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The DLTR Stock's Cheat Sheet is a list of commonly used technical indicators based on the previous trading session (most recent closed trading session) data with the projection of the price move for the next trading day (or the current trading day if trading session is not closed yet). The DLTR projected signal in the Cheat Sheet would be triggered if the price moves to the projected signal's price on the next trading day or during the current trading session if it is not closed yet.


in Range
Main Turning Signals
9 / 10%
52-week (1-year) High60.195.199.44
59.954.959.0014-day Slow Stochastics (D%) rises to 50%
8 / 9%
13-week (3-month) High
26-week (6-month) High
4-week (1-month) High
59.554.558.2814-day RSI rises to 70%
7 / 8%
6 / 7%
58.403.406.1923.6% Retracement from 4-week High
5 / 6%
$57.75-58.30 Retracement from 13-week High
4 / 5%
57.692.694.8923.6% Retracement from 52-week High
57.512.514.5738.2% Retracement from 4-week High
57.442.444.4423.6% Retracement from 26-week High
3 / 4%
56.941.943.5438.2% Retracement from 13-week High
56.801.803.2650% Retracement from 4-week High/Low
Pivot Point Resistance Level #356.791.793.25
2 / 3%
56.331.332.4114-day Fast Stochastics (K%) rises to 50% of MACD(3,10,9) and its signal line Retracement from 52-week High of MACD(3,10) and zero line
1 / 2%
$55.55-56.10 Retracement from 4-week Low Retracement from 13-week High/Low
55.960.961.7538.2% Retracement from 26-week High
Pivot Point Resistance Level #255.860.861.56
0 / 1%
Pivot Point Resistance Level #155.430.430.78
55.350.340.6314-day Raw Stochastics rises to 50% Retracement from 4-week Low of Price and 10-day Moving Average Retracement from 13-week Low of Price and 9-day Moving Average of Price and 18-day Moving Average
Previous trading session DLTR Close price55.000.000.00Previous trading session DLTR Close price
-1 / 0%
Pivot Point54.93-0.07-0.13
54.89-0.11-0.2050% Retracement from 52-week High/Low
54.87-0.13-0.24Crossover of Price and 40-day Moving Average
54.86-0.14-0.26Crossover of Price and 3-day Moving Average
54.77-0.23-0.4350% Retracement from 26-week High/Low
54.70-0.30-0.5514-day RSI drops to 50%
54.61-0.39-0.71Crossover of 9-day and 18-day Moving Averages
54.56-0.44-0.8014-day Raw Stochastics drops to 20%
Pivot Point Support Level #154.50-0.50-0.91
-2 / -1%
54.05-0.95-1.7323.6% Retracement from 13-week Low
Current DLTR price54.02-0.98-1.78Current DLTR price
Pivot Point Support Level #254.00-1.00-1.82
53.98-1.02-1.8614-day Fast Stochastics (K%) drops to 20%
-3 / -2%
4-week (1-month) Low53.75-1.25-2.27
53.64-1.36-2.4738.2% Retracement from 52-week Low
53.57-1.43-2.6038.2% Retracement from 26-week Low
-4 / -3%
Pivot Point Support Level #353.07-1.93-3.51
52.90-2.10-3.8114-day Slow Stochastics (D%) drops to 20%
-5 / -4%
13-week (3-month) Low52.26-2.74-4.98
52.25-2.75-4.99Crossover of 9-day and 40-day Moving Averages
-6 / -5%
52.09-2.91-5.3023.6% Retracement from 52-week Low
23.6% Retracement from 26-week Low
-7 / -6%
-8 / -7%
-9 / -8%
-10 / -9%
26-week (6-month) Low49.69-5.31-9.65
52-week (1 year) Low49.59-5.41-9.84
-11 / -10%
-12 / -11%
-13 / -12%
47.97-7.03-12.78Crossover of 18-day and 40-day Moving Averages

Explanation to the DLTR Cheat Sheet.

The main signals in the DLTR Cheat Sheet below are located in the "Support / Resistance" and "Main Turning Signals" columns. Green signals in table below are bullish signals and red signals are bearish signals:

  • Green signals above current DLTR price will serve as the confirmation of the up-move.
  • Red signals above current DLTR price will indicate the possibility of resistance to the up-move.
  • Green signals below current DLTR price will indicate the possibility of resistance to the down-move.
  • Red signals below current DLTR price will serve as the confirmation of the down-move.

In the "Price Points" and "Price %" columns we provide the distance from the DLTR close price to a  projected signal's price. This allow visually estimate how strong a price move should be expected in order for a signal to be triggered and whether a projected signal could be expected in the near future. The closer current DLTR price is to a signal level the higher odds are it will move toward this signal. Some DLTR signals could be ignored if the projected signal's price is far from the current price.

The "Price Range" range column provides scale with 1% step and 0 (zero) point which correspond to the most resent DLTR close price. The "Volume in Range" column provides relative volume traded within corresponding price range over the past 52 weeks (1 year). These two fields allow evaluating how many signals are grouped in each 1% price range and how active DLTR trading was in the past in this price range.

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