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ACM Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ACM table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ACM Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ACM overbought and oversold condition and ACM Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ACM table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/24/201432.3857,478 K597,852 K441,784 K57.51
10/23/201431.9863,605 K540,375 K466,930 K53.65
10/22/201431.3281,269 K517,445 K466,930 K52.57
10/21/201431.2050,672 K436,176 K511,195 K46.04
10/20/201430.0694,830 K385,504 K553,776 K41.04
10/17/201429.95108,098 K290,674 K585,923 K33.16
10/16/201428.95141,899 K182,575 K611,041 K23.01
10/15/201428.0592,674 K40,676 K640,824 K5.97
10/14/201428.3475,169 K40,676 K582,786 K6.52
10/13/201428.6485,085 K40,676 K533,075 K7.09
10/10/201429.8463,501 K40,676 K475,240 K7.88
10/09/201431.4245,168 K40,676 K439,144 K8.48
10/08/201431.7543,704 K40,676 K422,074 K8.79
10/07/201431.9536,483 K69,825 K378,370 K15.58
10/06/201432.5625,145 K94,493 K341,887 K21.65
10/03/201432.9640,676 K138,114 K316,742 K30.36
10/02/201432.5944,265 K97,439 K335,700 K22.50
10/01/201433.1042,581 K97,439 K319,139 K23.39
09/30/201434.0032,147 K129,366 K276,558 K31.87
09/29/201434.3825,118 K166,247 K244,411 K40.48
09/26/201434.5029,784 K166,247 K262,773 K38.75
09/25/201434.6534,636 K207,500 K232,989 K47.11
09/24/201435.2825,457 K207,500 K234,430 K46.95
09/23/201435.6627,250 K207,500 K273,397 K43.15
09/22/201436.2827,406 K207,500 K279,529 K42.61
09/19/201437.1528,098 K207,500 K314,065 K39.78
09/18/201437.3829,149 K207,500 K285,967 K42.05
09/17/201437.2524,668 K178,351 K318,402 K35.90
09/16/201437.1443,621 K153,683 K352,121 K30.38
09/15/201437.0118,959 K147,761 K352,121 K29.56
09/12/201437.2627,704 K172,643 K333,163 K34.13
09/11/201437.4931,927 K227,221 K305,459 K42.66
09/10/201437.3636,881 K195,293 K355,471 K35.46
09/09/201437.3643,479 K158,412 K434,367 K26.72
09/08/201437.3641,253 K200,028 K390,888 K33.85
09/05/201437.1936,078 K196,537 K390,888 K33.46
09/04/201437.2164,424 K265,584 K354,810 K42.81
09/03/201437.3933,382 K307,925 K290,387 K51.47
09/02/201437.6061,942 K393,900 K257,005 K60.52
08/29/201437.7223,562 K462,431 K195,063 K70.33
08/28/201437.7232,435 K488,918 K195,063 K71.48
08/27/201437.7633,720 K522,368 K162,628 K76.26
08/26/201437.9837,699 K585,244 K128,908 K81.95
08/25/201437.5624,882 K547,545 K170,231 K76.28
08/22/201437.2454,578 K632,342 K170,231 K78.79
08/21/201436.8650,012 K664,301 K170,231 K79.60
08/20/201437.1878,896 K787,649 K120,219 K86.76
08/19/201437.3241,616 K787,649 K134,969 K85.37
08/18/201436.8737,762 K746,033 K178,546 K80.69
08/15/201436.4069,047 K787,450 K178,546 K81.52
08/14/201436.0642,341 K718,403 K229,594 K75.78
08/13/201435.9185,975 K724,847 K229,594 K75.94
08/12/201435.2968,530 K638,873 K318,886 K66.70
08/11/201434.8926,488 K570,342 K376,930 K60.21
08/08/201434.3533,450 K580,532 K376,930 K60.63
08/07/201434.2862,876 K579,200 K376,930 K60.58
08/06/201434.1241,323 K558,995 K376,930 K59.73
08/05/201434.62109,679 K558,995 K402,620 K58.13
08/04/201434.3186,537 K449,316 K488,665 K47.90
08/01/201434.05123,348 K599,802 K488,665 K55.11
07/31/201434.0493,646 K968,049 K488,665 K66.45
07/30/201434.6443,577 K987,398 K395,019 K71.43
07/29/201434.8579,179 K987,398 K371,167 K72.68
07/28/201434.8251,048 K908,219 K381,248 K70.43
07/25/201435.0448,786 K908,219 K344,918 K72.48
07/24/201434.8889,291 K859,433 K361,585 K70.39
07/23/201435.0258,044 K867,521 K272,294 K76.11
07/22/201435.4436,677 K883,443 K214,250 K80.48
07/21/201435.3332,118 K879,196 K214,250 K80.41
07/18/201435.2642,672 K864,868 K214,250 K80.15
07/17/201435.0167,013 K822,196 K241,400 K77.30
07/16/201435.2386,045 K822,196 K182,175 K81.86
07/15/201435.68237,023 K822,196 K102,077 K88.96
07/14/201433.96491,595 K585,173 K111,346 K84.01
07/11/201431.6619,349 K93,578 K121,149 K43.58
07/10/201431.5319,725 K84,486 K121,149 K41.09
07/09/201431.9510,081 K94,638 K101,424 K48.27
07/08/201432.0014,718 K94,638 K98,183 K49.08
07/07/201432.5516,667 K113,192 K83,465 K57.56
07/03/201433.158,089 K113,192 K84,043 K57.39
07/02/201432.7715,921 K105,104 K95,294 K52.45
07/01/201432.5832,430 K89,182 K126,275 K41.39
06/30/201431.9917,790 K56,752 K148,671 K27.63
06/27/201431.6727,150 K59,835 K148,671 K28.70
06/26/201431.977,788 K83,213 K121,520 K40.64
06/25/201432.115,947 K100,584 K113,733 K46.93
06/24/201432.319,269 K120,940 K107,786 K52.88
06/23/201432.479,804 K142,061 K98,517 K59.05
06/20/201432.6010,256 K142,061 K107,957 K56.82
06/19/201432.5310,153 K131,805 K130,994 K50.15
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