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ACI Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ACI table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ACI Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ACI overbought and oversold condition and ACI Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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ACI (ARCH COAL) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ACI table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
08/18/20143.1910,275 K138,327 K75,663 K64.64
08/15/20143.1415,239 K161,058 K75,663 K68.04
08/14/20143.1314,123 K145,819 K89,433 K61.98
08/13/20143.148,698 K145,819 K84,319 K63.36
08/12/20143.1314,529 K137,121 K94,837 K59.11
08/11/20143.2022,485 K137,121 K106,401 K56.31
08/08/20143.1312,662 K114,635 K129,582 K46.94
08/07/20143.1613,916 K114,635 K140,372 K44.95
08/06/20143.1414,238 K100,719 K161,352 K38.43
08/05/20143.1221,195 K86,481 K183,381 K32.05
08/04/20143.0416,793 K87,041 K183,381 K32.19
08/01/20142.9815,489 K70,248 K195,384 K26.45
07/31/20142.9412,272 K62,988 K195,384 K24.38
07/30/20142.9922,076 K62,988 K193,506 K24.56
07/29/20143.0333,005 K62,988 K181,711 K25.74
07/28/20142.8713,770 K29,983 K195,718 K13.28
07/25/20142.919,010 K29,983 K206,459 K12.68
07/24/20142.9210,518 K29,983 K224,233 K11.79
07/23/20142.9226,093 K29,983 K224,538 K11.78
07/22/20143.0023,181 K29,983 K218,614 K12.06
07/21/20143.0223,452 K42,957 K195,433 K18.02
07/18/20143.1520,981 K54,333 K171,981 K24.01
07/17/20143.2122,029 K54,333 K161,759 K25.14
07/16/20143.2721,754 K64,620 K139,731 K31.62
07/15/20143.2112,003 K54,661 K139,731 K28.12
07/14/20143.238,229 K54,661 K146,662 K27.15
07/11/20143.2010,394 K60,268 K146,662 K29.12
07/10/20143.2010,281 K60,268 K150,108 K28.65
07/09/20143.2514,007 K77,839 K139,827 K35.76
07/08/20143.2924,511 K91,059 K125,820 K41.99
07/07/20143.4726,784 K91,059 K124,471 K42.25
07/03/20143.6010,822 K99,238 K97,687 K50.39
07/02/20143.6220,170 K112,355 K86,865 K56.40
07/01/20143.6812,974 K123,001 K66,695 K64.84
06/30/20143.6211,376 K120,099 K66,695 K64.29
06/27/20143.6110,759 K108,723 K77,901 K58.26
06/26/20143.6210,287 K126,257 K67,142 K65.28
06/25/20143.5211,796 K138,790 K67,142 K67.40
06/24/20143.5218,935 K144,967 K67,142 K68.35
06/23/20143.6713,836 K144,967 K72,353 K66.71
06/20/20143.6613,840 K131,131 K135,752 K49.13
06/19/20143.6817,571 K131,131 K144,905 K47.51
06/18/20143.5713,220 K113,560 K162,956 K41.07
06/17/20143.5623,162 K117,182 K162,956 K41.83
06/16/20143.648,178 K117,182 K176,541 K39.90
06/13/20143.6313,117 K109,003 K197,087 K35.61
06/12/20143.5710,646 K95,886 K219,187 K30.43
06/11/20143.5510,072 K85,240 K239,338 K26.26
06/10/20143.5411,205 K75,168 K288,698 K20.66
06/09/20143.5817,534 K75,168 K314,460 K19.29
06/06/20143.4922,820 K70,965 K314,460 K18.41
06/05/20143.3517,973 K48,146 K333,931 K12.60
06/04/20143.2724,146 K30,173 K354,608 K7.84
06/03/20143.3063,399 K30,173 K345,669 K8.03
06/02/20143.4922,993 K30,173 K306,105 K8.97
05/30/20143.5818,051 K60,611 K283,111 K17.63
05/29/20143.6516,841 K60,611 K297,917 K16.91
05/28/20143.6436,747 K43,770 K330,956 K11.68
05/27/20143.7320,547 K43,770 K312,460 K12.29
05/23/20143.7322,099 K43,770 K321,269 K11.99
05/22/20143.8320,152 K43,770 K312,019 K12.30
05/21/20143.8449,359 K65,690 K291,867 K18.37
05/20/20143.9636,968 K92,861 K242,508 K27.69
05/19/20144.1313,332 K125,293 K205,541 K37.87
05/16/20144.1119,470 K133,731 K205,541 K39.42
05/15/20144.1620,678 K133,731 K207,910 K39.14
05/14/20144.2415,206 K133,731 K225,866 K37.19
05/13/20144.3023,835 K133,731 K270,415 K33.09
05/12/20144.3730,438 K133,731 K285,595 K31.89
05/09/20144.1732,857 K103,293 K392,834 K20.82
05/08/20144.2633,038 K159,519 K359,977 K30.71
05/07/20144.4118,251 K206,494 K326,939 K38.71
05/06/20144.5229,356 K229,988 K308,688 K42.70
05/05/20144.6612,850 K261,715 K279,333 K48.37
05/02/20144.7521,920 K261,715 K294,232 K47.08
05/01/20144.6527,171 K239,794 K323,287 K42.59
04/30/20144.5232,432 K212,624 K357,570 K37.29
04/29/20144.4421,770 K180,192 K400,093 K31.05
04/28/20144.3721,840 K207,573 K400,093 K34.16
04/25/20144.4238,634 K241,263 K378,253 K38.94
04/24/20144.4359,755 K289,740 K339,619 K46.04
04/23/20144.5039,015 K323,201 K279,864 K53.59
04/22/20144.64107,239 K383,045 K240,849 K61.40
04/21/20144.9856,226 K383,045 K164,171 K70.00
04/17/20144.9746,975 K360,119 K164,171 K68.69
04/16/20144.9123,493 K375,286 K164,171 K69.57
04/15/20144.8931,727 K397,866 K164,171 K70.79
04/14/20144.8627,750 K366,138 K205,113 K64.09
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