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DJU - Dow Jones Utilities

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DJU description- The Dow Jones Utility Average is the youngest of the three Dow Jones Averages, having made its debut in January 1929.

DJU Quotes - last sales quotes including volume, advance decline, new highs and new lows data as well as average volume comparison with up/down volume.

DJU Technical Analysis - summary technical analysis of volume, price and advance decline indicators applied to the Dow Jones Utilities daily quotes.

DJU Advance Decline - Dow Jones Utilities index advance decline volume and issues ratio quotes calculator that allows to select days when overbought and oversold advance/decline readings were spotted.

DJU Sentiment - Sentiment for Dow Jones Utilities index based on the advance/decline index quotes.

DJU TRIN - TRIN historical quotes.

DJU Volume - daily volume quotes calculator.

DJU Stochastics - Stochastics historical quotes.

DJU MACD - MACD Historical quotes.

DJU RSI - RSI historical quotes.

DJU derivatives - The Utilities HOLDRS will issue Depositary Receipts called Utilities HOLDRS representing an undivided beneficial ownership in the common stock of a group of specified companies that are involved in various segments of the utilities industry.

DJU stocks - composition changes are rare, and generally occur only after corporate acquisitions or other dramatic shifts in a component's core business.

DJU historical data - Unlike the industrial average, which has undergone more than 100 changes in its nearly 104 years, the utility average has been relatively unaltered.

DJU index shares funds - Utilities HOLDRS are separate from the underlying deposited common stocks that are represented by the Utilities HOLDRS. The Utilities HOLDRS Trust is not a registered investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

DJU options futures - DUX is the symbol for options based on the Dow Jones Utilities index (DUX, DJT, DU/DR). The DUX is a price-weighted index of 20 of the largest, most liquid NYSE and NASDAQ transportation related stocks.

DJU quotes charts - Originally, the utility average started with 18 stocks, and six months later, on July 1, 1929, the number was increased to 20. The average was reduced to 15 stocks on June 2, 1938, and has remained at that level ever since.

DJU trading systems - A technical analysis indicator may be specific or non-specific. Some technical analysis indicators can be quantified in the form of an equation or algorithm.

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