Best Short-Term Trade
September 2nd, 2004

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For this "Best trade", "Buy QQQ Put #1" is opened
in order to close it later with profit if the index moves in our favor.

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If one of your trades has not yet been terminated (by the time you report it as a "Best Trade), should I try to follow it?

Our "Best Trade" feature is designed primarily to teach you how to use our volume indicators. We do not wish to suggest that you should mimic these actual trades, even if they are still open. Only follow an open trade if you are aware of the risks and if you have access to real-time intraday volume charts (you can get these from Whether or not we leave a particular "Best Trade" open is always contingent on our volume indicators. For logistical reasons, we cannot always send our newsletters out the same day we close a specific trade. Even if we could, it would often be too late for you to establish a position, since the market can reverse with very little or no notice following a significant volume signal. For these reasons, we strongly advise you against following an open position on our "Best Trade" feature. Should you wish to do so regardless, please assure that you have access to real-time intraday volume charts.

In the following, we would like to show you the motivating factors that led us to take above trades. For this purpose, we have created what we call a 'Table of Trade Motivators':
Trade Volume Motivation
Buy Put#1
Left Opened
The market's advance began to accelerate throughout the latter half of the afternoon, but in doing so it also caused the market to produce a large amount of selling volume to the upside. This large selling VMA surge to the upside came to a peak at 15:15.  At the end of the day the market also produced a moderate buying VMA surge to the downside.

These are the trades which netted the returns shown above:

Trade Strike Expiration Contracts Contract
Amount Profit
09/02/2004 Buy Put #1 $35 Nov. - QQQWI 75 $1.5 -$11250  




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