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We are the only source for real-time, intraday volume and Advance Decline indicators for all the major U.S. indexes and exchanges.

Index Volume Summary quotes for all indexes.
Index Quotes Detailed quotes for each index: open, high, low, close, volume, advance decline data and other technical indicators.
Technical Analysis Technical analysis of the most popular price, volume, advance/decline and volatility indicators applied to the indexes with calculated summary stock market sentiment.
Volatility Indexes VIX, VXO and VXN volatility index quotes.
Market Sectors U.S. stock market sectors sorted by the best/worst market sectors performance over the past year, month, week and a day.
Index Performance Compare performance of various U.S. indexes. Daily, YTD and 52-week (1 year roughly) performance tables are shown.
Index Components list of the stocks (constituents) listed in the indexes.

Advance/Decline Quotes

We are the only source for real-time, intraday and Advance Decline indicators for all the major U.S. indexes and exchanges. Plus we have developed unique advance/decline momentum indicators.

AD Summary Summary advance/decline quotes for all indexes.
AD Details Detailed quotes for three indexes of your choice to compare advance decline data.
AD Indicators The most popular advance/decline indicator quotes: Advance/Decline Oscillator, Ratio, TRIN for issues, volume and highs/lows.
AD Ratio Summary table that enables you to see when the critically lows of the historical high advance decline ratio values occurred as far back as June 1997 for selected indexes.
ADS Here you will find the summary advance decline issues and volume quotes joined with ADS (Advance Decline Sentiment) indicators which were developed by our technical analysts.
ADS History Here you will see the historical ADS and ADS Oscillator quotes for selected US indexes and Exchanges.
Advance/Decline Sentiment This is an indicator developed by our research team to see the sentiment based on the advance/decline issues and volume data.
Hindenburg OmenCalculate days when 52-week New Highs and New Lows hit the Hindenburg Omen criteria predicting stock market crashes, recessions and long-term down-trends.
TRIN Daily TRIN summary quotes for NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges as well as for S&P 500, DJI, NASDAQ 100 and other indexes.
McClellan Oscillator Summary McClellan Oscillator quotes for major indexes and exchanges.
McClellan Oscillator History Daily historical quotes of McClellan Oscillator for various indexes and exchanges.
AD Line This calculator that enables you to calculate the advance/decline line for issues, volume and highs/lows for major U.S. indexes and Exchanges.
Percent above MA The quotes for the Percent above Moving Average (MA) and also the MA Breadth Index for the S&P 500, DJI, Nasdaq 100 and other market indexes.

Index Quotes of Price based Technical Indicators

Technical analysis is very popular among institutional and retail traders. Below you will find a list of free quotes pages, online calculators for various indicators which will help you in your technical analysis. Here, we have collected the most popular technical studies that should satisfy demand of the novice and senior traders.

Average True Range This is index quotes for a technical indicators to measure volatility of tradable commodity.
ATR Calculator Get the historical index ATR quotes for indexes and Exchanges. calculator will let you analyze an index's volatility by yourself.
Aroon Oscillator Aroon Oscillator is a technical indicator that is used to define current trend as well as to generate signals.
Commodity Channel Index Commodity Channel Index is also known as CCI, is used to define critical overbought and oversold price movements.
MACD MACD Quotes for indexes. In technical analysis MACD is used to generate signals as well as to define Bullish and Bearish trends.
MACD History Daily historical quotes of MACD (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence).
Moving Averages Real-time daily quotes of exponential moving averages for different periods starting from 5-day EMA and up to 260-day EMA.
Moving Averages History Historical daily quotes of exponential moving averages for various indexes and exchanges.
Pivot Point Pivot Point quotes for U.S. indexes and exchanges with three support and three resistance levels.
Standard Deviation Standard Deviation is an indicator that is used to measure volatility - also known as "Historical Volatility".
Stochastics Raw Stochastics, Stochastics %K, Stochastics %D quotes with PVO quotes to compare Stochastics behavior during period of high volume surges.
Stochastics History Raw Stochastics, Stochastics %K, Stochastics %D historical daily quotes
RSI Average Gain and Loss, Relative Strength and Relative Strength Index quotes with PVO quotes.
RSI History Average Gain and Loss, Relative Strength and Relative Strength Index historical daily quotes.
Rate of Change Rate of Change (ROC) and Volume Rate of Change quotes.

Index Quotes of Volume based Technical Indicators

We are the only source for real-time, intraday volume  for all the major U.S. indexes and exchanges. Our patented modulated volume technology allows analyzing volume on intraday level and generating high profitable entry and exit points.

Daily Volume This is an evaluation of daily volume using two volume moving averages.
Volume Comparison The average volume quotes to compare the current day volume to the average daily volume of the last week, month and year.
Average Volume The average 1-minute quotes for the current trading session and for the last 9, 14, and 20 days.
Daily Average Volume Current day daily average volume to compare with daily average volume quotes over the last 2, 3 and 4 weeks.
Volume indicators Quotes for several popular volume-based technical indicators: Accumulation/Distribution, Money Flow, Volume Accumulation Oscillator.
Volume Oscillator Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) quotes that allows to evaluate volume surges and define periods of high volume activity.
PVO in History This is the calculator that analyzes historical data to select days that have high PVO values - days when abnormal volume activity (volume surge) was noted.
SBV Selling and Buying (SBV) Volume Oscillator for major US indexes and Exchanges. In technical analysis SBV Oscillator is used to evaluate bullish and bearish volume accumulation and to define Money flow direction. In trading systems SBV Oscillator is used to spot overbought/oversold levels and to reveal trend reversal points and to generate trading signals.
Money Flow Index Positive and Negative Money Flow, Money Ratio and MFI (Money Flow Index) quotes.

Calculators for Technical Analysis

Fibonacci Calculator With this calculator you will be able to calculate Fibonacci retracements levels and extensions and use them as target levels to open a trade or set stop-losses.
Pivot Points This calculator that allows to calculate Pivots by using different methods: traditional, Fibonacci, Woodies, Camarilla and DeMark's.
Rate of Change Calculate rate of Change (ROC) and Momentum indicator for further technical analysis. Just copy and paste your data into this calculator and get the result.
Relative Strength Index Calculate Relative Strength Index (RSI). Paste your prices row into this calculator and then copy the result into your Excel file or other tool you use for technical analysis.
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