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The money flow is used in technical analysis to define whether money are coming into a stock (investors are buying) or money money are pulled out a stock (investors are selling). The information about money flow helps to make buying and selling decisions. In the ABB table below you may see quotes for the past couple of months for ABB Money Flow Index (MFI). This technical indicator is used to define ABB overbought and oversold condition and ABB Money Flow. Thus, MFI readings above 80 and below 20 are considered as overbought and oversold levels respectfully. 50% line is considered as signal line.

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ABB (ABB) MFI(14) Quotes

By technical analysis rules, MFI values in the ABB table below:
  • green are considered bullish
  • red are considered bearish.
MF (14)
MF (14)
MFI (14)
10/21/201420.9039,440 K284,879 K392,629 K42.05
10/20/201420.5941,406 K245,438 K431,635 K36.25
10/17/201420.4833,735 K204,032 K472,436 K30.16
10/16/201420.2745,109 K170,296 K496,450 K25.54
10/15/201420.3653,894 K194,400 K451,341 K30.10
10/14/201420.6139,604 K194,400 K445,949 K30.36
10/13/201420.5549,797 K154,796 K474,265 K24.61
10/10/201420.5043,826 K104,999 K572,036 K15.51
10/09/201421.0548,376 K104,999 K568,219 K15.60
10/08/201421.4890,295 K104,999 K550,848 K16.01
10/07/201421.5634,417 K130,339 K460,553 K22.06
10/06/201421.9080,896 K198,670 K426,135 K31.80
10/03/201421.6240,713 K160,350 K426,135 K27.34
10/02/201421.8935,999 K160,350 K409,570 K28.14
10/01/201422.1739,006 K181,638 K373,570 K32.72
09/30/201422.4140,800 K181,638 K398,478 K31.31
09/29/201422.5224,014 K181,638 K397,774 K31.35
09/26/201422.6924,104 K212,569 K373,760 K36.25
09/25/201422.6448,502 K188,466 K403,167 K31.86
09/24/201422.7728,316 K188,466 K370,085 K33.74
09/23/201422.9897,771 K188,466 K369,290 K33.79
09/22/201423.0240,009 K228,226 K271,519 K45.67
09/19/201423.0431,005 K283,184 K231,510 K55.02
09/18/201423.0725,340 K283,184 K216,259 K56.70
09/17/201423.0768,330 K257,844 K228,587 K53.01
09/16/201423.0542,576 K189,514 K246,990 K43.42
09/15/201422.8224,147 K175,651 K246,990 K41.56
09/12/201422.9021,288 K200,829 K222,843 K47.40
09/11/201422.8863,913 K179,542 K279,554 K39.11
09/10/201422.9540,097 K208,723 K215,641 K49.18
09/09/201423.1430,931 K208,723 K202,756 K50.73
09/08/201422.9629,407 K207,499 K202,756 K50.58
09/05/201423.0715,420 K207,499 K195,112 K51.54
09/04/201423.1627,521 K207,499 K206,767 K50.09
09/03/201423.3639,760 K221,961 K179,246 K55.32
09/02/201422.9454,959 K206,627 K179,246 K53.55
08/29/201422.7515,754 K151,669 K193,135 K43.99
08/28/201422.8012,328 K167,864 K177,381 K48.62
08/27/201422.9218,403 K191,476 K165,053 K53.71
08/26/201422.9628,714 K191,476 K175,750 K52.14
08/25/201422.8725,178 K162,762 K196,888 K45.26
08/22/201422.7156,711 K137,584 K231,793 K37.25
08/21/201422.9029,182 K137,584 K200,713 K40.67
08/20/201422.6427,213 K108,402 K230,804 K31.96
08/19/201422.7529,707 K108,402 K235,264 K31.54
08/18/201422.5821,763 K78,695 K285,870 K21.59
08/15/201422.6227,074 K78,695 K307,486 K20.38
08/14/201422.6514,462 K114,143 K280,412 K28.93
08/13/201422.5424,426 K99,681 K310,934 K24.28
08/12/201422.4613,889 K127,073 K310,934 K29.01
08/11/201422.5516,196 K229,853 K297,044 K43.62
08/08/201422.3823,612 K367,180 K297,044 K55.28
08/07/201422.3329,100 K387,063 K297,044 K56.58
08/06/201422.5021,138 K387,063 K296,201 K56.65
08/05/201422.5634,905 K387,063 K327,000 K54.21
08/04/201422.7925,631 K411,576 K292,095 K58.49
08/01/201422.8630,090 K411,576 K288,078 K58.83
07/31/201423.0831,673 K439,201 K257,987 K63.00
07/30/201423.4750,606 K439,201 K226,315 K65.99
07/29/201423.6743,379 K439,201 K219,451 K66.68
07/28/201423.9835,447 K476,475 K176,072 K73.02
07/25/201423.8630,522 K441,027 K215,342 K67.19
07/24/201424.0451,818 K441,027 K228,344 K65.89
07/23/201423.67102,780 K437,294 K228,344 K65.70
07/22/201423.36153,522 K334,514 K264,587 K55.84
07/21/201422.7743,496 K204,183 K264,587 K43.56
07/18/201422.7628,257 K184,838 K264,587 K41.13
07/17/201422.8851,937 K214,117 K236,330 K47.53
07/16/201422.9424,513 K214,117 K209,472 K50.55
07/15/201422.7921,614 K189,605 K242,820 K43.85
07/14/201422.9227,625 K189,605 K253,881 K42.75
07/11/201422.7418,270 K161,979 K275,572 K37.02
07/10/201422.7443,742 K161,979 K307,869 K34.47
07/09/201422.9637,273 K161,979 K283,641 K36.35
07/08/201422.9039,270 K147,061 K283,641 K34.14
07/07/201422.9143,524 K147,061 K264,877 K35.70
07/03/201422.9748,085 K176,977 K221,354 K44.43
07/02/201422.9336,243 K128,891 K277,599 K31.71
07/01/201423.0323,190 K128,891 K301,921 K29.92
06/30/201423.0024,151 K105,701 K329,529 K24.29
06/27/201422.9129,279 K112,264 K329,529 K25.41
06/26/201422.7425,079 K82,985 K365,295 K18.51
06/25/201422.8533,347 K106,251 K340,215 K23.80
06/24/201422.9832,675 K145,457 K306,868 K32.16
06/23/201423.0421,691 K145,457 K300,580 K32.61
06/20/201423.2032,297 K145,457 K362,771 K28.62
06/19/201423.3019,514 K145,457 K390,515 K27.14
06/18/201423.3122,355 K145,457 K400,394 K26.65
06/17/201423.2420,506 K123,102 K417,321 K22.78
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