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Advance Decline (AD) Calculator

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Results for the Index
for the period between 09/23/2014 and 10/23/2014

Sum of AD Issues

Advancing Issues:  
Declining Issues:  

The term "declines/advances" represents a cumulative (i.e., running) total of the number of stocks (issues) that have fallen/risen in price compared to their close on the previous trading day.

Sum of New Highs and Lows

New Highs:  
New Lows:  

Sum of AD Volume

Adv. Volume:   K
Decl. Volume:   K
Total:0 K

At any given point during a trading day, the AD cumulative volume encompasses the total volume that has been traded since the opening bell.

Sum of AD Momentum Volume

Adv. Momentum Volume:   K
Decl. Momentum Volume:   K
Total:0 K

The AD momentum volume shows the actual difference between advancing and declining volume, as they occur during the day.

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About the Advance/Decline Line.

The Advance Decline Line is based on the advances and declines of stocks in the index basket and is calculated as a running total of the advancing issues (stocks) minus the declining issues:

A/D Line = (Advancing Stocks - Declining Stocks) + Previous Period's A/D Line Value

In technical analysis the Advance/Decline Line is used to confirm the strength of a current trend and the possibility that it will reverse. The Advance/Decline Line moves lower when there are more declining issues than advancing issues and moves up when there are more advancing issues than declining issues. This concept allows you to spot changes in the supply and demand.

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