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ASNA Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ASNA table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ASNA Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ASNA overbought and oversold condition and ASNA Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ASNA table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/21/201412.2415,123 K89,449 K267,169 K25.08
10/20/201412.0714,303 K74,326 K293,275 K20.22
10/17/201411.9233,419 K60,022 K311,346 K16.16
10/16/201411.8339,192 K63,728 K311,346 K16.99
10/15/201411.8529,203 K91,367 K272,154 K25.13
10/14/201412.0826,918 K91,367 K275,480 K24.91
10/13/201412.0924,399 K91,367 K293,637 K23.73
10/10/201412.3127,560 K91,367 K394,973 K18.79
10/09/201412.5124,237 K91,367 K397,662 K18.68
10/08/201412.6630,481 K91,367 K396,143 K18.74
10/07/201412.7423,195 K91,367 K377,825 K19.47
10/06/201412.9420,179 K91,367 K365,872 K19.98
10/03/201413.0626,603 K118,865 K345,693 K25.59
10/02/201413.0321,806 K92,261 K364,193 K20.21
10/01/201413.0726,106 K107,311 K342,387 K23.86
09/30/201413.3918,071 K121,570 K316,281 K27.77
09/29/201413.5737,125 K139,980 K298,209 K31.95
09/26/201413.5327,639 K102,855 K319,709 K24.34
09/25/201413.3832,530 K75,216 K332,962 K18.43
09/24/201413.6145,075 K75,216 K322,679 K18.90
09/23/201414.00125,735 K75,216 K304,394 K19.81
09/22/201416.6530,249 K86,883 K178,659 K32.72
09/19/201417.0022,717 K111,469 K148,410 K42.89
09/18/201417.0812,163 K124,870 K125,693 K49.84
09/17/201417.1211,241 K124,870 K129,974 K49.00
09/16/201417.2027,498 K138,583 K118,733 K53.86
09/15/201417.0518,499 K124,959 K118,733 K51.28
09/12/201417.1615,049 K134,416 K100,233 K57.28
09/11/201417.0514,259 K128,452 K100,233 K56.17
09/10/201416.9918,410 K125,595 K100,233 K55.62
09/09/201416.8621,499 K125,815 K100,233 K55.66
09/08/201416.9013,254 K140,444 K78,734 K64.08
09/05/201416.9322,246 K152,504 K65,481 K69.96
09/04/201417.3326,790 K152,504 K54,433 K73.70
09/03/201417.5011,667 K152,504 K40,043 K79.20
09/02/201417.4524,585 K140,836 K60,129 K70.08
08/29/201417.3413,401 K116,251 K70,337 K62.30
08/28/201417.3116,444 K119,305 K70,337 K62.91
08/27/201417.3913,713 K119,305 K64,542 K64.89
08/26/201417.3513,874 K105,592 K80,057 K56.88
08/25/201417.089,457 K101,403 K80,057 K55.88
08/22/201416.909,086 K101,828 K80,057 K55.99
08/21/201416.8711,401 K108,085 K80,057 K57.45
08/20/201416.7018,630 K96,683 K99,294 K49.33
08/19/201416.2814,629 K78,053 K108,972 K41.73
08/18/201415.9412,059 K71,122 K108,972 K39.49
08/15/201415.7811,198 K73,633 K108,972 K40.32
08/14/201415.8312,401 K73,633 K105,012 K41.22
08/13/201415.9020,085 K73,633 K102,363 K41.84
08/12/201416.1610,208 K84,345 K82,277 K50.62
08/11/201416.3216,456 K95,685 K72,069 K57.04
08/08/201416.2810,649 K79,229 K81,210 K49.38
08/07/201416.2915,515 K98,332 K70,561 K58.22
08/06/201416.479,684 K98,332 K70,244 K58.33
08/05/201416.309,883 K88,648 K90,430 K49.50
08/04/201416.0715,342 K78,765 K106,823 K42.44
08/01/201415.9319,238 K63,423 K121,562 K34.29
07/31/201416.109,677 K63,423 K114,507 K35.65
07/30/201416.197,698 K77,094 K104,830 K42.38
07/29/201416.1014,571 K69,396 K120,217 K36.60
07/28/201416.067,238 K54,825 K131,759 K29.38
07/25/201416.219,752 K54,825 K136,718 K28.62
07/24/201416.3810,711 K54,825 K135,364 K28.83
07/23/201416.1011,340 K54,185 K135,364 K28.59
07/22/201416.079,141 K42,845 K151,853 K22.01
07/21/201416.2019,103 K66,632 K142,712 K31.83
07/18/201416.1915,197 K63,614 K142,712 K30.83
07/17/201416.3620,187 K63,614 K142,536 K30.86
07/16/201416.5316,393 K63,614 K138,319 K31.50
07/15/201416.7314,739 K63,614 K137,497 K31.63
07/14/201416.8512,183 K83,344 K122,758 K40.44
07/11/201416.8813,670 K97,512 K110,576 K46.86
07/10/201416.8315,387 K83,841 K135,902 K38.15
07/09/201417.0011,542 K83,841 K146,311 K36.43
07/08/201417.0912,196 K83,841 K153,208 K35.37
07/07/201417.328,399 K101,685 K141,011 K41.90
07/03/201417.4710,071 K115,387 K132,612 K46.53
07/02/201417.2316,489 K116,458 K132,612 K46.76
07/01/201417.3723,787 K116,458 K131,947 K46.88
06/30/201417.0016,086 K106,672 K131,947 K44.70
06/27/201416.8615,021 K102,867 K131,947 K43.81
06/26/201416.8615,970 K114,430 K116,926 K49.46
06/25/201417.1115,571 K130,968 K100,957 K56.47
06/24/201417.3019,729 K130,968 K117,399 K52.73
06/23/201417.1014,168 K111,238 K179,711 K38.23
06/20/201417.0125,326 K97,070 K220,521 K30.56
06/19/201417.2625,797 K97,070 K233,762 K29.34
06/18/201417.3218,439 K97,070 K223,968 K30.24
06/17/201417.3917,844 K97,070 K224,031 K30.23
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