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ACI Money Flow Index Calculator (MFI Historical Quotes)


The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ACI table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ACI Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ACI overbought and oversold condition and ACI Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy ACI stock when ACI MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell ACI stock when ACI MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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ACI (ARCH COAL) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ACI table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/16/20144.9123,493 K375,286 K164,171 K69.57
04/15/20144.8931,727 K397,866 K164,171 K70.79
04/14/20144.8627,750 K366,138 K205,113 K64.09
04/11/20144.8929,055 K366,138 K230,376 K61.38
04/10/20144.9634,284 K416,252 K201,321 K67.40
04/09/20144.9942,522 K456,527 K167,037 K73.21
04/08/20145.2049,151 K456,527 K157,777 K74.32
04/07/20145.0633,690 K426,107 K157,777 K72.98
04/04/20145.0448,477 K414,276 K157,777 K72.42
04/03/20144.9433,462 K399,301 K157,777 K71.68
04/02/20144.9059,844 K386,540 K157,777 K71.01
04/01/20144.8230,561 K365,914 K157,777 K69.87
03/31/20144.8433,300 K365,914 K158,649 K69.76
03/28/20144.8462,143 K332,615 K195,862 K62.94
03/27/20144.6646,072 K270,472 K225,356 K54.55
03/26/20144.5640,942 K224,399 K257,960 K46.52
03/25/20144.6353,012 K252,747 K217,018 K53.80
03/24/20144.6350,114 K285,775 K164,006 K63.54
03/21/20144.4940,275 K268,543 K164,006 K62.08
03/20/20144.2833,262 K228,267 K205,468 K52.63
03/19/20144.3718,731 K276,598 K172,206 K61.63
03/18/20144.3421,858 K320,993 K172,206 K65.08
03/17/20144.3133,502 K299,135 K172,206 K63.46
03/14/20144.1720,701 K265,633 K194,114 K57.78
03/13/20144.1639,218 K244,932 K221,526 K52.51
03/12/20144.1531,432 K231,651 K221,526 K51.12
03/11/20144.1737,213 K231,651 K190,094 K54.93
03/10/20144.3029,494 K270,467 K152,880 K63.89
03/07/20144.5232,604 K302,348 K123,386 K71.02
03/06/20144.6528,348 K332,537 K90,782 K78.55
03/05/20144.5833,028 K304,189 K114,270 K72.69
03/04/20144.5432,881 K271,161 K144,403 K65.25
03/03/20144.4841,462 K286,858 K144,403 K66.52
02/28/20144.5448,331 K321,197 K102,941 K75.73
02/27/20144.3963,127 K316,491 K102,941 K75.46
02/26/20144.1326,101 K253,364 K163,245 K60.82
02/25/20144.1321,908 K253,364 K248,274 K50.51
02/24/20144.2427,412 K332,064 K226,366 K59.46
02/21/20144.2825,937 K332,064 K249,269 K57.12
02/20/20144.2727,980 K348,344 K249,269 K58.29
02/19/20144.2738,816 K401,274 K249,269 K61.68
02/18/20144.1431,882 K393,412 K249,269 K61.21
02/14/20144.0530,188 K388,727 K249,269 K60.93
02/13/20143.9123,488 K358,539 K295,828 K54.79
02/12/20143.9530,133 K358,539 K314,470 K53.27
02/11/20143.9648,579 K387,634 K284,338 K57.69
02/10/20143.9334,339 K370,917 K284,338 K56.61
02/07/20143.9043,625 K336,578 K309,832 K52.07
02/06/20143.8960,304 K292,954 K330,646 K46.98
02/05/20143.9985,029 K318,576 K270,342 K54.10
02/04/20144.1378,700 K363,795 K185,313 K66.25
02/03/20144.1050,315 K304,795 K185,313 K62.19
01/31/20144.2742,217 K304,795 K168,503 K64.40
01/30/20144.2352,930 K290,485 K168,503 K63.29
01/29/20144.1630,954 K237,555 K205,024 K53.68
01/28/20144.1527,196 K206,601 K252,594 K44.99
01/27/20144.0846,559 K179,405 K290,257 K38.20
01/24/20144.1442,130 K179,405 K274,561 K39.52
01/23/20144.2529,095 K179,405 K275,260 K39.46
01/22/20144.2231,862 K191,867 K275,260 K41.07
01/21/20144.2125,495 K160,006 K310,172 K34.03
01/17/20144.3520,813 K207,714 K284,677 K42.18
01/16/20144.3925,623 K246,628 K263,864 K48.31
01/15/20144.3145,219 K221,005 K290,040 K43.25
01/14/20144.1419,700 K195,235 K290,040 K40.23
01/13/20144.1033,506 K205,375 K290,040 K41.46
01/10/20144.1627,907 K242,604 K256,534 K48.60
01/09/20144.1536,520 K245,454 K256,534 K48.90
01/08/20144.2147,570 K282,850 K220,013 K56.25
01/07/20144.3837,663 K282,850 K202,955 K58.22
01/06/20144.4230,863 K282,850 K202,210 K58.31
01/03/20144.5042,829 K282,850 K203,259 K58.19
01/02/20144.5741,557 K282,850 K204,497 K58.04
12/31/20134.4434,912 K241,292 K243,232 K49.80
12/30/20134.5247,708 K292,310 K208,320 K58.39
12/27/20134.5138,914 K304,631 K208,320 K59.39
12/26/20134.4226,176 K265,717 K245,924 K51.93
12/24/20134.4619,449 K315,685 K219,748 K58.96
12/23/20134.3829,839 K326,169 K219,748 K59.75
12/20/20134.2837,229 K355,771 K219,748 K61.82
12/19/20134.2630,757 K358,144 K219,748 K61.97
12/18/20134.1337,396 K340,543 K219,748 K60.78
12/17/20134.0830,512 K303,147 K219,748 K57.97
12/16/20134.1036,918 K303,147 K226,041 K57.29
12/13/20134.1731,913 K322,086 K189,123 K63.00
12/12/20134.1844,067 K322,086 K179,430 K64.22
12/11/20134.3638,734 K322,086 K171,131 K65.30
12/10/20134.5451,018 K350,989 K132,397 K72.61
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