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ASNA Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ASNA table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ASNA Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ASNA overbought and oversold condition and ASNA Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy ASNA stock when ASNA MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell ASNA stock when ASNA MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ASNA table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
07/22/201416.079,141 K42,845 K151,853 K22.01
07/21/201416.2019,103 K66,632 K142,712 K31.83
07/18/201416.1915,197 K63,614 K142,712 K30.83
07/17/201416.3620,187 K63,614 K142,536 K30.86
07/16/201416.5316,393 K63,614 K138,319 K31.50
07/15/201416.7314,739 K63,614 K137,497 K31.63
07/14/201416.8512,183 K83,344 K122,758 K40.44
07/11/201416.8813,670 K97,512 K110,576 K46.86
07/10/201416.8315,387 K83,841 K135,902 K38.15
07/09/201417.0011,542 K83,841 K146,311 K36.43
07/08/201417.0912,196 K83,841 K153,208 K35.37
07/07/201417.328,399 K101,685 K141,011 K41.90
07/03/201417.4710,071 K115,387 K132,612 K46.53
07/02/201417.2316,489 K116,458 K132,612 K46.76
07/01/201417.3723,787 K116,458 K131,947 K46.88
06/30/201417.0016,086 K106,672 K131,947 K44.70
06/27/201416.8615,021 K102,867 K131,947 K43.81
06/26/201416.8615,970 K114,430 K116,926 K49.46
06/25/201417.1115,571 K130,968 K100,957 K56.47
06/24/201417.3019,729 K130,968 K117,399 K52.73
06/23/201417.1014,168 K111,238 K179,711 K38.23
06/20/201417.0125,326 K97,070 K220,521 K30.56
06/19/201417.2625,797 K97,070 K233,762 K29.34
06/18/201417.3218,439 K97,070 K223,968 K30.24
06/17/201417.3917,844 K97,070 K224,031 K30.23
06/16/201417.1313,701 K79,226 K240,277 K24.80
06/13/201416.9611,143 K81,571 K240,277 K25.34
06/12/201416.8315,824 K82,332 K240,277 K25.52
06/11/201416.8614,001 K92,300 K224,454 K29.14
06/10/201416.8512,281 K78,299 K238,430 K24.72
06/09/201416.8311,563 K66,017 K254,336 K20.61
06/06/201416.7516,537 K63,217 K254,336 K19.91
06/05/201416.3732,013 K57,403 K254,336 K18.41
06/04/201416.4162,313 K57,403 K242,831 K19.12
06/03/201416.4940,809 K57,403 K191,845 K23.03
06/02/201416.6038,567 K79,150 K151,036 K34.39
05/30/201416.7116,003 K107,227 K112,468 K48.81
05/29/201416.8618,502 K128,904 K96,465 K57.20
05/28/201417.0216,246 K150,521 K77,963 K65.88
05/27/201417.3116,046 K150,521 K83,822 K64.23
05/23/201417.3011,904 K134,475 K114,397 K54.03
05/22/201417.219,968 K122,571 K124,234 K49.66
05/21/201417.1113,976 K124,832 K124,234 K50.12
05/20/201417.3815,907 K124,832 K135,303 K47.99
05/19/201417.788,762 K140,637 K119,396 K54.08
05/16/201417.6010,724 K147,702 K119,396 K55.30
05/15/201417.4420,508 K159,740 K119,396 K57.23
05/14/201417.9311,327 K159,740 K112,293 K58.72
05/13/201417.9821,747 K159,740 K114,639 K58.22
05/12/201417.6828,078 K151,164 K114,639 K56.87
05/09/201417.1421,677 K140,861 K114,639 K55.13
05/08/201417.0221,616 K119,184 K114,639 K50.97
05/07/201416.6722,105 K97,568 K129,950 K42.88
05/06/201416.6830,574 K97,568 K122,732 K44.29
05/05/201416.939,838 K97,568 K116,771 K45.52
05/02/201417.1312,228 K121,598 K106,934 K53.21
05/01/201416.9925,045 K109,369 K137,376 K44.32
04/30/201417.1115,805 K109,369 K133,510 K45.03
04/29/201417.1015,827 K93,565 K150,112 K38.40
04/28/201417.0922,762 K77,737 K173,651 K30.92
04/25/201417.0113,404 K54,975 K222,655 K19.80
04/24/201417.1013,673 K54,975 K221,114 K19.91
04/23/201417.1613,170 K77,840 K207,441 K27.29
04/22/201417.0717,775 K79,103 K207,441 K27.61
04/21/201416.8516,789 K80,074 K207,441 K27.85
04/17/201416.8515,311 K96,388 K207,441 K31.72
04/16/201416.8614,887 K110,785 K192,130 K36.57
04/15/201416.8724,614 K110,785 K198,674 K35.80
04/14/201416.9224,030 K110,785 K197,412 K35.95
04/11/201416.6430,442 K86,756 K223,326 K27.98
04/10/201416.7621,179 K104,324 K192,884 K35.10
04/09/201416.8716,602 K129,712 K171,705 K43.03
04/08/201416.9823,539 K129,712 K169,044 K43.42
04/07/201417.0349,004 K129,712 K162,423 K44.40
04/04/201417.8511,863 K139,247 K113,418 K55.11
04/03/201418.0822,865 K151,095 K101,555 K59.80
04/02/201417.8614,434 K128,230 K120,156 K51.63
04/01/201417.6118,746 K113,797 K146,363 K43.74
03/31/201417.2716,313 K95,051 K170,665 K35.77
03/28/201417.2114,398 K78,738 K198,879 K28.36
03/27/201417.0921,431 K64,340 K214,217 K23.10
03/26/201417.3123,352 K84,632 K192,786 K30.51
03/25/201417.6925,914 K112,748 K169,434 K39.96
03/24/201418.0017,568 K142,953 K143,520 K49.90
03/21/201417.9825,388 K125,385 K252,371 K33.19
03/20/201417.8413,941 K99,996 K306,539 K24.60
03/19/201417.9316,917 K99,996 K334,534 K23.01
03/18/201418.019,534 K121,854 K317,616 K27.73
03/17/201417.9111,849 K146,564 K317,616 K31.57
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