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The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ABB table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ABB Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ABB overbought and oversold condition and ABB Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

Technical Analysis recommends

  • to buy ABB stock when ABB MFI crosses 50% level on its way up (MFI values turn green in the last column in the table below);
  • to sell ABB stock when ABB MFI crosses 50% level on its way down (MFI values turn red in the last column in the table below).

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ABB (ABB) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ABB table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
04/17/201425.8841,043 K220,858 K287,719 K43.43
04/16/201425.5538,943 K211,023 K287,719 K42.31
04/15/201425.4044,343 K234,811 K287,719 K44.94
04/14/201425.4733,304 K267,739 K243,375 K52.38
04/11/201425.5641,269 K332,429 K210,071 K61.28
04/10/201425.7345,113 K332,429 K199,591 K62.48
04/09/201426.0525,449 K362,214 K154,478 K70.10
04/08/201425.8549,257 K336,765 K174,846 K65.82
04/07/201425.8049,300 K287,508 K211,778 K57.58
04/04/201425.9327,539 K313,835 K162,478 K65.89
04/03/201426.0119,050 K348,723 K134,940 K72.10
04/02/201426.0727,801 K348,723 K153,654 K69.41
04/01/201426.0838,684 K348,723 K156,993 K68.96
03/31/201425.8127,482 K376,434 K156,993 K70.57
03/28/201425.5631,208 K348,953 K198,924 K63.69
03/27/201425.1962,731 K317,745 K246,821 K56.28
03/26/201425.1832,929 K255,014 K307,521 K45.33
03/25/201424.9664,690 K243,675 K307,521 K44.21
03/24/201424.8530,788 K204,140 K307,521 K39.90
03/21/201425.0729,784 K244,658 K276,733 K46.92
03/20/201424.9820,369 K214,874 K311,915 K40.79
03/19/201425.0436,932 K247,140 K291,547 K45.88
03/18/201425.2326,328 K288,890 K254,615 K53.15
03/17/201425.0034,888 K320,663 K254,615 K55.74
03/14/201424.6637,764 K353,389 K254,615 K58.12
03/13/201425.0031,140 K406,500 K216,851 K65.21
03/12/201425.3466,396 K406,500 K214,624 K65.45
03/11/201425.2641,931 K340,104 K307,432 K52.52
03/10/201425.3047,897 K416,500 K265,501 K61.07
03/07/201425.5760,701 K416,500 K273,179 K60.39
03/06/201425.9321,590 K446,101 K212,479 K67.74
03/05/201425.7125,155 K424,511 K290,274 K59.39
03/04/201425.5240,518 K541,400 K290,274 K65.10
03/03/201424.9735,182 K596,529 K290,274 K67.27
02/28/201425.4932,266 K596,529 K289,818 K67.30
02/27/201425.2841,750 K608,565 K289,818 K67.74
02/26/201425.2658,100 K605,322 K289,818 K67.62
02/25/201425.1867,613 K613,347 K289,818 K67.91
02/24/201425.1453,111 K545,734 K313,914 K63.48
02/21/201425.0528,913 K492,623 K361,624 K57.67
02/20/201425.0992,808 K492,623 K381,678 K56.34
02/19/201425.3976,396 K492,623 K330,879 K59.82
02/18/201425.2555,575 K416,227 K376,237 K52.52
02/14/201425.3529,601 K453,038 K320,661 K58.55
02/13/201425.1077,795 K423,437 K368,574 K53.46
02/12/201425.70142,044 K423,437 K353,566 K54.50
02/11/201425.6695,647 K359,841 K353,566 K50.44
02/10/201425.2734,727 K264,194 K423,696 K38.41
02/07/201425.2844,302 K264,194 K427,273 K38.21
02/06/201425.0538,507 K266,396 K427,273 K38.40
02/05/201424.7866,125 K296,370 K427,273 K40.96
02/04/201424.4524,096 K230,244 K473,561 K32.71
02/03/201424.4647,709 K259,776 K449,465 K36.63
01/31/201424.8748,967 K259,776 K428,985 K37.72
01/30/201425.1442,008 K293,306 K380,018 K43.56
01/29/201425.2245,358 K339,061 K338,010 K50.08
01/28/201425.4236,811 K368,085 K292,651 K55.71
01/27/201425.0547,913 K354,412 K292,651 K54.77
01/24/201425.3162,787 K354,412 K305,482 K53.71
01/23/201425.9478,448 K382,451 K242,695 K61.18
01/22/201425.6770,129 K304,003 K313,295 K49.25
01/21/201426.6738,303 K326,897 K243,166 K57.34
01/17/201427.0846,505 K326,897 K225,146 K59.22
01/16/201426.5968,480 K303,600 K225,146 K57.42
01/15/201426.2746,288 K248,797 K225,146 K52.50
01/14/201426.3329,532 K262,609 K178,858 K59.49
01/13/201426.1427,230 K291,355 K178,858 K61.96
01/10/201426.2233,530 K371,084 K151,628 K70.99
01/09/201425.9145,755 K397,482 K151,628 K72.39
01/08/201425.8329,024 K395,440 K151,628 K72.28
01/07/201425.8223,137 K366,415 K172,741 K67.96
01/06/201425.7360,743 K364,364 K172,741 K67.84
01/03/201426.1428,039 K364,364 K143,015 K71.81
01/02/201425.9670,601 K336,325 K170,779 K66.32
12/31/201326.5122,894 K336,325 K114,624 K74.58
12/30/201326.3920,283 K313,431 K131,949 K70.37
12/27/201326.4523,208 K333,629 K111,665 K74.92
12/26/201326.2813,678 K323,070 K111,665 K74.31
12/24/201326.1913,812 K330,569 K111,665 K74.75
12/23/201326.0658,278 K316,758 K141,653 K69.10
12/20/201325.7079,729 K258,480 K165,613 K60.95
12/19/201325.5659,928 K178,751 K184,955 K49.15
12/18/201325.2243,713 K132,585 K184,955 K41.75
12/17/201324.8321,113 K104,592 K184,955 K36.12
12/16/201324.9121,086 K127,459 K163,841 K43.76
12/13/201324.5931,018 K106,373 K183,168 K36.74
12/12/201324.5927,763 K137,574 K152,150 K47.48
12/11/201324.9514,446 K137,574 K143,789 K48.90
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