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Trading System based on the "advances" and "declines" concept

The Advance/Decline (A/D) issues and A/D volume ratios are among the most popular sentiment indicators. They are used by technical analysts to anticipate potential market reversal points. Extremely low A/D issues and A/D volume ratios are indicative of an extremely bearish market sentiment, thus allowing market observers to anticipate potential bullish market reversals. Conversely, highly elevated readings of the A/D issues and A/D volume ratios may indicate an overly bullish sentiment, often pointing to a potential downside reversal.

Our research has uncovered incidences where the Advance/Decline issues and Advance/Decline volume ratios were either critically elevated or extremely low. This data can now be used to define index levels thought to be critical for an upcoming trend reversal. A database has been established that allows traders to devise their own trading strategies (Click HERE to see an example of a mid-term trading system built on the premise of critically low A/D issues and A/D volume ratios for the S&P 500 index).

Calculator for Critically Low A/D Issues and A/D Volume Ratios

(Click HERE to calculate High A/D Issues and A/D Volume Ratios)

Note: The calculator processes data from June 1997 to the present.

Show a list of days where the A/D issues ratio was below and where the A/D volume ratio was below

NYSE Composite Index Critical Advance/Decline Readings

DateA/D Issues
A/D Volume
Index Change
on that day
06/20/20130.05670.0559 -258.76 (-2.80%)
03/06/20120.08030.0440 -170.12 (-2.10%)
11/09/20110.07350.0149 -317.76 (-4.14%)
10/03/20110.08950.0342 -220.85 (-3.25%)
08/18/20110.04260.0328 -337.78 (-4.55%)
08/08/20110.01120.0151 -519.00 (-7.00%)
08/04/20110.03580.0098 -424.85 (-5.41%)
06/29/20100.09860.0221 -215.60 (-3.20%)
05/20/20100.05590.0107 -265.66 (-3.84%)
05/06/20100.05850.0490 -244.99 (-3.38%)
02/04/20100.09800.0346 -256.12 (-3.64%)
10/09/20080.09340.0556 -496.37 (-7.87%)
10/06/20080.07890.0699 -334.03 (-4.71%)
09/29/20080.05290.0247 -686.36 (-8.70%)
09/17/20080.06930.0557 -352.74 (-4.53%)
09/15/20080.05200.0535 -411.69 (-5.09%)
11/07/20070.09620.0608 -272.26 (-2.70%)
07/26/20070.09850.0794 -275.99 (-2.78%)
06/07/20070.08560.0655 -174.07 (-1.76%)
10/27/19970.06230.0254 -325.79 (-6.57%)

About the Advance/Decline Ratio.

The NYSE Composite Index calculator above allows you to select historical occurrences of high and low readings of the NYSE Composite Index advance/decline issues and volume ratio quotes.

The Advance/Decline Ratio formula is:

A/D Issues Ratio  = (Advancing Issues) / (Declining Issues)

Similar formulas are used to calculate AD volume indicators:

A/D Volume Ratio  = (Advancing Volume) / (Declining Volume)

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