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C Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the C table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for C Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define C overbought and oversold condition and C Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy C stock when C MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell C stock when C MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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C (CITIGROUP) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the C table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
07/30/201449.97724,836 K8,937,525 K3,320,317 K72.91
07/29/201449.57610,111 K8,212,688 K4,188,176 K66.23
07/28/201449.76526,108 K8,212,688 K4,176,910 K66.29
07/25/201450.06498,244 K8,212,688 K4,291,763 K65.68
07/24/201450.17589,231 K8,212,688 K4,366,524 K65.29
07/23/201450.041,003,134 K8,231,410 K4,366,524 K65.34
07/22/201449.60642,304 K8,027,544 K4,366,524 K64.77
07/21/201449.30534,677 K8,134,469 K4,366,524 K65.07
07/18/201449.56760,870 K8,134,469 K4,325,060 K65.29
07/17/201449.441,151,177 K7,373,600 K5,013,966 K59.52
07/16/201449.701,113,136 K7,373,600 K4,741,290 K60.86
07/15/201449.191,660,895 K6,260,464 K5,341,974 K53.96
07/14/201448.531,735,004 K5,408,018 K5,341,974 K50.31
07/11/201446.86708,116 K4,546,644 K5,341,974 K45.98
07/10/201446.83867,859 K3,838,529 K6,198,896 K38.24
07/09/201447.41598,845 K3,838,529 K6,079,047 K38.70
07/08/201447.47640,961 K4,524,917 K5,480,202 K45.23
07/07/201447.89573,005 K5,186,335 K4,839,241 K51.73
07/03/201448.34607,953 K5,186,335 K4,871,961 K51.56
07/02/201447.92799,267 K4,578,383 K6,532,789 K41.21
07/01/201447.52749,229 K3,779,115 K7,223,021 K34.35
06/30/201447.13493,213 K3,029,886 K7,864,167 K27.81
06/27/201447.14688,906 K3,029,886 K7,994,755 K27.48
06/26/201447.33878,502 K3,721,641 K7,305,850 K33.75
06/25/201447.81600,684 K4,537,739 K6,427,348 K41.38
06/24/201448.00808,450 K5,332,750 K5,826,664 K47.79
06/23/201447.78873,630 K4,524,300 K6,415,448 K41.36
06/20/201447.41856,922 K4,390,847 K6,415,448 K40.63
06/19/201447.62748,010 K4,942,667 K5,558,526 K47.07
06/18/201447.78686,388 K5,402,048 K4,810,516 K52.90
06/17/201447.73661,418 K4,715,660 K5,543,464 K45.97
06/16/201447.49605,726 K4,054,241 K6,214,410 K39.48
06/13/201447.791,660,828 K5,213,901 K5,608,684 K48.18
06/12/201448.36690,232 K5,651,845 K3,947,856 K58.88
06/11/201448.91641,147 K6,239,063 K3,257,625 K65.70
06/10/201449.27623,800 K6,838,100 K2,616,478 K72.33
06/09/201449.37691,755 K7,379,991 K1,992,677 K78.74
06/06/201448.92816,098 K7,313,930 K1,992,677 K78.59
06/05/201448.44795,010 K6,497,832 K2,727,407 K70.44
06/04/201447.96588,783 K5,702,822 K3,706,483 K60.61
06/03/201447.97740,177 K5,702,822 K3,697,786 K60.66
06/02/201447.72551,819 K5,549,413 K3,697,786 K60.01
05/30/201447.44459,381 K5,621,509 K3,697,786 K60.32
05/29/201447.33732,948 K5,162,128 K4,400,092 K53.98
05/28/201447.51670,946 K5,910,663 K3,667,144 K61.71
05/27/201447.781,159,659 K6,720,087 K2,996,198 K69.16
05/23/201447.26437,944 K5,560,428 K3,992,474 K58.21
05/22/201447.02587,219 K5,122,484 K4,783,985 K51.71
05/21/201446.88599,037 K4,535,265 K5,478,211 K45.29
05/20/201446.63541,890 K3,936,228 K5,997,726 K39.62
05/19/201446.55625,694 K4,127,778 K5,997,726 K40.77
05/16/201446.43734,730 K4,288,369 K5,997,726 K41.69
05/15/201446.54979,076 K4,288,369 K6,434,607 K39.99
05/14/201447.20580,086 K4,288,369 K6,320,051 K40.42
05/13/201447.38586,768 K4,976,957 K5,739,964 K46.44
05/12/201447.24623,916 K5,035,259 K5,739,964 K46.73
05/09/201446.98702,306 K5,258,781 K5,739,964 K47.81
05/08/201447.11748,536 K5,258,781 K5,657,590 K48.17
05/07/201446.62809,424 K5,535,539 K5,657,590 K49.45
05/06/201446.58996,276 K4,726,115 K6,786,290 K41.05
05/05/201447.10791,511 K6,470,771 K5,790,014 K52.78
05/02/201447.81694,225 K8,906,001 K4,998,503 K64.05
05/01/201447.83519,515 K8,906,001 K5,666,066 K61.12
04/30/201448.02733,440 K8,906,001 K6,400,036 K58.19
04/29/201447.92786,286 K9,212,159 K6,400,036 K59.01
04/28/201447.441,171,611 K8,425,873 K7,621,469 K52.51
04/25/201447.95864,519 K8,425,873 K7,847,409 K51.78
04/24/201448.31688,587 K8,425,873 K8,500,154 K49.78
04/23/201448.27645,071 K7,737,286 K9,868,537 K43.95
04/22/201448.14847,437 K8,115,470 K9,868,537 K45.13
04/21/201447.94619,931 K8,509,089 K9,868,537 K46.30
04/17/201448.221,025,294 K9,716,672 K9,248,605 K51.23
04/16/201448.131,128,700 K8,691,378 K11,124,315 K43.86
04/15/201448.141,744,656 K8,691,378 K15,334,020 K36.18
04/14/201447.482,435,230 K6,946,722 K16,622,137 K29.47
04/11/201445.761,361,789 K5,384,813 K16,622,137 K24.47
04/10/201446.541,253,485 K5,384,813 K16,243,594 K24.90
04/09/201446.891,039,598 K7,053,375 K14,990,109 K32.00
04/08/201446.521,221,433 K7,614,709 K14,990,109 K33.69
04/07/201446.671,397,552 K9,035,361 K13,768,676 K39.62
04/04/201447.251,517,264 K9,866,447 K12,371,124 K44.37
04/03/201447.681,368,383 K10,733,750 K10,853,861 K49.72
04/02/201448.111,023,255 K10,733,750 K10,712,823 K50.05
04/01/201447.911,241,056 K9,710,495 K12,518,760 K43.68
03/31/201447.651,207,583 K8,469,439 K13,715,770 K38.18
03/28/201447.341,875,710 K7,261,856 K15,336,404 K32.13
03/27/201447.595,338,406 K7,261,856 K14,125,067 K33.95
03/26/201450.141,288,116 K7,261,856 K10,061,602 K41.92
03/25/201450.30873,321 K8,416,968 K8,773,485 K48.96
03/24/201450.16983,246 K8,702,429 K8,773,485 K49.80
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