MV Charts

Android App for stocks and indexes charts

MV charts are available on the Android Market. At this point of time the MV Charts app for Android is distributed at no extra charge.

Download MV Charts 2 from the Google Play

Recommended for cell phones and tablets with Android 3 and higher OS.

Download MV Charts 1 from the Google Play

Recommended for cell phones with older Android 2.3 OS.

What Should you know about our Stock Charts App for Android mobile devices

Our stock chart app is free to download and install. However, in order to load and start working with stock chart a free trial or paid subscription on our web site is required. When you open the "MV Charts" app on your mobile device you will be asked to enter your username and password:

Important: Use your MV login info to log into "MV Charts" on your Android.

What it is done this way?

  • We do not scan any your personal data (your email address, your cell phone number, account number, contact list and etc.) from from your mobile device as other companies do. When you install our app you will see that you will be asked to give our app permission to access internet only. In order to set your account, personalize your setting, have ability to save preferences, we ask for registration on our web site where we have only that personal information of yours you decide to provide to us. As an example, only your email address is required with free trial subscription. If you do not like our service and make decision do not use our mobile stock charts app, you just uninstall it and you can be 100% sure that we did not scan and did not grab any of your personal info from your mobile device.
  • Charts on your mobile device are completely synchronized with charts on your computer. Whatever you save on your charts on your computer (chart settings, indicators, drawings, notes, alerts and etc.) you will be able to access and analyze on your mobile device. Respectfully, whatever was saved on your mobile device will be reflected on your stock charts on your computer. Such synchronization provides mobility and freedom of location. You may have access to technical analysis tools anywhere and anytime.
  • Everything you do with charts on your computer could be done on your android device. You may browse through saved chart styles, change timeframes (from 1-minute bars up to 1-month bars), call different stocks and indexes, plot various technical studies, set and receive sound and email alerts on any stock and atc. The only exception is drawing - there is no function in our app to draw on the mobile devices at this moment.
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