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ACM Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ACM table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ACM Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ACM overbought and oversold condition and ACM Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy ACM stock when ACM MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell ACM stock when ACM MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ACM table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/15/201432.4012,009 K166,196 K100,263 K62.37
04/14/201432.2617,741 K154,187 K115,357 K57.20
04/11/201432.3022,691 K154,187 K115,433 K57.19
04/10/201432.8829,688 K154,187 K112,330 K57.85
04/09/201432.8218,614 K151,778 K112,330 K57.47
04/08/201431.9429,180 K133,165 K124,162 K51.75
04/07/201431.4618,595 K118,275 K124,162 K48.79
04/04/201432.4525,654 K140,638 K105,567 K57.12
04/03/201432.7815,141 K149,949 K79,913 K65.23
04/02/201432.6618,324 K134,808 K88,391 K60.40
04/01/201432.1714,866 K116,484 K108,055 K51.88
03/31/201432.0517,215 K101,618 K123,805 K45.08
03/28/201431.6711,159 K84,403 K135,951 K38.30
03/27/201431.4715,582 K73,244 K153,855 K32.25
03/26/201431.7315,094 K116,995 K138,273 K45.83
03/25/201431.9917,817 K129,452 K123,179 K51.24
03/24/201432.0119,588 K140,305 K105,362 K57.11
03/21/201432.3627,279 K162,578 K85,774 K65.46
03/20/201432.0511,832 K135,299 K126,767 K51.63
03/19/201432.0614,291 K171,766 K114,936 K59.91
03/18/201431.9822,363 K199,797 K114,936 K63.48
03/17/201431.529,311 K193,899 K114,936 K62.78
03/14/201431.238,479 K184,588 K129,539 K58.76
03/13/201431.4119,664 K209,918 K121,060 K63.42
03/12/201431.4915,750 K209,918 K112,707 K65.07
03/11/201431.8312,146 K222,859 K96,957 K69.68
03/10/201432.0017,904 K222,859 K105,267 K67.92
03/07/201432.1643,752 K252,188 K87,363 K74.27
03/06/201431.7512,457 K220,341 K87,363 K71.61
03/05/201431.5510,853 K207,884 K103,103 K66.85
03/04/201431.4122,273 K219,117 K103,103 K68.00
03/03/201431.0240,993 K212,428 K103,103 K67.32
02/28/201431.8236,466 K212,428 K84,099 K71.64
02/27/201431.2742,323 K189,681 K84,099 K69.28
02/26/201430.5816,464 K158,305 K84,099 K65.31
02/25/201430.3314,604 K141,841 K101,780 K58.22
02/24/201430.5425,330 K186,792 K87,176 K68.18
02/21/201430.3311,310 K161,463 K119,134 K57.54
02/20/201430.3412,941 K161,463 K126,107 K56.15
02/19/201430.3420,456 K157,834 K126,107 K55.59
02/18/201430.4429,329 K157,834 K118,099 K57.20
02/14/201429.8711,905 K128,505 K128,378 K50.02
02/13/201429.6715,740 K116,601 K142,269 K45.04
02/12/201429.7922,087 K116,601 K143,856 K44.77
02/11/201429.1015,583 K94,514 K157,270 K37.54
02/10/201428.5521,989 K92,122 K157,270 K36.94
02/07/201428.7013,720 K106,320 K135,280 K44.01
02/06/201428.4110,946 K109,907 K135,280 K44.83
02/05/201428.3717,680 K98,961 K160,940 K38.08
02/04/201428.8844,952 K109,741 K143,260 K43.38
02/03/201428.0731,959 K76,105 K143,260 K34.69
01/31/201428.7918,282 K76,105 K131,725 K36.62
01/30/201429.039,313 K87,523 K113,443 K43.55
01/29/201428.9112,449 K101,764 K113,443 K47.29
01/28/201429.1610,279 K127,031 K100,994 K55.71
01/27/201429.2213,891 K156,946 K90,715 K63.37
01/24/201429.8217,326 K156,946 K107,356 K59.38
01/23/201430.7313,414 K172,534 K90,029 K65.71
01/22/201430.8713,191 K172,534 K91,955 K65.23
01/21/201430.5414,198 K171,575 K91,955 K65.11
01/17/201430.1717,307 K157,377 K104,329 K60.14
01/16/201429.6225,660 K140,070 K109,503 K56.12
01/15/201430.5710,780 K147,357 K83,843 K63.74
01/14/201430.1711,316 K141,254 K83,843 K62.75
01/13/201430.0120,424 K140,296 K83,843 K62.59
01/10/201430.6111,419 K164,894 K63,419 K72.22
01/09/201430.4123,553 K179,484 K63,419 K73.89
01/08/201430.0825,267 K174,502 K63,419 K73.34
01/07/201429.8529,915 K149,235 K85,312 K63.63
01/06/201429.5230,532 K140,069 K85,312 K62.15
01/03/201429.7015,588 K140,069 K81,265 K63.28
01/02/201429.3615,339 K124,481 K102,037 K54.95
12/31/201329.4612,232 K124,481 K108,925 K53.33
12/30/201329.3812,373 K112,249 K124,889 K47.33
12/27/201329.405,174 K112,249 K122,873 K47.74
12/26/201329.497,287 K121,436 K117,698 K50.78
12/24/201329.384,678 K114,149 K129,849 K46.78
12/23/201329.2210,357 K109,471 K141,961 K43.54
12/20/201329.0024,598 K99,114 K153,841 K39.18
12/19/201328.6126,009 K93,252 K153,841 K37.74
12/18/201328.0418,571 K67,243 K161,223 K29.43
12/17/201327.9121,893 K48,672 K174,266 K21.83
12/16/201328.0720,749 K63,649 K152,374 K29.46
12/13/201327.5826,485 K42,900 K160,582 K21.08
12/12/201327.8020,772 K42,900 K143,020 K23.07
12/11/201327.9822,227 K54,063 K122,248 K30.66
12/10/201328.8015,964 K54,063 K115,790 K31.83
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