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ASNA Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ASNA table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ASNA Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ASNA overbought and oversold condition and ASNA Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy ASNA stock when ASNA MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell ASNA stock when ASNA MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ASNA table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/17/201416.8515,311 K96,388 K207,441 K31.72
04/16/201416.8614,887 K110,785 K192,130 K36.57
04/15/201416.8724,614 K110,785 K198,674 K35.80
04/14/201416.9224,030 K110,785 K197,412 K35.95
04/11/201416.6430,442 K86,756 K223,326 K27.98
04/10/201416.7621,179 K104,324 K192,884 K35.10
04/09/201416.8716,602 K129,712 K171,705 K43.03
04/08/201416.9823,539 K129,712 K169,044 K43.42
04/07/201417.0349,004 K129,712 K162,423 K44.40
04/04/201417.8511,863 K139,247 K113,418 K55.11
04/03/201418.0822,865 K151,095 K101,555 K59.80
04/02/201417.8614,434 K128,230 K120,156 K51.63
04/01/201417.6118,746 K113,797 K146,363 K43.74
03/31/201417.2716,313 K95,051 K170,665 K35.77
03/28/201417.2114,398 K78,738 K198,879 K28.36
03/27/201417.0921,431 K64,340 K214,217 K23.10
03/26/201417.3123,352 K84,632 K192,786 K30.51
03/25/201417.6925,914 K112,748 K169,434 K39.96
03/24/201418.0017,568 K142,953 K143,520 K49.90
03/21/201417.9825,388 K125,385 K252,371 K33.19
03/20/201417.8413,941 K99,996 K306,539 K24.60
03/19/201417.9316,917 K99,996 K334,534 K23.01
03/18/201418.019,534 K121,854 K317,616 K27.73
03/17/201417.9111,849 K146,564 K317,616 K31.57
03/14/201417.8818,601 K152,964 K317,616 K32.51
03/13/201417.9526,208 K167,555 K299,016 K35.91
03/12/201418.0124,302 K180,966 K272,808 K39.88
03/11/201418.0828,214 K180,966 K259,920 K41.05
03/10/201418.1215,338 K188,584 K231,707 K44.87
03/07/201418.2620,292 K206,390 K216,369 K48.82
03/06/201418.2528,116 K186,098 K227,280 K45.02
03/05/201418.1330,204 K166,863 K227,280 K42.34
03/04/201418.08108,851 K136,659 K240,998 K36.19
03/03/201418.6654,168 K136,659 K146,692 K48.23
02/28/201418.8541,936 K136,659 K103,866 K56.82
02/27/201419.2921,857 K161,495 K61,930 K72.28
02/26/201419.2634,244 K177,253 K61,930 K74.11
02/25/201418.9518,249 K143,008 K80,687 K63.93
02/24/201418.9314,591 K124,759 K112,363 K52.61
02/21/201418.9213,411 K110,168 K163,614 K40.24
02/20/201418.6911,414 K96,757 K189,303 K33.82
02/19/201418.727,618 K96,757 K209,404 K31.60
02/18/201418.6917,807 K89,140 K242,426 K26.88
02/14/201418.6710,911 K71,333 K273,519 K20.69
02/13/201418.758,882 K71,333 K303,890 K19.01
02/12/201418.7013,719 K62,451 K373,765 K14.32
02/11/201418.7114,544 K62,451 K384,469 K13.97
02/10/201418.7211,343 K86,690 K369,925 K18.99
02/07/201418.7924,836 K118,546 K358,583 K24.85
02/06/201418.3637,615 K93,710 K387,025 K19.49
02/05/201417.7518,756 K56,095 K409,888 K12.04
02/04/201417.8731,676 K56,095 K412,027 K11.98
02/03/201418.2251,251 K103,349 K380,350 K21.37
01/31/201418.6925,689 K103,349 K449,361 K18.70
01/30/201418.7431,515 K103,349 K423,671 K19.61
01/29/201418.8533,021 K103,349 K422,243 K19.66
01/28/201419.1231,093 K103,349 K431,171 K19.33
01/27/201419.3241,282 K103,349 K439,636 K19.03
01/24/201419.7969,875 K152,382 K398,353 K27.67
01/23/201419.8924,423 K218,520 K328,479 K39.95
01/22/201419.9124,238 K287,003 K304,056 K48.56
01/21/201419.8831,856 K262,765 K320,364 K45.06
01/17/201419.8328,443 K256,405 K320,364 K44.46
01/16/201420.0222,863 K275,328 K291,921 K48.54
01/15/201420.3520,895 K292,261 K269,058 K52.07
01/14/201420.4047,255 K300,644 K248,164 K54.78
01/13/201420.21120,261 K281,987 K248,164 K53.19
01/10/201421.9123,802 K333,398 K127,902 K72.27
01/09/201421.9130,087 K352,551 K127,902 K73.38
01/08/201422.0941,949 K373,803 K97,815 K79.26
01/07/201422.3739,558 K373,803 K72,691 K83.72
01/06/201422.7249,032 K396,111 K33,133 K92.28
01/03/201422.4266,138 K347,078 K54,180 K86.50
01/02/201421.9868,483 K280,940 K75,392 K78.84
12/31/201321.2616,309 K212,457 K104,615 K67.01
12/30/201321.3425,497 K212,457 K106,254 K66.66
12/27/201321.0818,923 K186,960 K127,284 K59.50
12/26/201321.0516,933 K168,037 K163,056 K50.75
12/24/201320.908,383 K151,104 K194,453 K43.73
12/23/201320.7528,598 K142,721 K238,399 K37.45
12/20/201320.2551,411 K243,380 K238,399 K50.52
12/19/201320.0819,153 K191,969 K303,719 K38.73
12/18/201319.9721,252 K172,816 K326,394 K34.62
12/17/201319.9016,824 K151,565 K401,841 K27.39
12/16/201320.0522,308 K194,147 K385,017 K33.52
12/13/201319.9621,047 K190,078 K385,017 K33.05
12/12/201320.0121,212 K190,078 K385,137 K33.04
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