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AVL Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the AVL table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for AVL Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define AVL overbought and oversold condition and AVL Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the AVL table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
09/30/20140.33123 K279 K467 K37.44
09/29/20140.3580 K279 K344 K44.81
09/26/20140.3836 K279 K368 K43.12
09/25/20140.3850 K279 K425 K39.66
09/24/20140.3857 K279 K473 K37.11
09/23/20140.3962 K279 K507 K35.49
09/22/20140.4092 K794 K445 K64.10
09/19/20140.39159 K702 K559 K55.67
09/18/20140.3928 K581 K559 K50.98
09/17/20140.3923 K581 K559 K50.98
09/16/20140.3928 K614 K559 K52.37
09/15/20140.3840 K587 K648 K47.53
09/12/20140.3854 K587 K657 K47.20
09/11/20140.3950 K587 K603 K49.34
09/10/20140.4049 K587 K631 K48.20
09/09/20140.40105 K587 K631 K48.20
09/08/20140.4157 K587 K588 K49.94
09/05/20140.4248 K587 K724 K44.76
09/04/20140.4391 K683 K676 K50.25
09/03/20140.43515 K724 K585 K55.33
09/02/20140.41114 K209 K585 K26.34
08/29/20140.4238 K209 K471 K30.75
08/28/20140.4141 K171 K522 K24.65
08/27/20140.4133 K220 K522 K29.62
08/26/20140.4189 K186 K522 K26.31
08/25/20140.4149 K186 K482 K27.90
08/22/20140.4256 K186 K433 K30.09
08/21/20140.4278 K186 K488 K27.65
08/20/20140.4244 K186 K409 K31.29
08/19/20140.4262 K186 K438 K29.87
08/18/20140.43193 K186 K452 K29.19
08/15/20140.4396 K291 K260 K52.82
08/14/20140.4341 K195 K323 K37.62
08/13/20140.4261 K153 K391 K28.12
08/12/20140.4267 K153 K430 K26.27
08/11/20140.4251 K195 K430 K31.19
08/08/20140.4349 K259 K379 K40.63
08/07/20140.4345 K263 K379 K41.02
08/06/20140.4349 K263 K417 K38.71
08/05/20140.4454 K383 K368 K50.96
08/04/20140.4455 K383 K482 K44.23
08/01/20140.4441 K441 K428 K50.78
07/31/20140.4428 K441 K485 K47.67
07/30/20140.4577 K507 K456 K52.62
07/29/20140.45104 K568 K379 K59.97
07/28/20140.4463 K464 K449 K50.82
07/25/20140.4569 K464 K466 K49.93
07/24/20140.4638 K464 K454 K50.58
07/23/20140.4642 K504 K415 K54.82
07/22/20140.4564 K462 K415 K52.68
07/21/20140.4553 K497 K415 K54.46
07/18/20140.4438 K444 K572 K43.69
07/17/20140.45119 K444 K533 K45.41
07/16/20140.44114 K324 K607 K34.83
07/15/20140.4559 K324 K543 K37.40
07/14/20140.4457 K444 K543 K44.99
07/11/20140.4665 K444 K637 K41.06
07/10/20140.4562 K379 K1,043 K26.64
07/09/20140.4570 K534 K1,043 K33.88
07/08/20140.4679 K534 K1,151 K31.70
07/07/20140.4657 K534 K1,241 K30.09
07/03/20140.4740 K534 K1,321 K28.80
07/02/20140.46105 K494 K1,434 K25.63
07/01/20140.4699 K494 K1,542 K24.28
06/30/20140.45156 K396 K1,542 K20.42
06/27/20140.4564 K396 K1,445 K21.49
06/26/20140.4573 K471 K1,445 K24.58
06/25/20140.4650 K471 K1,427 K24.82
06/24/20140.46178 K471 K1,494 K23.97
06/23/20140.45151 K293 K1,612 K15.36
06/20/20140.46405 K408 K1,461 K21.81
06/19/20140.48217 K408 K1,056 K27.85
06/18/20140.47178 K243 K1,056 K18.73
06/17/20140.47169 K243 K1,005 K19.49
06/16/20140.47137 K243 K907 K21.15
06/13/20140.49113 K243 K849 K22.26
06/12/20140.49108 K301 K736 K29.00
06/11/20140.5015 K301 K682 K30.59
06/10/20140.5060 K301 K775 K27.95
06/09/20140.5075 K301 K715 K29.60
06/06/20140.4855 K276 K715 K27.85
06/05/20140.50117 K344 K660 K34.24
06/04/20140.50118 K344 K683 K33.48
06/03/20140.50115 K344 K655 K34.42
06/02/20140.5068 K229 K873 K20.77
05/30/20140.5053 K229 K1,055 K17.82
05/29/20140.49127 K176 K1,229 K12.51
05/28/20140.5072 K176 K1,285 K12.04
05/27/20140.5079 K176 K1,340 K11.60
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