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VMA (Volume Moving Average) Settings

HotKey Function Description
  Zoom In / Zoom Out Changes the timeframe displayed. (This hotkey has the same effect as the "Zoom In" / "Zoom Out" buttons located on top of the chart).
 Page-Up Go to Previous
 Index in List
Changes the index being charted to the previous entry in the index list (drop down menu at the top of the chart).
 Page-Down Go to Next
Index in List
Changes the index being charted to the following entry in the index list (drop down menu at the top of the chart)
  Move Cursor to Right Moves cursor to the right.
  Move Cursor to Left Moves cursor to the left.
 End Move Cursor to End Moves cursor to the end of the selected timeframe.
 Home Move Cursor to Start Moves cursor to the beginning of the selected timeframe.
  Resize Chart Left-click mouse, hold it, and then drag the edge of the chart to resize it.
 Ctrl+S Save Current
Chart Settings
The shortcut keys "Ctrl + S" allow you to save the current chart settings as your personal default settings. When a chart is first opened, these settings are automatically loaded.
 Ctrl+R Delete your
Saved Settings
After having previously saved your personal default chart settings, the use of the shortcut combination "Ctrl + R" allows you to reset charts to the standard system settings.
 Ctrl+P Print Chart This key combination sends a chart to a print preview window, from where you may print it.
 Ctrl+L Displays / Hides
chart text (legend)
Toggle: "Ctrl + L" displays the currently active chart settings / hides this information.
 Ctrl+B Thin / Thick
VMA line style
Toggle: "Ctrl + B" changes the VMA line style from thin to thick, and back.
 Ctrl+X Hide/Show navigation
boxes on the scale
The shortcut keys "Ctrl + X" act as a toggle, displaying and hiding navigation boxes that move along with the cursor lines and track the cursor values on the vertical (index / volume) and horizontal scales (date).
 F1 Direct zoom function By pressing the F1 key before changing timeframes (even repeatedly), the cursor will remain fixed at a specific date.
 S&P Index Set Audio Alerts Opens a window with alert settings.
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