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for C Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define C overbought and oversold condition and C Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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C (CITIGROUP) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the C table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/17/201450.181,096,972 K6,906,937 K10,724,236 K39.17
10/16/201449.571,398,856 K5,809,965 K11,391,270 K33.78
10/15/201449.572,702,664 K5,809,965 K10,538,631 K35.54
10/14/201451.181,977,129 K5,809,965 K8,825,038 K39.70
10/13/201450.211,299,264 K4,569,676 K8,825,038 K34.12
10/10/201450.501,396,230 K4,569,676 K8,243,709 K35.66
10/09/201451.551,090,243 K4,569,676 K7,723,168 K37.17
10/08/201452.111,213,872 K5,662,111 K6,632,925 K46.05
10/07/201451.54859,286 K5,892,376 K6,632,925 K47.04
10/06/201452.36657,218 K6,961,301 K5,773,639 K54.66
10/03/201452.12863,793 K6,304,083 K6,394,792 K49.64
10/02/201451.14923,940 K5,440,290 K7,040,335 K43.59
10/01/201451.281,053,753 K6,398,797 K6,116,395 K51.13
09/30/201451.981,097,953 K7,049,639 K5,062,642 K58.20
09/29/201451.87667,034 K6,613,536 K5,062,642 K56.64
09/26/201452.35546,217 K6,613,536 K5,111,944 K56.40
09/25/201452.40989,071 K7,319,652 K4,565,727 K61.59
09/24/201453.03736,841 K7,319,652 K4,380,310 K62.56
09/23/201452.94717,935 K7,405,163 K4,380,310 K62.83
09/22/201453.25875,689 K8,165,864 K3,662,375 K69.04
09/19/201453.621,092,434 K8,749,990 K2,786,685 K75.84
09/18/201453.341,444,137 K8,111,256 K2,786,685 K74.43
09/17/201452.551,068,924 K6,667,119 K3,301,788 K66.88
09/16/201452.23621,153 K5,598,194 K3,939,835 K58.69
09/15/201452.25645,544 K6,546,542 K3,318,682 K66.36
09/12/201452.44958,507 K7,441,023 K2,673,139 K73.57
09/11/201452.00650,843 K7,458,078 K2,673,139 K73.61
09/10/201451.67661,850 K8,023,227 K2,673,139 K75.01
09/09/201451.39716,335 K7,361,377 K3,077,668 K70.52
09/08/201452.24706,116 K7,972,207 K2,361,332 K77.15
09/05/201452.17803,654 K7,853,198 K2,361,332 K76.88
09/04/201452.52822,353 K7,853,198 K2,345,204 K77.00
09/03/201452.27760,701 K7,503,306 K2,345,204 K76.19
09/02/201451.79584,125 K7,158,732 K2,345,204 K75.32
08/29/201451.65453,700 K6,574,607 K2,788,495 K70.22
08/28/201451.43515,102 K6,547,775 K2,788,495 K70.13
08/27/201451.94638,047 K7,113,558 K2,273,393 K75.78
08/26/201451.99948,348 K7,669,936 K1,635,346 K82.43
08/25/201451.63894,480 K7,344,669 K1,635,346 K81.79
08/22/201451.11975,562 K6,450,188 K2,393,596 K72.93
08/21/201450.691,215,991 K5,474,626 K3,066,435 K64.10
08/20/201449.72404,529 K4,258,635 K4,088,394 K51.02
08/19/201449.83610,830 K4,258,635 K4,827,072 K46.87
08/18/201449.35587,107 K4,372,641 K4,827,072 K47.53
08/15/201448.84787,525 K3,785,534 K5,437,183 K41.05
08/14/201449.00472,461 K3,785,534 K5,175,765 K42.24
08/13/201448.72416,127 K3,313,073 K5,674,009 K36.86
08/12/201448.39443,291 K3,486,177 K5,674,009 K38.06
08/11/201448.40426,869 K4,489,311 K5,230,718 K46.19
08/08/201448.24565,783 K4,704,746 K5,230,718 K47.35
08/07/201448.20556,378 K4,138,963 K5,765,395 K41.79
08/06/201448.14623,081 K4,343,455 K5,765,395 K42.97
08/05/201448.01758,251 K3,720,374 K6,916,572 K34.98
08/04/201448.30672,838 K4,833,510 K6,158,321 K43.97
08/01/201448.341,021,959 K6,494,405 K5,485,483 K54.21
07/31/201449.251,143,207 K8,229,409 K4,463,524 K64.83
07/30/201449.97724,836 K8,937,525 K3,320,317 K72.91
07/29/201449.57610,111 K8,212,688 K4,188,176 K66.23
07/28/201449.76526,108 K8,212,688 K4,176,910 K66.29
07/25/201450.06498,244 K8,212,688 K4,291,763 K65.68
07/24/201450.17589,231 K8,212,688 K4,366,524 K65.29
07/23/201450.041,003,134 K8,231,410 K4,366,524 K65.34
07/22/201449.60642,304 K8,027,544 K4,366,524 K64.77
07/21/201449.30534,677 K8,134,469 K4,366,524 K65.07
07/18/201449.56760,870 K8,134,469 K4,325,060 K65.29
07/17/201449.441,151,177 K7,373,600 K5,013,966 K59.52
07/16/201449.701,113,136 K7,373,600 K4,741,290 K60.86
07/15/201449.191,660,895 K6,260,464 K5,341,974 K53.96
07/14/201448.531,735,004 K5,408,018 K5,341,974 K50.31
07/11/201446.86708,116 K4,546,644 K5,341,974 K45.98
07/10/201446.83867,859 K3,838,529 K6,198,896 K38.24
07/09/201447.41598,845 K3,838,529 K6,079,047 K38.70
07/08/201447.47640,961 K4,524,917 K5,480,202 K45.23
07/07/201447.89573,005 K5,186,335 K4,839,241 K51.73
07/03/201448.34607,953 K5,186,335 K4,871,961 K51.56
07/02/201447.92799,267 K4,578,383 K6,532,789 K41.21
07/01/201447.52749,229 K3,779,115 K7,223,021 K34.35
06/30/201447.13493,213 K3,029,886 K7,864,167 K27.81
06/27/201447.14688,906 K3,029,886 K7,994,755 K27.48
06/26/201447.33878,502 K3,721,641 K7,305,850 K33.75
06/25/201447.81600,684 K4,537,739 K6,427,348 K41.38
06/24/201448.00808,450 K5,332,750 K5,826,664 K47.79
06/23/201447.78873,630 K4,524,300 K6,415,448 K41.36
06/20/201447.41856,922 K4,390,847 K6,415,448 K40.63
06/19/201447.62748,010 K4,942,667 K5,558,526 K47.07
06/18/201447.78686,388 K5,402,048 K4,810,516 K52.90
06/17/201447.73661,418 K4,715,660 K5,543,464 K45.97
06/16/201447.49605,726 K4,054,241 K6,214,410 K39.48
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